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The British Shorthair is a breed of domestic cat originating from England. They are often referred to as the “British Shorthair” because they were created by crossbreeding British cats with local shorthairs. The British Shorthair became one of the most popular breeds in America and Europe during the 20th century. This article gives a breakdown of the top British Shorthair Breeders in Virginia so that you can decide whether or not they are the right breed for your family!

British Shorthair Breeders in Virginia

BreederAddressPhone NumberWebsite
Britland CatteryMaryland, VA(410) 908-6930
Aurora Neko CatteryBaltimore, MD
Rivabell Exotic Shorthair and Persian CatteryRichmond, VA
Catnificent CatteryArlington, VA(202) 643-0015

Britland Cattery

We begin our discussion of British Shorthair breeders in Virginia with Britland Cattery. Britland Cattery specializes in breeding British Shorthair cats. They raise their British Shorthair kittens with great affection and care.

This is done to ensure that their kittens are well-adjusted and socialized. Britland Cattery is eager to find permanent homes for all of its kittens. They are then known to conduct seat-downs with prospective cat purchasers.

Aurora Neko Cattery

Aurora Neko Cattery is a TICA-registered cattery breeds British Shorthair and British Longhair kittens in its home. They specialize in Blue Golden, Black Golden, Lilac Golden, and Chocolate Golden British Shorthair and Longhair kittens. Notably, these are unique colors, which is why their kittens are so popular. The cats at Aurora Neko Cattery come from the world’s finest lineages.

Rivabell Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cattery

Richmond, Virginia’s Rivabell Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cattery is a small hobby cattery. It specializes in Persian and Exotic British Shorthair cat breeding.

They aim for excellence in all of their kittens. Before leaving the Rivabell Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cattery, kittens receive two vaccinations and deworming. Notably, Rivabell Exotic Shorthair and Persian Cattery enjoy staying in touch with new cat owners and will gladly assist if requested.

Catnificent Cattery

Catnificent Cattery is the final breeder featured in this essay about British Shorthair breeders in Virginia. Catnificent Cattery is a small cattery that focuses on breeding gorgeous, healthy kittens.

Golden Chinchillas, British Shorthairs, and British Longhairs are the cat breeds raised by Catnificent Cattery. Catnificent Cattery is registered with the TICA. They meticulously adhere to breeding guidelines, which enables them to produce healthy, high-quality kittens with pleasant dispositions.

Short History of the British Shorthair

The British shorthair may be the oldest cat breed in the United Kingdom. British shorthairs originated as shorthaired street cats, but breeders polished and standardized them until they resembled the British shorthair we know and love today. British shorthairs were displayed at England’s first organized cat show in 1871. Back then, the breed was known as the British Blue because blue (grey) was a prevalent hue in the breed, particularly in its early stages.

Although blue British shorthairs remain popular, they are available in various hues and patterns. In the early 1900s, the British shorthair was introduced to the United States under the name domestic shorthair. Cat Fanciers Association officially recognized the British shorthair in 1980. Today, you may find this popular breed throughout the world.

Tips When Choosing a British Shorthair Breeder or Cattery

When looking for a British shorthair breeder or cattery, it is essential to make sure that you are choosing a reputable source. Here are some tips to help you choose the best breeder: 

  • Ask around – friends, family, and experts in the British shorthair community can give you valuable advice.
  • Check out their website – look for information on how many British shorthairs they have bred, their average litter size, and what type of pedigrees they are proud of.
  • Talk to the breeders themselves – ask them questions about British shorthairs and their experience with breeding them.
  • Be realistic about your expectations – not all breeders will be able to provide you with a British shorthair that matches your specific requirements. Instead, be prepared to compromise on some qualities to get a well-bred animal.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cost?

British Shorthairs are some of the most famous cats in the world. They’re playful and affectionate, and they make great pets. But how much do British Shorthairs cost? The average price for a British Shorthair is around $1,500. However, this price can vary depending on the breeder and the cat’s quality. Some good breeders charge much less, while some charge a lot more. Overall, British Shorthairs are a very affordable cat option, and they’re worth considering if you’re looking for a pet that will be friendly and loving.

Do British Shorthair Cats Make Good Pets?

British Shorthair cats are some of the most famous cats in the world. They are easy to care for, have loving personalities, and make great pets. British Shorthairs are also known for their long fur, which can be challenging to manage. However, with some preparation and knowledge, owning a British Shorthair cat can be a rewarding experience.

If you’re considering adding a British Shorthair to your family, there are a few things you need to know. British Shorthairs typically have less shedding than other cats, so you may not need to brush them as often. They also enjoy being active and should have plenty of toys and games to keep them entertained. British Shorthairs typically do well in apartments and condos if you’re looking for an indoor cat. However, they do well in any climate – provided they have access to fresh air and sunlight.


If you are considering getting a British shorthair cat, check out the list of top British shorthair breeders in Virginia. These cats are known for their agility, intelligence, and playfulness, making them perfect additions to any family. Whether you live near a breeder or not, research different breeds before deciding which one is right for you.

Find British Shorthair Breeders Near You

If you couldn’t find a British Shorthair breeder or cattery from the list above able to help, you can find listings for other British Shorthair breeders from different states across the U.S. by clicking the links below:

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