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One of the most popular breeds today is the British Shorthair. These are the perfect pets for those who like a cat with a medium-length coat that doesn’t require much grooming and a calm, non-aggressive personality. In this article, you’ll find some great British Shorthair breeders in New Jersey who know how to care for their cats.

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British Shorthair Breeders in New Jersey | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressPhone NumberWebsite
Khloe's Kittens New JerseyCedar Grove, NJ(201) 398-6766
ChonileeGloucester City, NJ(704) 419-2036
Crowned Jewels New JerseyN/A(479) 719-8446
DandyBlue British Shorthair New JerseyN/AN/A
Amazing Grace Cattery New JerseyN/AN/A

Khloe’s Kittens New Jersey

If you’re looking for a British Shorthair kitten, you’ve come to the right place! At Khloe’s kittens, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of British Shorthair kittens in New Jersey. We have everything from rare colors and patterns to all-white British Shorthairs.


If you’re looking for a British Shorthair breeder in New Jersey, you’ll want to check out Chonilee! We have a wide variety of British Shorthairs, from babies to adults, and we would be happy to introduce you to one of our pups.

Crowned Jewels New Jersey

Crowned Jewels breeds lilac, chocolate, and pointed kittens and cats. ESH’s rarest colors are chocolates, lilacs, and points. They spent time building its foundation and bought top-grade kittens and cats from Russia and Ukraine to deliver you the most excellent quality. The firm pricing range varies on color and breeding rights. Kittens cost $1800-3000. A $300 deposit allows you to choose from a litter. 

DandyBlue British Shorthair New Jersey

We breed cats from Great Britain, the U.S., European Grand Champions, and National Winners lines. Our kittens are extremely well socialized, healthy and affectionate. Never caged, they are raised underfoot and in the lap. All kittens come with vaccinations and a health guarantee.

Amazing grace, cattery New Jersey

Amazing Grace Cattery specializes in the breeding and sale of kittens. We have gladly supplied households with adorable, healthy kittens for many years. You can find and purchase cute kittens such as British Shorthairs, Maine Coons, Sphynxex, and Ragdolls on our website.

We are glad to select and deliver your new kittens and help them adjust to their new home. We are also happy to offer our customers advice on any topic. Our company’s primary objective is to find the ideal home for our beloved buddies. We delightfully locate the most desirable kittens for our clients with minimal effort.

A short history of the British shorthair

Sweet grey Shorthair on yellow couch

The probable origins of the British Shorthair stretch back to the first century A.D., making it one of the oldest recognizable cat breeds. The Romans brought these cats to maintain their encampment free of snakes, mice, and vermin.

The British Shorthair is a robust and muscular cat with a short, dense coat of fur that comes in various colors, including blue, black, white, and silver-gray. The British Shorthair has a distinctively broad head, prominent cheeks, and large, round eyes. Its legs are short and robust, and its body is compact and solid.

Tips when choosing a British shorthair breeder or cattery

Talk to other owners

Unsurprisingly, one of the first steps you should take while searching for these breeders is to reach out to other British Shorthair owners and solicit their advice. You may already know a few people who own these creatures, and it will be helpful to hear their stories. You should not be disheartened if you do not know someone with this particular cat. You only need to interact with other cat owners online via social media groups.

Consult vets

In addition to engaging with other owners and receiving feedback, you should consult with a few vets. The veterinarians in your area may be connected to breeders or know where you may find the information you require. In any case, speaking with veterans will be pretty beneficial. If nothing else, you will receive advice on properly caring for these felines. You will likely also receive recommendations for breeders.

An online search for breeders

If the previous two stages yield no results and you cannot obtain the necessary information, you should not instantly abandon your study. You should begin conducting an even more detailed investigation at this point. Said, you should start your search for British Shorthair breeders online. Your web research will produce many pertinent results, but you shouldn’t stop there. Instead, it would help if you started delving deeper.

Check for feedback and ratings

This is the initial step toward gathering more information about specific breeders. Find and read any comments and reviews individuals may have left on particular breeders. This will allow you to determine whether certain breeders produce cats with health issues or whether they are all generally healthy. Health is vital, so do not disregard it. Of course, you will also learn about the credibility and experience of several breeders, which will unquestionably aid you in deciding where to acquire this cat.

Set up a visit

Before making this final decision and acquiring your British Shorthair, there is, however, one more significant step you must take. Simply put, you should organise a visit with at least a few breeders you think are knowledgeable and trustworthy. This can help you determine the type of environment the animals were raised in, which will significantly impact your future pet’s general health and behavior. This is an essential step that should never be skipped.

Do British shorthair cats make good pets?

They do make great pets

British Shorthair cats make excellent companions, but you must ensure that their disposition is compatible with your home. Low-maintenance cats do not require much grooming, which is almost always positive.

Additionally, they are social cats who enjoy the company of their human families and get along well with other household pets. British Shorthairs are also generally calm and will not overly meow or yowl. The British Shorthair is a good choice if you’re searching for a laid-back, easy-going cat who will be a loving and loyal companion.

How much does a British shorthair cat cost?

British Shorthair felines are not inexpensive. British Shorthair kittens typically cost between $1,500 and $ 3,000, whereas adult British Shorthairs can cost anywhere between $500 and $ 1,000.

This can be significantly higher if you purchase a rare pedigree or a Shorthair with rare markings, color, etc. British Shorthairs are not a purchase to be made on a whim, and prospective owners should be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money in their new pet.


British shorthairs are one of the most popular cat breeds, for a good reason! They have a gentle nature and are great with children. If you’re looking to get a British shorthair as your new furry friend, check out all the resources available in New Jersey. Many experienced breeders will be happy to help you find the perfect kitten or adult British shorthair for your home.

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