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Bengal Cat Breeders in Ontario

If you are looking for Bengal Cat Breeders in Ontario, you have come to the right place. Bengal Cats can be hard to find, especially if you live outside of Ontario, but we are dedicated to helping you find the best Bengal cat for your home or business here at Bengal Breeders.

List of Bengal Cat Breeders in Ontario

KW BengalsCambridge, Ontario(519) 778-9502[email protected]
JunglebeautyKitchener, Ontario(226) 792-9898[email protected]
PurrfectrosetteOntario(519) 292-6576[email protected]
Belle BengalsBelleville, Ontario(613) 243-2408[email protected]
GbaybengalsTay Township, Ontario [email protected]
Bengals On the RiverTweed, Ontario(705) 984-6900[email protected]
Bengal OhanaSt. Thomas, Ontario(519) 719-0028[email protected]

KW Bengals

We are a married couple that passionately likes the Bengal breed. We are a Cambridge, Ontario, cattery that is TICA-registered. We produce happy, well-adjusted, healthy, beautiful Bengal kittens emphasizing huge, distinct rosettes and remarkable personalities.

Address: Cambridge, Ontario
Facebook Page
Phone: (519) 778-9502
Email: [email protected]


Since 2018, Junglebeauty has been a small TICA-registered home cattery in the KW area of Ontario, Canada. Kittens are raised indoors in the company of other animals (cats, a dog, and a parrot) in a non-caged setting.

Address: Kitchener, Ontario
Facebook Page:
Phone: (226) 792-9898
Email: [email protected]


We are a small in-home TICA-registered cattery, and we take great delight in producing beautifully marked, social, and friendly kittens for you to welcome into your home. To ensure that your family receives only the finest Bengal kittens, our cats are health tested and screened as negative/non-carriers for more than 50 predispositions. Our kittens are nurtured in our house, ensuring they receive all the affection and playtime they can require. Additionally, they are well-acquainted with other cats, medium-to-large dogs, and people.

Address: Ontario
Facebook Page
Phone:  (519) 292-6576
Email: [email protected]

Belle Bengals

Our small, full-time cattery is housed in our Belleville, Ontario, family home and is fully registered with TICA and the Canadian government.

Address: Belleville, Ontario
Facebook Page
Phone:  (613) 243-2408
Email: [email protected]


We are a TICA-registered Bengal cattery that strives to produce pets of superior quality with amiable temperaments and impeccable health. Our kittens are examined for health, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered before their adoption at 16 weeks of age. We are the only local cattery to provide leash training and a cat wheel with every kitten.

Address: Tay Township, Ontario
Email: [email protected]

Bengals On the River

Bengals on the river have two full Tica pairings, and our other three females are purebred Bengals who have been genetically examined and found to be free of genetic defects. We adhere to all Tica regulations, full contracts, a two-year genetic guarantee, and a free 30-day Trupanion health insurance policy. We are proud to have healthy, high-quality Bengals.

Address: Tweed, Ontario
Phone: (705) 984-6900
Email: [email protected]

Bengal Ohana

We are a small, registered Bengal cattery located outside London, Ontario. We want to develop healthy, well-socialized kittens devoid of genetic abnormalities. We have a membership in The International Cat Association (TICA).

Address: St. Thomas, Ontario
Phone Number: (519) 719-0028
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Bengal cat

While there were earlier attempts to mate African leopards and domestic cats, Jean Sudgen Mill is credited with creating the Bengal cat hybrid in the 1970s. She acquired hybrids from Dr Willard Centerwall, who was breeding them at Loyola University, to their genetics and do. She crossed the hybrids with domestic cats to generate a breed with the temperament and appearance of a domestic cat. Greg and Elizabeth Kent produced Bengal cats by crossing African leopard cats with Egyptian Maus.

F1 denotes the first generation of hybrids with one African leopard cat (ALC) parent. F2 and F3 each have one ALC grandparent and one ALC great-grandparent. It is believed that by F3, the cats’ temperaments resemble those of domestic cats. The International Cat Association (TICA) only accepts cats F4 generations or more distant from an ALC ancestor for exhibition. The majority of Bengal cats are currently bred from other Bengal cats.

In 1983, the TICA recognized Bengal cats as an experimental breed, and in 1993, they earned full status. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the Bengal cat as a breed in 2016. In addition, the American Cat Fanciers Association, the Canadian Cat Association, the United Feline Organizations, and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy recognize them for registration.

Do Bengal cats make good pets?

Bengal cats may make terrific pets. In addition to being attractive, their playful and curious attitude makes them a delight for any home. Your Bengal cat needs sufficient mental and physical exercise to be content and to prevent destructive behaviour.

Beautiful Bengal Cat

AreBengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

The Bengal Cat is an athletic, wild-appearing, but kind cat. They are active, enjoy having fun and require a great deal of physical activity and cerebral stimulation due to their robust health. They are excellent pets as they get along with all family members and create strong emotional attachments.

In addition to their amiable disposition and outgoing personality, this breed is favoured because they generate less of the allergenic Fel d1 protein. Although a cat will never be completely hypoallergenic, the Bengal comes the closest.


Bengal cats are incredibly beautiful and exotic. They are also very intelligent, which makes them even more endearing. As a first-time Bengal owner, you will want to set up your new home w the essentials you need, but it is also important to find reputable Bengal breeders.

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