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If you’re looking for the top cat breeders in Kentucky, you’re in the correct place. Here, we aim to link cat enthusiasts with breeders statewide. We share numerous articles about the most excellent cat breeders in each state. In this post, Kentucky will be highlighted and we will focus on the top British Shorthair Cat breeders in the state.

British Shorthair in Kentucky
Who wouldn’t want this pretty British Shorthair?

List of British Shorthair Breeders in Kentucky

Bluegrass Rags
Winchester, Kentucky(859) 661-1437
Eldridge Persians
Lost Creek, Kentucky(606) 854-1343
Valley Stables & ExoticsBerea, Kentucky(859) 925-2242
Kentucky Wildcoons CatteryLovely, Kentucky(606) 626-7566
DjaVuPurrs CatteryLexington, Kentucky
Shimmer PurrsKentucky(859)

Bluegrass Rags

Ragdoll enthusiasts from Kentucky should visit Bluegrass Rags. Bluegrass Rags is committed to growing healthy Ragdoll kittens with affectionate personalities. Bluegrass Rags takes pleasure in nurturing its Ragdoll kittens with the utmost care. They take their Ragdolls to the veterinarian regularly to maintain their wellness.

Location: Winchester, Kentucky
Phone Number: (859) 661-1437
Email[email protected]

Eldridge Persians

Eldridge Persians guarantees CFA-registered Persian kittens to cat enthusiasts. Eldridge Persians take pleasure in breeding Persian kittens of the pure bloodline. Their kittens have excellent pedigrees and are socialized well. The range of Persian kittens offered by Eldridge Persians is one of its numerous advantages. 

Location: Lost Creek, Kentucky
Phone Number: (606) 854-1343
Email[email protected]

Valley Stables & Exotics

Diversity is essential for Valley Stables & Exotics. As a result, Valley Stables & Exotics continue diversifying their breeding programme with exotic animals. Valley Stables & Exotics specializes in African Serval kittens at this time.

In addition to exotic cats, Valley Stables & Exotics has further advantages. For instance, they are one of the few catteries authorized by the federal government to export African Serval cats. They ship internationally, including to Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Location: Berea, Kentucky
Phone Number: (859) 925-2242
Email[email protected]

Kentucky Wildcoons Cattery

Kentucky Wildcoons Cattery specializes in the breeding of lovely Maine Coon kittens. As a breeder, Kentucky Wildcoons Cattery aims to produce healthy, well-adjusted Maine Coons with excellent temperaments.

Location: Lovely, Kentucky
Phone Number: (606) 626-7566
Email[email protected]  

DjaVuPurrs Cattery

Specializes in Healthy and High-Quality Persian and Exotic Shorthairs. Never imprisoned, our kittens are reared as members of our family.

Address: Lexington, Kentucky
Phone Number: (859) 379-9722
Email: [email protected]

Shimmer Purrs

Our adult cats have been tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, with negative results. We never provide a guarantee against either disease or a positive test result of either illness on kittens. When parents are negative, kittens that leave our home are also harmful. We have little control over what our kittens are exposed to after leaving our care.

Location: Kentucky
Phone Number: 859-379-9003 
Email: [email protected] 

Short History of the British Shorthair

In addition to its origins on British farms and streets, the British Shorthair is considered the first cat of the cat fancy. The “father” of this breed is said to be Harrison Wier, the first professional cat breeder. He is renowned as the “Father of the Cat Fancy” in cat history. In addition to becoming the first experienced breeder, he also established the rules for the first cat show, which took place in Britain in 1871.

Harrison took the modest British street cat and converted it into the pedigreed British breed via an extensive breeding programme. The British fell in love with their newly recognized breed. When the Persian was imported to Britain, it momentarily displaced the British as the most popular breed. The British Shorthair breed was destroyed during the Second World War, as it did during the First World War, yet it always returned to the top of the popularity rankings. Currently, the British shorthair is recognized in worldwide cat registries. Once known as the British Blue, it is now referred to as either the British or the British Shorthair due to its diversity of hues.

British Shorthair
British Shorthair

Tips When Choosing a British Shorthair Breeder or Cattery

Many individuals find purchasing a new cat to be a fascinating experience, but it is essential to know who you are buying from. Here are some tips for selecting a cattery or breeder of British Shorthairs:

  • Verify that the cat breeder or cattery you select is registered with a cat breeding organization.
  • Their surroundings should be odourless and clean.
  • To prevent their cats from escaping and contracting environmental diseases and parasites, they must have an escape-proof enclosure.
  • Kittens should have access to a heating mechanism.
  • Kittens must have access to appropriate cat toys for enjoyment.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cost?

The British Shorthair is an expensive cat breed. They can cost between $1000 and $2,500. Even though they are low-maintenance cats, their value has increased due to their relationship with celebrities. The price of purebred kittens ranges between $2,000 and $3,000. Age, quality, and location are other factors that determine the cost of an item.

Do British Shorthairs Make Good Pets?

British Shorthair cats make great pets. These domesticated cats are known for their soft and gentle personality, as well as their intelligence and wit. They make great companions, whether given back to a home or taken in with a new family.

Shorthairs have been known to be one of the most independent species of cats available. This means that they are not recommended to be housed with other animals, as they will likely become aggressive and defensive if given the opportunity. However, they can be very loving and friendly when placed with someone willing to take the time to understand their complex personality. 


In conclusion, shorthair cats are a good choice for people who want a cat that is both stylish and comfortable. These cats are easy to care for and can be enjoyed by humans and other animals.

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