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Siberian Cat Breeders in Ontario

Siberian cats are a breed that holds a special place in the heart of many people owning one. These cats come in various colors and patterns and can grow very large. If you’re looking to find a reputable Siberian Cat Breeder in Ontario, we can help you. We have put together a list of breeders to help you find the right Siberian Cat.

List of Siberian Cat Breeders in Ontario

Sunnypaw Siberian CatteryRichmond Hill, Ontario(647) 540 3054[email protected]
Mindeelyn SiberiansDurham, Ontario(289) 600-8796[email protected]
Ontario SiberiansMilton, OntarioN/AN/A
Iceforest SiberiansOntarioN/AN/A

Sunnypaw Siberian Cattery

I am the breeder of this magnificent species, and my name is Nelly. Since 2019, Sunnypaw Cattery has been growing its name as a reputable Siberian Breeder in Ontario, Canada. I breed both the Neva masquerade and the traditional Siberian breed. Our cattery is TICA-registered, and we take our obligations very seriously, ensuring each kitten’s health, safety, and well-being. Therefore, our best days are when one of our infants is adopted by a warm and caring family. There is no greater joy than matching one of our cherished kittens with a caring new owner. This is why we devote so much time, love, and effort to ensuring the continuation of this unique breed.

Address: Richmond Hill, Ontario
Phone: (647) 540 3054
Email: [email protected]

Mindeelyn Siberians

Mindeelyn Siberians is a small cattery in the Durham region of Ontario, Canada. My spouse, Dieter, and I founded the business in 2002. After my spouse passed away in 2007, my daughter Merrie-Lynne accompanied me on my Siberian journey. It is a delight to work with someone so dedicated to breeding, and together we are raising the most affectionate hypoallergenic kittens and cats. Mindeelyn Siberians are the longest continuously operating cattery of hypoallergenic Siberian cats in Eastern Canada, and we are proud of this fact.

We adore our cats tremendously. They are raised as family members, and we endeavor to give them the best possible start in life. Our kittens are raised alongside dogs, children, and the noise and bustle of the family.

The International Cat Association (TICA), the world’s largest genetic registry for purebred cats, has registered our cats and kittens. All kittens go to their new homes with free one-month pet insurance, having undergone a thorough vet examination, being age-appropriately vaccinated, de-wormed, well-socialized, healthy, fully weaned, and litter-box trained.

In addition to the highest quality food and plenty of love and care, our cats have regular veterinarian checkups. They are vaccinated following the recommendations of the American Association of Feline Practitioners to ensure that they remain in the best of health.

Our cattery is free from FIV, leukemia, and ringworm. All kittens are bred from the healthiest, hypoallergenic lines free of FeLV, FIV, PKD, and HCM. All Siberians have a full sales agreement, a two-year health warranty, and 23 pages of written care instructions and ideas.

Address: Durham, Ontario
Phone: (289) 600-8796
Email: [email protected]

Ontario Siberians

We are an amateur breeder in Milton, Ontario. This location is a 45- to 1-hour journey from downtown Toronto. We are thrilled to announce that we will be breeding Siberians for the twelfth year in 2022! Please spend some time perusing our website. Please click on the tab labeled ‘allergies’ for certain information regarding the hypoallergenic features of Siberians, as well as a video clip of Dr. Oz discussing the breed. Please feel free to email us our questionnaire if there is anything I can do to assist you. Any new information will be placed on our Blog, Homepage, or Kittens link, so please check back often.

We specialize in producing stunning hypoallergenic Siberian cats from only the healthiest and most Champion bloodlines. All of our kittens are raised with affection and a great deal of care.

Our Siberian cats will receive regular veterinary care, be up-to-date on vaccinations and de-worming, and our cattery is confirmed to be free of FIV, Leukemia, and ringworm. Please read the health link for additional information about our Siberians. We are proud members of TICA and will endeavor to uphold their high standards of behavior and ethical code.

Address: Milton, Ontario

Iceforest Siberians

We are a breeder of Traditional Siberian Forest Cats that only breeds authentic Siberian lines. Our cats are not outbred to Himalayans or Persians, have no color point or neva masquerade genetics, and have no Neva Masquarde in their bloodlines, making us one of the oldest and most reputable breeders of purebred Siberians in southern Ontario. Our location is in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Regularly exhibited in Canada and the United States, our cats, and kittens come from Champion lines or are champions themselves in TICA, FiFe, and CCA shows.

Our journey to Siberia began with importing three magnificent cats from the Rossity Siberian Cattery in Moscow, Russia. Since these cats originated in Russia, it was only natural for us to travel there in search of the progeny of the finest champions to add to our bloodlines. Our lines are devoid of the Neva Masqurade, color point, and color point genes. We strive to maintain the foundation cats of these lovable breeds’ traditional roots.

Our cats and kittens have been raised with our family, so they are familiar with the vacuum, broom, loud noises, and, of course, our dogs. Therefore, they have well-rounded personalities and are extremely friendly. Our breeding cats are healthy and in good condition and have a pleasant nature and disposition. Our adult cats have tested negative for FIV, FELV, PKD, and HCM. Final yearly FeLV and FIV testing in August 2017.    

Address: Ontario

Short History of the Siberian cat

Siberian cats have been documented in Russia’s forests for at least a thousand years. They have a long history as helpful hunters and stars of Russian fairy tales, for which they are revered and adored. Numerous Russian tales portray the Siberian cat as a magical and regal forest creature, imbuing them with a mysticism comparable to that of the Norwegian Forest cat.

Russian Longhair cats have existed for a very long time, but it wasn’t until Russians were deported to Siberia that these particular domestic cats truly became established. They were transported with their human counterparts and modified to withstand harsher conditions.

It is believed that the mutation for longhaired cats originated in Russia, from which the Angora cat and Persian cat originated in Turkey and Persia, respectively. Consequently, the Siberian cat is one of the oldest cat breeds and maybe the oldest longhaired cat ever. Some individuals believe that they are linked to the Norwegian Forest cat.

According to Russian folklore, Siberian cats weigh up to 45 pounds and serve as guard dogs for their families. The famous English cat show organizer Harrison Weir describes the Siberian cat in his 1889 book, “Our Cats and Everything About Them.”

One hundred years later, in the 1990s, the Siberian cat was successfully introduced to the United States. Elizabeth Terrell, a cat breeder, brought this breed to the United States, inducting us all into the Siberian-loving cat club.

Do Siberian Cats Make Good Pets?

Siberian cats are extremely gregarious creatures that like their human companions and dislike being alone for too long. These animals are best suited for households where humans are present and eager to engage in play. The Siberian is well-suited for families with children and other pets, as it gets along with practically everyone.

Cute Siberian Cat in Ontario

Are Siberian Cats Hypoallergenic?

This extremely expensive and rather rare cat breed is hypoallergenic, according to popular belief. This is not the case for longhaired cats, as their hair contains the allergen responsible for most allergic reactions; consequently, most “hypoallergenic” cat breeds are short-haired or hairless. Even while no cat or dog is completely hypoallergenic, Siberians can be dubbed low-allergen due to mutations that reduce their Fel d 1 levels. The most significant of the 10 cat allergens are Fel d 1.


Choosing a breeder is as important as choosing a kitten. A good breeder will match you with the right kitten and support you at every stage. We are here to help you find the breeder that best suits you and your family.

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