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The information in this article on British Shorthair breeders in Colorado should be sufficient to help you decide if the breed is right for you and your family. If you live in or around Colorado, adore British Shorthair cats, and wish you could own one, you’ve come to the right place.

British Shorthair cats are well-liked because of their placid nature and fuzzy appearance. These cats have short-haired coats that are simple to maintain. These cats are quite chill and get along nicely with their owners. The good thing about this breed is that, with appropriate maintenance, it is less susceptible to illnesses and disorders.

I wish you luck in your search and the discovery of your goal. When looking for a pet, always be thorough and dig deep.

List of British Shorthair Breeders in Colorado

Rejinald CatteryColorado Springs, Colorado(719) 650-8481[email protected]
Anahata CatteryDenver, Colorado(720) 365-7964[email protected]
Imagine CatteryLoveland, Colorado(970) 581-8062[email protected]
Furever Felines CatteryDenver, ColoradoN/A[email protected]
British Empire CatteryDenver, Colorado(720) 975-6206[email protected]
Colorado CatteryFalcon, Colorado(828) 335-7899[email protected]

Rejinald Cattery

Address: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone number: (719) 650-8481
Email: [email protected]

This cattery originated in Moscow, Russia, 33 years ago, and moved to USA in Las Vegas in 2000. After 2007 they moved to the Colorado Springs area. They are small hobby cattery and operate from their home. The owner of the cattery has more than 30 years of experience in breeding cats, especially those of European origin. 

They sell British Shorthair kittens that are social, easy to train, friendly, and understanding. They don’t give breeding rights to whomever they sell but they allow you to take your cats to competitions. Their cats and kittens are well fed, well groomed, and vaccinated. 

Anahata Cattery

Address: Denver, Colorado
Phone number: (720) 365-7964
Email: [email protected]

This breeder is registered with TICA and has more than 20 years of breeding experience with British Shorthair cats. They are small home-based cattery. They raise their cats and kittens with love and keep them indoors. They specialize in silver-tabby colors along with black and chocolate colors. Their cats are registered, vaccinated, and have international bloodlines.

Imagine Cattery

Address: Loveland, Colorado
Phone number: (970) 581-8062
Email: [email protected]

Imagine cattery has TICA award-winning cats that belong to pedigreed bloodlines. Their cats and kittens are held in hands daily and are super friendly. They also introduce their cats to people of all ages and dogs.  

Furever Felines Cattery

Address: Denver, Colorado
Phone number: N/A
Email: [email protected]

The motto of this breeder is “a healthy, beautiful, and playful feline companions”. They raise their kittens in their own home under their supervision and care. All their cats have an A blood type and are PKD, FeLV, and FIV negative. They have award-winning pedigrees and are TICA registered. All their cats are also tested for genetic disorders through Optigen DNA screening tests. Their cats are fully vaccinated and well socialized. 

British Empire Cattery

Address: Denver, Colorado
Phone number: (720) 975-6206
Email: [email protected]

This cattery is run by Tamila Aspen who is a hobby British Shorthair breeder. She breeds solid blue, lilac, and bi-colored pedigree British Shorthair cats. They devote a lot of love and care to raising their kittens within the home. All of their cats have had blood types determined and tested negative for PKD, FeLV, and FIV. Their aim is to breed healthy, sociable kittens that have grown up in a household.

Colorado Cattery

Address: Falcon, Colorado
Phone number: 828-335-7899
Email: [email protected]

This cattery is situated on a 40-acre family farm. They have a great love for animals, and they take great care of all of their pets on a daily basis. They breed purebred British Shorthair cats and rear them in a bustling household with two huge dogs, donkeys, pigs, a miniature horse, and other animals.

About of the British Shorthair

Close-Up of British Shorthair Cat

The American Cat Association, the International Cat Association, and the Cat Fanciers Association all approved of British Blues in 1967, 1979, and 1980, respectively. The earliest documents indicate that Romans kept the ancestors of the modern British Shorthair cat in their settlements around the first century AD to keep the populations of mice, insects, and other vermin in check. The British Shorthair breed survived through World War I and is now thriving today. 

Things To Think About When Picking a British Shorthair Cattery

Following are the tips that can help you choose the right British Shorthair Breeder or Cattery:

  • All required immunization and deworming records must be present.
  • It is preferred to ask for the DNA tests of cats to rule out hereditary problems. But remember all breeders may not have access to this facility. 
  • They should have a clean and tidy building.
  • Cats and kittens should have plenty of room to play and move around in.
  • Their facility should be escape-proof to reduce the cats’ exposure to the outside area.
  • Ideally, they should belong to cat organizations like TICA, American Cat Association, etc.
  • To assess a breeder’s level of experience, ask them about British Shorthair cats and their prior litters.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cost?  

An average British Shorthair can cost about $1,500 to $3,000 dollars. But you can expect to pay more for kittens that are from the best European bloodlines or if you are buying from a breeder that is located in an expensive state like California. 

Will British Shorthair Cats Make Good Pets? 

Because of the following factors, British Shorthairs make wonderful pets:

  • They have a submissive personality.
  • They are sociable and cute looking
  • They are unaffected by the presence of other animals, like dogs
  • They don’t need much grooming and develop strong bonds with their owners.

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Find British Shorthair Breeders Near You

If you couldn’t find a British Shorthair breeder or cattery from the list above able to help, you can find listings for other British Shorthair breeders from different states across the U.S. by clicking the links below:

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