Bengal Cat Breeders in Connecticut | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Bengal Cat Breeders in Connecticut

In this article, I’ve put together a list of Bengal cat breeders in Connecticut to help you find the perfect new kitten to bring into your home.

Bengals are magnificent cats, known for their stunning marbled or spotted coats and being intelligent, social, and fun family pets.

You have loads of options in Connecticut, there is a good chance you’ll find a Bengal breeder near you.

Remember to always call around and ask plenty of questions of breeders before making a decision – but I’m sure you’ll find the perfect little kitten!

Bengal Cat Breeders in Connecticut | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Borough BengalsSoutheastern Connecticut860-381-9303
Bella’s BengalsSouthern Connecticut CT203-680-3567
Ridgeland BengalsHamden, CT203-265-9776

Borough Bengals

Address – Southeastern Connecticut

Phone – 860-381-9303


Bella’s Bengals

Address – Southern Connecticut CT

Phone – 203-680-3567


Ridgeland Bengals

Address – Hamden, CT 06514

Phone – 203-265-9776


Tips When Choosing a Breeder or Cattery

Looking for a Bengal – or any family pet for that matter – is a huge deal. You want to be sure you’re dealing with a breeder you can trust, and of course, you want a healthy kitten.

A few tips and things to do when looking for a cat are:

Speak with the breeder – Buying a kitten is a personal thing, so you should get to know the breeders and speak with them.

It’s not something that should take place entirely online. Pick up the phone, see if you can visit their cattery, do whatever makes you comfortable that they have their cats’ best interests at heart.

Ask about vaccines – Vaccinations help to protect kittens from severe infectious diseases. Make sure you know which shots they will have had, and what they’ll need in the future.

Ask to meet the parents – You should always try and meet your prospective kitten’s parents. Not only is it nice to see their parents, but you also want to be sure they’re in good health and well-treated.

Guarantees and contracts – You can’t skip on paperwork and legal T&C’s, no matter how quickly you want to get your new kitten home.

A reputable breeder will ask you to fill out a contract to protect both of you should anything bad happen.

You also need to be aware of any guarantees and what you can do if things do not work out for any reason.

What TICA and CFA Registered Means

You’ll see some breeders and catteries displaying the logos for the TICA or CFA.

If they are registered with either of these organizations, it demonstrates they are committed to a high standard of care.

The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) are organizations where breeders can register pedigree cats.

They also promote ethical business practices, provide a wide range of resource materials, and hold world-class cat shows.

How Much Do Bengals Cost?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the price of exotic and rare cats varies a lot. There are a number of patterns, types, pedigrees, etc.

With that said, I took a look at some of the current pricing for breeders. As a general guide, you can expect to pay in the range of:

Type of Bengal Approximate Price
Household Pet $1,500+
Specialist Traits $2,500+
Show Quality $3,500+

It’s normal practice to put down a sizable non-refundable deposit. So, make sure that you do your research and are 100% sure before committing.

Do Bengal Cats Make Good Family Pets?

I’m not just saying this, but Bengal cats are among the most family-friendly breeds of cat.

They make such good family pets because they are friendly, social, good with other pets and kids, and playful.

In fact, Bengals are much better suited to busy homes than they are quiet homes.

They’re large cats and have a lot of energy to burn off. So, the more people there are to play with them, the better.

You’ll need some good cat furniture – especially if you value your own furniture.

But apart from a bed (that cats never use) and some toys, there isn’t much to owning a Bengal – it’s the attention they thrive on.

Not many owners will allow them to go outside freely, so the more space you have indoors the better.

Bengals can also be trained to walk on a harness if you want to take them out and let them take in the smells and sounds of the outdoors.

If you’re looking for an interesting, unique, and sociable cat, you’ve found it in a Bengal, that’s much I’m sure of.

Do keep in mind that all breed information and profiles are general, every cat has their own personality! 

Bengal Breeders Across the U.S.

If you couldn’t find a breeder or cattery that was able to help from the list above, you can find lists of other Bengal breeders from different states across the U.S. by clicking the links below:

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
PennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexas

Image credits – Photo by Bodi.raw on Unsplash

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