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Our website has developed a great database of Wisconsin cat breeders and catteries that specialize in British Shorthair cats. To help you find your new cat quickly, we have listed the contact information for every breeder of British Shorthair cats.

British Shorthair cats are quite popular among cat lovers, and if you desire to adopt or own one and live in or near Wisconsin, USA, this article is for you.

The British shorthair is one of the most well-known cat breeds in the world. They have a dense, fluffy short coat as well as a smart, polite personality that is characteristically British. The original British shorthair is covered in blue fur, yet this lovely breed comes in a wide range of shades and patterns. The nice aspect about this breed is that it is less prone to diseases and illnesses if properly looked after. 

I wish you luck in your search and I hope you find the ideal cat for you and your family. Always carry out a thorough and in-depth inquiry on the breeder before purchasing a pet.

List of British Shorthair Breeders in Wisconsin

Woodwillow’s Cattery Wisconsin608-377-2259[email protected]
Happy Endings No Kill Cat ShelterMilwaukee, Wisconsin(414) 744-3287N/A
Orphan Animal Rescue & SanctuaryNeenah, Wisconsin(920) 558-4430

[email protected]

Woodwillow’s Cattery 

Address: Wisconsin
Phone number: 608-377-2259
Email: [email protected]

Only British Shorthair cattery in Wisconsin. Top British Shorthairs have been bred and shown at Woodwillow’s Cattery for more than 15 years. They handhold their kittens starting from day and cats give birth in the house and also bred in the house ensuring high quality. In order to get the cats acquainted with other animals, they also have a dog there. 

Their cats have not only shown excellent performance in competitions but also made sweet and friendly pets. Their aim is to breed kittens who are healthy, stable, and both mentally and physically. They raise their cats and kittens just like their own children and give them complete love and attention. They also work with animal rescue groups not only in Wisconsin but all over the USA.  Their cats are also a part of a project being done at the University of Missouri for mapping the feline genome. 

Happy Endings No Kill Cat Shelter

Address: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Phone number: (414) 744-3287
Email: N/A

This cat shelter is a non-profit organization operating since 1994. They help cats that are suffering animal abuse or unwanted and give them a new home. They spend upwards of $80,000 per year on the welfare and medication of cats. You can reach out to them to learn more about any British Shorthair cats that are out for adoption as they are one of Wisconsin’s largest cat shelters.

Orphan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary Inc

Address: Neenah, Wisconsin
Phone number: +1 920-558-4430
Email: [email protected]

They rescue cats and other animals and give each animal the best possible care in a cage-free setting that mimics a home until they are adopted permanently. After making an appointment, you can adopt cats and other animals from their Wisconsin adoption center. To find out if they have any British Shorthair cats available for adoption, you may get in touch with them.

Short History of the British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat
British Shorthair Cat with yellow/green eyes

The ancestors of the modern-day British Shorthair cat came with the Romans to Britain centuries ago. When the Romans fled, the cats lingered behind and began to colonize English homes thanks to their cute and cuddly looks. 

Like so many other breeds, the British Shorthair came dangerously close to extinction during World War II due to food shortages that made it difficult for breeders to feed their cats but they revived after the war. The British shorthair breed was officially established by Harrison Weir, a committed cat breeder, in the late 1800s. In 1871, one of his British Shorthair cats took first place in the cat show at London’s Crystal Palace.

Tips When Choosing a British Shorthair Breeder or Cattery

When looking for one, you must be confident that the British shorthair breeder or cattery you choose is the best. The following suggestions will assist you in choosing the ideal breeder:

  • Ideally, be members of a cat association like TICA, The Cat Fanciers’ Association, etc.
  • To verify their history of breeding British Shorthair cats, seek out their credentials.
  • To ensure strong genetics, they should have all the litter records and pedigree data of their cats.
  • For kittens, a heating facility should be available.
  • Kittens should have access to appropriate cat toys for entertainment.
  • Medical records that are fresh should be available
  • Water and food bowls must be pristine.
  • Cats must have a lot of room.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cost?  

Cats of the British Shorthair variety cost a lot of money. You may spend between $1,500 and $2,500 on these. Although these cats require little maintenance, because of their ties to celebrities and tv shows, their price has increased. Costs for pure-bred kittens range from $2,500 to $3,000. In addition to age and quality, location also influences how much something costs.

Will British Shorthair Cats Make Good Pets? 

In addition to being exceptionally loving pets, British Shorthair cats are known for their gentle and submissive temperament.

  • British shorthair cats are easier to care for and less demanding
  • They will spend most of their time lounging down in their favorite places around the house and will not bother you much
  • You can easily cuddle and play with them as they are not aggressive
  • They become inexorably attached to their owners
  • They don’t require constant watchfulness

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