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The Missouri cat breeders and catteries that specialize in British Shorthair cats are listed in great detail on our website. We have provided the contact details for each British Shorthair cat breeder so you can easily find your new kitty.

British Shorthair cats, as their name suggests, are a pedigreed variation of the common British cat that is native to Great Britain. Although they come in a variety of hues, the “British Blue,” a solid shade of blue-grey with orange eyes, is the most familiar. 

Due to its easygoing nature and intelligence, it has become a favorite among animal instructors, and in recent years, several of these cats have been featured in films and television commercials.

I wish you luck in your search and I hope you find the best cat for yourself and your household. Be attentive while purchasing a pet and always seek the opinion of experts and individuals who already own British Shorthair cats, if you know any.

List of British Shorthair Breeders in Missouri

BritshortNFolds CatteryOakville, Missouri(314) 605-1159[email protected] [email protected]
Miss Priss BritsSt. Louis, Missouri(636) 248-2000[email protected]
Open Door Animal SanctuaryHouse Springs, Missouri(636) 671-3643[email protected]
Kitten Division Adoption CenterSt Robert, Missouri(573) 336-3939[email protected]

BritshortNFolds Cattery

Address: Oakville, St. Louis, Missouri
Phone number: (314) 605-1159
Email: [email protected], [email protected] 

A little cattery specializing in British Shorthair cats and Scottish folds. Their cats are routinely vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian. Along with their health, they place a strong emphasis on the temperament and social skills of their cats and frequently allow them to interact with people and other animals.

Miss Priss Brits

Address: St. Louis, Missouri
Phone number: (636) 248-2000
Email: [email protected]

The only TICA registered British Shorthair cat breeder in Missouri. Their cats are highly social because they are raised in a household with loud children, 3 dogs, and teenagers. Their cats are from the EuropeChampion bloodlines. They specialize in golden and silver varieties of British Shorthair cats. 

Their cats are tested negative for feline leukemia from UC Davis and come fully vaccinated with 30 days of complimentary insurance through Trupanion. They offer health and genetic guarantees with each cat they sell.

Open Door Animal Sanctuary

Address: House Springs, Missouri
Phone number: (636) 671-3643
Email: [email protected]

Biggest no-kill shelter in Missouri, they were established in 1975. They offer abandoned, rescued, mistreated, and stray cats and other animals for adoption. They take care of more than 300 animals per day and you can contact them to see whether they have any British Shorthair kitty up for adoption.  

Kitten Division Adoption Center

Address: St Robert, Missouri
Phone number: (573) 336-3939
Email: [email protected]

Located in Missouri Kitten Division Adoption Center is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of cats and puppies. They spay/neuter, vaccinate, deworm, and microchip each cat before offering them for adoption. They have a little adoption fee which ranges from $95-$165.You get in touch with them to inquire about available British Shorthair cats for adoption.

Short History of the British Shorthair 

Beautiful grey/blue British Shorthair cat.
British Shorthair in the weeds

Harrison Weir, a dedicated cat breeder, created the British shorthair breed in the late 1800s. One of his British Shorthair cats took first place at the London Crystal Palace cat show in 1871. The current British Shorthair cat’s predecessors arrived in Great Britain generations ago with the Romans. Due to their charming and cuddly appearance, cats continued to populate English households centuries after the Romans went back. Through matings with domestic shorthairs, Russian Blues, Persians, and other cats, the breed was revived after World War I.

Tips When Choosing a British Shorthair Breeder or Cattery 

  • The kittens should have a sterile and pristine environment
  • A cat organization membership like TICA, American Cat Association (Preferred)
  • Cats should have no access to the outside environment 
  • For kittens, a heating facility should be available.
  • Records of recent vaccinations and dewormings should be accessible.
  • Water and food bowls need to be cleaned.
  • There is lots of space for cats to play and relax in.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cost?  

British Shorthair cats can be quite expensive. Spend anything from $1,500 to $2,500 on these. These cats need little maintenance, but because of their associations with famous people and television programs, their cost has gone up. Pure-bred kittens cost between $2,500 and $3,500. The location also affects their costs in addition to age and quality.

Do British Shorthair Cats Make Good Pets? 

British Shorthairs make excellent pets due to the following reasons:

  • They have a docile temperament
  • They are friendly and social 
  • They are not bothered by the presence of other pets like dogs
  • Don’t require much grooming 
  • They form deep attachments with their owner’s 

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