Ragdoll Cat Breeders in Tennessee | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Ragdoll Cat Breeders in Tennessee

Looking for Ragdoll cat breeders in Tennessee? You’re in luck, there are a bunch of awesome breeders and catteries in the state of Tennessee.

From Center Hill Lake to Tullahoma and Flintville, there’s a good chance you’ll find a new kitten within a shortish distance.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or available litters, I have also included some additional resources that I hope will come in useful.

Ragdolls aren’t just cute, they are awesome pets. Known for being incredibly social and loving, you’ll become a super fan – if you’re not already.

Good luck!

Ragdoll Cat Breeders in Tennessee | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Center Hill RagdollsCenter Hill Lake, Tennessee615-473-3308https://centerhillragdolls.com/
Rootin’ Tuten RagdollsTullahoma, TN931-698-3967https://rootintutenragdolls.com/
Dixie Willow RagdollsWest TennesseeNAhttps://dixiewillow.com/
Kentucky-Tennessee RagdollsWestern TennesseeNAhttp://tennesseeragdoll.com/
Dixon Mountain RagdollsSevierville TN 378648656-961-986http://dixonmountainragdollcats.com/
Rags 2 Dazzle RagdollsTennessee 423-883-9222http://rags2dazzleragdolls.com/
Tricia’s DollsFlintville, TN 37335256-783-9597http://triciasdolls.com/
Smoky Mtn. RagdollsSmoky Mountains, TN865-964-0535https://smokymtnragdolls.com/
Highland Dolls Ragdoll Cats & KittensLouisville, Tennessee425-890-6884https://highlanddolls.com/

Center Hill Ragdolls

Address – Center Hill Lake, Tennessee 

Phone – 615-473-3308


Rootin’ Tuten Ragdolls

Address – Tullahoma, Tn

Phone – 931-698-3967


Dixie Willow Ragdolls

Address – West Tennessee

Phone – NA


Kentucky-Tennessee Ragdolls

Address – Western Tennessee

Phone – NA


Dixon Mountain Ragdolls

Address – Sevierville TN 37864

Phone – 8656-961-986


Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

Address – TN

Phone – 423-883-9222


Tricia’s Dolls

Address – Flintville, TN 37335

Phone – 256-783-9597


Smoky Mtn. Ragdolls

Address – Smoky Mountains, TN

Phone – 865-964-0535


Highland Dolls Ragdoll Cats & Kittens

Address – Louisville, Tennessee

Phone – 425-890-6884


Additional Resources

There is no shortage of enthusiastic Ragdoll owners out there, you just need to know where to look!

A good place to start is Reddit, one of the largest online platforms for people with shared interests to hang out and share information.

The Ragdoll community is pretty big. It had 25k+ members at the time of writing this. If you have any questions as a new – or expecting – Ragdoll owner, it’s a great place to ask.

Another resource I wanted to share is AdoptaPet.com. AdoptaPet is a good choice if you’re not able to find available kittens from the above breeders, or if you just want to adopt a Ragdoll in need of a home.

There is nothing wrong with adopting a new kitten. But there is something very rewarding about giving an older cat a new home and a higher standard of living.

TICA and CFA Certifications

You may have seen the logo or a note on a breeder’s website that they are TICA and/or CFA certified. This is an extra stamp of approval that they registered their cats and are maintaining a high standard.

Here’s what these organizations mean:

The International Cat Association (TICA) is an organization that was founded in 1967 with the primary purpose of upholding high standards of breeding for cats.

They require extensive education from their members and are involved in various activities such as showing, judging, and organizing World Championships.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is the world’s premier cat organization and the largest registry and show organization for pedigreed cats.

The CFA recognizes five long hair & six shorthair breeds of cats as well as three types of longhaired kittens. Only registered purebred cats are allowed to participate in any CFA show or event.

How Much Do Ragdoll Cats Cost?

A quick disclaimer; pricing of Ragdolls and any exotic cat can vary a great deal and there are a number of things that can affect the price.

To give you a rough idea, however, taking into account the pricing from a bunch of breeders you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of:

Type of RagdollApproximate Price
Household Pet$500+
Specialist Coloring$1,500-3,000+
Show Quality$2,000-3,000+
Purebred Quality$2,000-3,000+

Are Ragdolls Hard to Look After?

Some prospective owners are concerned that Ragdolls are high maintenance or that they have special requirements.

Let me put your mind at ease, Ragdolls are not high maintenance. In fact, they are incredibly easy to raise.

They are essentially a medium to long-haired breed of cat. So, you will have to brush them on a regular basis.

This really isn’t a chore though, it’s a lot of fun. Well, it is for the Ragdoll if you get them used to it from an early age.

Grooming comes with part of the responsibility of raising a ragdoll. It ensures their coats stay in good condition, and it keeps loose hairs around the home to a minimum.

Apart from grooming, everything else is pretty much the same as raising a regular house cat.

As long as you provide them with quality food, fresh drinking water, and plenty of love and affection, you’ll have a happy Ragdoll on your hands.

Do Ragdolls Make Good Pets?

Ragdolls are excellent pets. I’m not biased, honest, and obviously, they are not perfectly suited to everyone.

If you’re after a large, cuddly, docile, cat, however – then Ragdolls might just be the perfect cat for you.

They are affectionate to people, and typically get on well with other animals so they fit into most households.

Despite being quite large, they are better off indoors than outdoors. They’re not the most active and agile of cats, and they don’t chase prey like some other breeds.

They do need a loving owner that’s going to give them plenty of attention. This is totally understandable and something we all sign up for as cat owners, right?

So, what are you waiting for? You should have been convinced by now, if you were not already, that a Ragdoll would make a perfect addition to your household.

Ragdoll Breeders Across the U.S.

If you didn’t find available Ragdolls that met your requirements from the breeders listed above, click any of the states below to see Ragdoll breeders in that state:

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
Pennsylvania South CarolinaTennesseeTexas

Image credits – Header Photo by Leonsa, Ragdoll photo by Kanashi on Unsplash

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