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I have always had cats, both growing up and now as an adult. I have been a pet behavioral therapist for a number of years now. I started this blog to help other cat owners, with advice, tips, best product reviews, and to create a warm and cat friendly community.


Cat Eyes: The Various Shapes and Expressions

By Phil / May 12, 2020

Cats do a lot of their communicating through their eyes. From slow blinking to death stares, there’s a lot you can tell about your cat’s mood, temperament, and health by looking at their eyes. In this article, I’m going to explain what some of the different cat eye shapes, types, sizes, and looks mean: Cat […]


What Are Female Cats Called? (Not What Most Think)

By Phil / May 12, 2020

What are female cats called? It’s not that crazy of a question, in fact, a lot of people – and this includes cat owners – are not actually aware of the proper name for a female cat. A female cat is called a Molly. Did you know that? I’ve owned cats for most of my […]


Can Cats Eat Almond Butter/Mlik? (Myths & Facts)

By Phil / April 16, 2020

So, you love almond butter? Me too. Can cats eat almond butter as well if you want to share some, or if you’ve caught them helping themselves? In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about almond butter and cats. As well as dispelling a myth around cats and almonds! What’s in […]


Can Cats Eat Caramel? (No Sugary Treats!)

By Phil / April 5, 2020

I have a sweet tooth, I’m happy to admit that. I always have all kinds of chocolates and sugary treats around the house. My cats are well aware of this too and will help themselves given the chance. Can cats eat caramel? Caramel is not toxic or harmful to cats in small amounts, so don’t […]


Can Cats Eat Blackberries? (Risks Explained)

By Phil / March 6, 2020

We have loads of wild blackberries growing around our neighborhood. We also have loads of cats, both domestic and some strays. If you do too, you’re right to wonder; can cats eat blackberries? Cats are obligate carnivores, and for the most part, they don’t stray far from their core diet. But sometimes a curious cat […]


Can Cats Eat Cucumbers? Safety Tips

By Phil / March 5, 2020

The relationship between cats and cucumbers is more so one of the viral videos with cats jumping at the sight of a silently placed cucumber for them to find. However, being a healthy vegetable, can cats eat cucumbers? Is there any nutritional value for them eating cucumbers? Should you be sharing some with your fluffy […]


Can Cats Eat Ketchup? Safety Precautions

By Phil / March 4, 2020

Cats love licking scraps left on plates. It’s not the nicest thing, neither is it something I encourage, but I know that if I leave my plate unattended it’s getting licked. So, it’s a good idea to check what cats can and can’t eat. Being obligate carnivores most of their diet must come from meat, […]


How Long After Flea Treatment Can I Pet My Cat?

By Phil / February 28, 2020

If you use flea treatments on your cats you’ll know how toxic these treatments are to us. The last thing you want is for the treatment to come into contact with your skin. If you’re wondering, how long after flea treatment can I pet my cat without getting the treatment on my hands or spreading […]


This Is the Cheapest Way to Feed Feral Cats!

By Phil / February 25, 2020

If you have feral cats in your neighborhood and can’t resist helping them out by feeding them – don’t feel bad for looking for the cheapest way to feed feral cats. You’re doing them a good deed if they are looking malnourished and like they’re struggling to survive on their own. Plus, you might be […]


Are Boston Ferns Poisonous to Cats? (Nope!)

By Phil / February 23, 2020

Most ferns make for great house plants, and the Boston Fern is one of the more attractive, easy to care for, and fun ferns to have around the home. If you share your home with a cat, however – or a dog for that matter – you need to check that your Boston Fern doesn’t […]

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