UpgradeYourCat was founded back in 2014. It was started by me, Phil, a long-time servant of cats.

I currently have two cats, Yingers and Loki as seen in the pictures below.

Loki one of the cats at upgradeyourcat 200
Loki protecting the Jaffas!
Yingers one of the cats at upgradeyourcat 200
Yingers in her usual crossed leg stance

I’ve owned several cats since childhood, from Siamese to British Shorthairs and a few in between. I’ve also fostered cats for short periods, so I’ve seen quite a few little fluffy faces pass through my doors.

I’ve also worked in various animal shelters, have some experience working as a cat behavioral therapist, and above all, a life-long love of all things cats.

I’m not an internet marketer or an expert in the online world, but I’m learning. My objective when starting this site was to share as much cat-related knowledge as possible, with as many people around the world as possible.

It’s important to note that I’m not a vet or a medical professional. You should never take any advice on this site over, or before the advice given to you by a trained professional such as a qualified veterinarian.

I do, however, share lots of anecdotal stories of behaviors and medical issues I’ve been through with my own cats. I think it helps to share personal experiences, and I always welcome feedback from the community.

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, feel free to reach out to me. You can email me directly at upgradeyourcat @ gmail.com (take out the spaces). Or via the contact page here – contact me.

Editorial Team

Editor and Chief Upgradeyourcat

Phil – Editor | Expert in Feline Behavior

I have a degree in finance, but my passion and the majority of my working life has been spent working with animals. I share all my knowledge and experience living with and caring for cats.

Yingers snapshot of face

Yingers – Contributor | Tabby & White

As one of the two current feline residents, Yingers is responsible for a lot of the content on the site. While not an active writer, she is the source of much of the research.

Loki snapshot of face

Loki – Contributor | Half Siamese

Loki is the other feline resident that provides some of the inspiration for the content on the site. She’s an outdoor cat though. So, we don’t see her much outside of mealtime.

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