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Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

By Kristin

As your cat ages, its teeth can start to deteriorate. Strong teeth are important to your cat’s health, especially as they age, when nutrients are more important than ever. In fact, healthy teeth can work to prevent more trips to the veterinarian, meaning a more healthy version of your favorite feline. To help you find […]

Best Supplements With Vitamins for Cats to Gain Weight

By Kristin

Is your cat struggling to gain weight? There are many different causes for a cat to be underweight. Whether it’s because they are having difficulty eating, absorbing nutrients, or have medical issues, it is important to keep your cat at a healthy weight. If your cat is struggling with their dietary needs then it may […]

Best Cat Treats For Training

By Kristin

When looking for the best cat treats for training your cat you will want to look for treats that your cat will be begging to get more of.  You also want to find a treat that has some nutrition for your cat since you will be feeding them these treats often.  I have provided a […]