Bengal Cat Breeders in Florida | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Bengal Cat Breeders in Florida

In this article, I’ve put together a list of Bengal cat breeders in Florida to help you find the perfect new kitten to bring into your home.

Bengals are magnificent cats, known for their stunning marbled or spotted coats and being intelligent, social, and fun family pets.

You have loads of options in Florida, there is a good chance you’ll find a Bengal breeder near you.

Remember to always call around and ask plenty of questions of breeders before making a decision – but I’m sure you’ll find the perfect little kitten!

Bengal Cat Breeders in Florida | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Poolside CatsIndialantic, FL321-674-9110
Valleykatz BengalsSarasota, FL941-302-1854
Rare Earth RanchMilton, FL850-776-2530
Wild Legacy BengalsMilton, FL850-665-0586
Florida BengalsJacksonville, FL904-718-1030
Kissimmee BengalsKissimmee, FL787-579-7277
Cosmic BengalNorth Port, Florida941-500-9182
Bellissimi BengalsNavarre, FL850-225-8404
Sarasota BengalsSarasota, FL717-763-0882
Imaginique BengalsFlorida813-949-5590
Naples BengalsNaples, FL239-777-3749
Bearbrook BengalsWeeki Wachee, Florida352-797-2348
Xanadu Dream BengalsFort Lauderdale, FL305-993-9733
Sunset ExoticsCape Coral, FL239-691-6496
Chic Exotix BengalsSeminole, FL727-480-8734
Gulf Beach BengalsFlorida727-557-8992
ZawieCo Bengal CatsSouth Florida772-781-1953
Palm Beach BengalsPalm Beach, FL561-371-1816
Journey BengalsMiami, FL305-332-4261
Destiny BengalsPalm Beach, FL561-295-5195
Leopardkind BengalsEast Orlando, FL407-929-3080
Bengal Chateau CatteryDavie, Florida945-598-1442

Poolside Cats

Address – Indialantic, FL 32903

Phone – 321-674-9110


Valleykatz Bengals

Address – Sarasota, FL 34241

Phone – 941-302-1854


Rare Earth Ranch

Address – Milton, FL

Phone – 850-776-2530


Wild Legacy Bengals

Address – Milton, FL

Phone – 850-665-0586


Florida Bengals

Address – Jacksonville, FL

Phone – 904-718-1030


Kissimmee Bengals

Address – Kissimmee FL

Phone – 787-579-7277


Cosmic Bengal

Address – North Port, Florida

Phone – 941-500-9182


Bellissimi Bengals

Address – Navarre, FL

Phone – 850-225-8404


Sarasota Bengals

Address – Sarasota, FL

Phone – 717-763-0882


Imaginique Bengals

Address – Florida

Phone – 813-949-5590


Naples Bengals

Address – Naples, FL

Phone – 239-777-3749


Bearbrook Bengals

Address – Weeki Wachee, Florida

Phone – 352-797-2348


Xanadu Dream Bengals

Address – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phone – 305-993-9733


Sunset Exotics

Address – Cape Coral, FL 33915

Phone – 239-691-6496


Chic Exotix Bengals

Address – Seminole, FL

Phone – 727-480-8734


Gulf Beach Bengals

Address – Florida

Phone – 727-557-8992


ZawieCo Bengal Cats

Address – South Florida

Phone – 772-781-1953


Palm Beach Bengals

Address – Palm Beach, FL

Phone – 561-371-1816


Journey Bengals

Address – Miami, FL 33173

Phone – 305-332-4261


Destiny Bengals

Address – Palm Beach, FL

Phone – 561-295-5195


Leopardkind Bengals

Address – East Orlando, FL

Phone – 407-929-3080


Bengal Chateau Cattery

Address – Davie, Florida 33328

Phone – 945-598-1442


What to Look For in a Breeder or Cattery

Picking up a Bengal kitten is a huge moment in anyone’s life, so you want to make sure you don’t rush in and make a mistake.

The few things to consider when looking for a breeder or a cattery, are:

How accessible are they? – The more accessible and personable a breeder is, the better sign this is that you’re going to have a good experience.

Buying a Bengal is not something you should do entirely online. You should at least speak to the breeder in person, or visit the cattery in person before making a decision.

Can you meet the parents? – Meeting the parents of the kitten you’re going to be reserving and learning about their history is important.

You’re looking to see that they are well cared for foremostly, and personally, I also think it’s a nice thing to do.

Read the paperwork – Although it’s a transaction that’s led by the heart, buying a Bengal cat is expensive that comes with some legal terms.

Make sure you’re fully aware of what your rights are, and what you can do if something doesn’t work out.

Reputable and experienced breeders should happily talk you through the whole process. They will have a contract for you to sign and should have some care sheets.

What TICA and CFA Registered Means

Just like any business or profession, there are some organizations that govern and oversee ethical business practices.

In the case of pedigree cats, these are The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

If you want added peace of mind, check a breeder is a member of one or both of these organizations.

How Much Do Bengals Cost?

I cannot give you an accurate price, as the cost of a Bengal can vary by several thousand dollars.

As a general rule of thumb, however, you can expect to pay something in the range of:

Type of Bengal Approximate Price
Household Pet $1,500+
Specialist Traits $2,500+
Show Quality $3,500+

You should be aware that you will have to put down quite a large non-refundable deposit when reserving a kitten.

This is to cover the costs associated with raising the kitten and it’s ready to leave its mom. So don’t reserve a kitten before you’re 100% sure you’re ready to home it.

Are Bengals Good Family Pets?

I can honestly say without any bias that Bengals are awesome family pets.

Bengals are intelligent, friendly, curious, and social cats – all the personality traits that enable them to fit in perfectly with any household.

You do have to be aware that Bengals are fairly large cats, so you need the appropriate space and cat furniture for them to play with.

But generally speaking, they are very easy to raise and look after. They’re playful cats, even as they grow into adults they’re still fairly mischievous.

So, they are better suited to households where people are often in and have the time to give them attention.

If you’re looking for a unique, interesting, and fun breed of cat, a Bengal checks all of those boxes and more.

Do keep in mind that all breed information and profiles are general, every cat has their own personality! 

Bengal Breeders Across the U.S.

If you couldn’t find a breeder or cattery that was able to help from the list above, you can find lists of other Bengal breeders from different states across the U.S. by clicking the links below:

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
PennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexas

Image credits – Photo by Bodi.raw on Unsplash

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