How Much Does a Maine Coon Cost? (Real Numbers)

Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is a well-liked American native feline whose calm and affectionate personality has caused it to become well-liked across the globe. These cats are the second-most well-liked and rank as the second feline breed globally. However, if you question people who spend their days with these magnificent fellas, they immediately answer that this type is unparalleled within their souls!

In this article, I will guide you on everything you need to know about this adorable feline friend and right down the general price of it in case you’re interested in having a new cute little companion.

What is the general personality of Maine Coons?

Maine Coons Cats are recognized for always being gregarious, loving, and silly; their stature and attitude are enormous. Similar to a dog, these Maine Coon enjoys spending time with their precious family and occasionally behaves as house pet. They are always obedient and, therefore, will respond to their name. The friendly attitude of these breeds of cats will dazzle visitors.

Notwithstanding her bulk and lineage, the Maine Coon cat has a pleasant disposition and is kind. They adjust to every surrounding as much as there is an activity space since they adore their owners. They may become pretty noisy whenever they dash, but their sweet, calm voice convinces everyone that this ferocious-looking cat is an adorable lamb.

Two Maine Coons looking up

What is the average lifespan of Maine Coons?

Many cat professionals agree that the Maine Coon may live up to 15 years with optimum assistance and care, with an average lifetime of 12.5 yrs. But several experienced Maine Coon keepers consider this number intriguing since they often see Maine Coons under their care survive to be over 20 years old!

Parents of Maine Coons have a variety of views about good and excellent care, which they see as a significant factor throughout the breed’s lifespan. Many cat healthcare problems that affect other cats are less likely to affect Maine Coons since they are strong cats.

Keeping a Maine Coon fit and healthy demands well-balanced food and regular outdoor exercise. Limited in carbs and rich in proteins with trim levels of Omega 3 and also some Omega 6 fats, this diet is well-suited for them.

OK, So How Much Does a Maine Coon Cost?

Check to see whether the cat seller you’re considering has a good reputation before purchasing a Maine Coon from them. Some breeders put forth a lot of effort to ensure their kitties remain safe and healthy. TICA, or the International Cat Association, maintains a breeder directory that might serve as a starting point for your browsing.

Many people looking for Maine Coons are confused about how much a Maine Coon costs. Remember that the price will always depend on the seller or breeder, the age of the Maine Coon, and also the store’s location.

On average, whenever purchasing a Maine Coon Kitten from reliable breeders, you may anticipate spending between $1,000 and $2,000 per kitten.

Maine Coon FAQ

Is the Maine Coon cat ideal as a home pet?

Maine Coons are excellent household companions. They are kind and gentle towards kids. They are generally quite active and lively. Kids will certainly enjoy interacting with these adorable kitties.

Do Maine Coons like cuddling?

You might ask yourself the question “Do Maine Coons loves to cuddle?” if your current cat is not highly affectionate. Maine Coons are renowned for their devotion, and the majority of them like cuddling! They generally appreciate being carried, rubbed, and kissed because of their patient and kind temperament.

Is it safe for my Maine Coon to be outdoors?

Maine Coons are vulnerable to being overweight. Giving them access to the outdoors minimizes their chances of contracting this illness because they will be able to engage in consistent physical activity. They can hunt, climb up the trees, and interact similarly to how they might in the wilderness.


All Maine Coon cats need a good family since they are great pets. However, loving does not cover the day-to-day bills. Therefore you have to come up with another strategy. Before getting this adorable Coon cat into your house, you should consider the financial and time investment needed. So, you may enjoy your brand-new fuzzy companion with less anxiety about the expenses and provide more hugs!

Lastly, Before purchasing a Maine Coon, people must be aware that while the pricing may appear excessive, it is only a fraction of the cost when compared to the fees you must pay over the years. Nevertheless, the rewards significantly exceed the expenditure.


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