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Can Cats Get Norovirus? Everything You Need To Know

By Jamal Khan

Norovirus is a highly contagious virus, a common cause of acute gastroenteritis that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. It’s a common illness that affects humans. But what about our furry feline friends? Can cats get norovirus? Short Answer: Cats usually can not be affected by human norovirus variants belonging to GI, GII, and […]

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Wet Dog? (Several Possible Reasons)

By Phil

The wet dog odor most likely emanates from your cat’s scent glands, microscopic openings placed throughout its body. These glands secrete a strong-smelling waxy material to either mark territory or release pheromones that attract a mate. In certain situations, your cat may need assistance cleaning its scent glands. Why would a cat smell like a […]

Why Does My Cat Smell Like Sulfur? (Or Rotten Eggs)

By Phil

OK, why does my cat smell like sulfur? Your cat likely smells like sulfur due to hydrogen sulfide. This gas is responsible for the stink of rotten egg farts. Sulfur is an important component in the diet of cats. However, too much can result in stinky flatulence. In addition, certain disorders and gastrointestinal difficulties may […]

Reasons Why Your Cat Smells Like Maple Syrup (And FAQs)

By Phil

A cat will usually smell like itself, and the odor will be the same as the usual animal smell that you are aware of. Cats and other animals may produce certain substances from the scent glands (located on their body), which help them communicate with the others of their species. However, in certain conditions, the […]

Why Does My Cat’s Ear Smell Like a Dead Animal?

By Phil

Any new smells coming from your cat are causes for concern, as they often are symptoms of decay, infestation, or infection. Stinking fur, bad breath, and changes to stool odor each could be signs of different conditions that require quick medical intervention. What about when the fetid, putrid smell comes from your cat’s ear or […]

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic? (In-Depth Discussion)

By Phil

Well, are Russian Blues hypoallergenic? Simply because you have cat allergies does not mean you dislike cats. It is a horrible irony that you may be allergic to a pet you absolutely adore! If you find yourself in this situation, you may seek hypoallergenic cats as a remedy. These cat breeds is believed to be […]

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic? (Find Out Here)

By Phil

Cat allergy is one of the most common allergies, and it is unfortunate since we know that bringing a cat into your home can be impossible to resist, even when you are allergic to them. Not everyone knows about “hypoallergenic cats” which is what makes them a good choice for these cases. Ragdoll cats, for […]

Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic? (It’s Debatable)

By Phil

Well, are Bengal Cats hypoallergenic? Yes, Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, meaning they rarely cause allergic reactions. However, hypoallergenic does not equate to allergen-free. Compared to other breeds, they produce fewer allergic reactions. This article will address what exactly makes the Bengal hypoallergenic, what to do if you want a Bengal but are allergic to cats, […]

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