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Siamese Cat Breeders in Ontario

Do you want to own a Siamese Cat and are looking to find a good breeder in Ontario? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of information regarding the Siamese Cat breed and helpful tips for finding a reputable breeder in Ontario.

List of Siamese Cat Breeders in Ontario

Royal Gem SiameseOntario(289) 962-3000[email protected]
JoyOfKittiesOshawa, OntarioN/A[email protected]
Sa-Shai CatteryOttawa, Ontario(613) 824-3726[email protected]
Ayuthaya SiameseToronto, OntarioN/A[email protected]
ThaifongGrimsby, OntarioN/A[email protected]
Practical CatsInnisfil, OntarioN/A[email protected]
Siamazing CatteryHarriston, OntarioN/A[email protected]
Argentia OrientalsToronto, OntarioN/A[email protected]

Royal Gem Siamese

Adults and Kittens are born and nurtured in our house, where they enjoy the full-time connection with our family until embarking on new adventures with their own families. We strive to continue presenting an imposing, proud image of true balance, with each component in proportion to the others and the whole.

Address: Ontario
Facebook Page:
Phone: (289) 962-3000
Email: [email protected]


Lines that have won both national and regional awards. Exceptional Merit Lines. Foreign lines. Negative for both Felv and FIV Pet kittens are altered before placement at 16 weeks. At the time of placement, kittens are vaccinated, registered, and given a documented Health Certificate from the veterinarian. PRA Examined.

Address: Oshawa, Ontario
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Sa-Shai Cattery

Our cattery is committed to creating attractive, healthy, veterinarian-approved Siamese cats that are a delight to own. Adults and Kittens are available to eligible households via an Adoption Application and a Purchase and Sale Agreement. Every addition to the cattery is negative for Feline Leukemia Virus (Fel-V) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIDV) (FIV). Our breeding cats are screened for PRA (Progressive Retina Atrophy) so that we can ensure that our kittens are not affected by this disease that can lead to blindness. The cattery is non-smoking and can be viewed online.

Address: Ottawa, Ontario
Phone Number: (613) 824-3726
Email: [email protected]

Ayuthaya Siamese

In 1998, the cattery was established. I do not breed with quantity or demand in mind. Kittens are given the utmost consideration for their well-being, regardless of whether they are destined for a display or a pet home. Each litter is meticulously planned with a great deal of care and consideration. I attempt to link families with kittens that best meet their needs. No cats or kittens are confined; they are all cherished family members.

Address: Toronto, Ontario
Email: [email protected]


My passion for Siamese began in 1983 when I bought my first pet cat, a male “Spike” with a blue point applehead. After having Spike for a year, I obtained my first breeding female. Our property is situated against the Niagara Escarpment, and the cats and kittens enjoy watching the many birds and animals that visit our yard from the nearby woods.

Address: Grimsby, Ontario
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Practical Cats

Family-raised cats will remain family members. Due to our interests, we have conducted significant research into the available scientific knowledge regarding animal companions’ physical and mental health. In contrast to many other catteries, we began with studs and strive to allow our males to live as house pets for as long as feasible. We may offer stud services to other catteries based on established relationships and confidence.

Address: Innisfil, Ontario
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Siamazing Cattery

As a child, I fell in love with a relative’s Siamese cat and vowed, “When I grow up, I want at least one Siamese cat.” I am ecstatic to share this love with you! My cats and kittens are nurtured indoors, where they are treasured family members. I provide complete after-sales service and support. 

Address: Harriston, Ontario
Email: [email protected]

Argentia Orientals

We are committed to producing healthy, happy, and well-adjusted pets for a companion, breeding, and show purposes. Kittens are born and raised in our bedroom, and when they are roughly 10 weeks old, they are presented to the household. To guarantee that our incredibly high criteria for kitten comfort and care are met, we thoroughly examine prospective pet owners.

Address: Toronto, Ontario
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Siamese Cat

The lovely Siamese is the famous royal temple cat of Thailand. Not only did the king admire the cats for their great beauty, but they also served as security cats. Siamese would perch atop lofty columns around the king’s throne. If someone threatened the king, the cats would leap from the pillars and attack the threat. Due to the Siamese’s size, power, and ability to jump from a height, they would easily knock the individual to the ground. If necessary, they would scrape the face of anyone who believed he could harm the King of Thailand.

The cat observed by the German naturalist and explorer Peter Simon Pallas may have been a Siamese, yet no one knows if this tradition is real. This cat was mentioned in Pallas’ 17th-century Caspian Sea research papers. Pallas stated, “Ears, paws, and tail… are quite dark. It is of average size, has significantly smaller legs than the average cat, and a longer, more pointed nose.”

In the late 1800s, the King of Siam presented the English consulate general in Bangkok with the first Siamese cats in Europe. Pho and Mia were the first Siamese cats in the western cat fandom. Owen Gould brought them to England in 1884 as a breeding pair. In 1885, the kittens from Pho and Mia were displayed by Mr. Gould’s sister at the Crystal Palace show in London. The first Siamese cat in the United States was also a gift to a friend from the King of Siam. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, cats from Britain, France, Japan, and Siam were imported into North America. After World War II, the Siamese soon surpassed all other breeds regarding registrations when they had been relatively scarce.

Beautiful Siamese cat in Ontario

Are Siamese Cat Hypoallergenic?

Siamese cats are regarded as hypoallergenic. This typically noisy feline sheds significantly less than other cat breeds. Even if it’s short hair that can create an allergic reaction, finding much less hair in the house greatly aids those allergic to feline allergens in avoiding symptoms.

Tips When Choosing a Siamese Cat Breeder or Cattery

Choosing the right Siamese cat breeder or cattery is a big decision. You want to ensure that the breeder or cattery you choose will provide your Siamese cat with what it needs to be happy and healthy. Here are some tips to help you find the best Siamese cat breeder or cattery for your pet:

  • Talk to other people who have Siamese cats and ask them which breeders they like and why. This can help you avoid bad experiences that may happen before your first visit to the breeder/cattery.
  • Look for a breeder registered with the SCCA (Siberian Cat Club of America).
  • If you’re interested in a particular breed, ask the breeder if they have any litters available.
  • Make sure that the cattery is licensed and insured by the state government.
  • Ask to see photos of other cats from this cattery or breeders in your area to get an idea of what type of environment your new kitten will be living in.

Do Siamese Cats Make Good Pets?

Siamese cats make excellent pets. Due to their kind, playful, and friendly temperament, they get along well with children and other pets. However, some dislike them due to their loud personalities and boisterous activities. Similarly, if you want a tranquil cat breed, the Siamese may not be for you.


In the end, if you are searching for a Siamese breeder in Ontario, you have several options. Hopefully, this guide has given you enough information to choose the Siamese breeder in Ontario that is right for your family.

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