Siberian Cat Breeders in Pennsylvania | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Siberian Cat Breeders in Pennsylvania

Looking for Siberian cat breeders in Pennsylvania near you or surrounding areas?

I’ve done some research and put together a list of breeders in Pennsylvania that specialize in Siberians to help you with your search.

Siberian cats are popular due to being hypoallergenic – or at least causing very few allergic reactions compared to most other breeds.

There is a lot more to this magnificent breed of cat than just being good for allergy sufferers though, as I‘m sure you’re aware.

Siberian Cat Breeders in Pennsylvania | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Willow SpringsButler, PA 16001724-496-2636
RocKaRan SiberKatsQuakertown, PANA
ProPurr Siberian CatsPhiladelphia, PANA

Willow Springs

Address – Butler, PA 16001

Phone – 724-496-2636


RocKaRan SiberKats

Address – Quakertown, PA

Phone – NA


ProPurr Siberian Cats

Address – Philadelphia, PA

Phone – NA


What TICA and CFA Certifications Mean

Not all breeders are certified or registered with TICA or the CFA, but it does give added peace of mind if they are.

Both of these organizations are genetic registries. They also promote ethical and strict business practices for catteries and breeders.

For a brief overview of what these organizations mean:

CFA (The Cat Fanciers’ Association) – The CFA has been around since 1906 and is committed to the promotion and improvement of CFA-recognized breeds of cats.

They provide loads of resources to help out breeders, as well as registering cats and keeping a record of their pedigree.

TICA (The International Cat Association) – TICA has been around since 1979 and recognizes 73 breeds of cats for championship competitions.

They also provide resources, hold some awesome cat shows, hold a register of pedigree cats, and much more.

How Much Do Siberian Cats Cost?

Siberians are a fairly rare, exotic breed, so it’s no surprise that they come with a pretty high price tag – but they’re worth every penny!

It’s hard to give you an idea how much you’re going to have to pay, there are so many factors that influence the price of Siberian.

As a general rule of thumb, however, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $1,500-$4,000.

If you’re buying a Siberian because you want a hypoallergenic cat, some variations are better than others.

Make sure you discuss this with a breeder, although this is something that can also hike the price up a little.

Siberian-Related Resources

Chances are, you’re looking for your first Siberian cat so I thought I would include a couple of resources that might come in handy.

If you’re looking for more owners to share pictures and stories with, I recommend checking out the subreddit for Siberian cats here.

Also, I always like to mention This is one of the largest online resources that connect people with cats in need of a home.

Maybe you couldn’t find what you wanted from a breeder near you, or maybe you just want to give an older cat another chance, this site is always worth checking out.

Why Siberians Are Good for Allergy Sufferers

I’m sure you’ve heard that Siberians are one of the few breeds of cats that are hypoallergenic.

This is in fact true, although I have to point out that it still comes down to the severity of the individual’s allergies and the cat.

The science behind this is that there is an allergen called FelD1 that causes allergies. Cats produce this allergen when they groom themselves and it easily becomes airborne.

Siberians are known to produce much fewer amounts of FelD1, but they do not produce 0% of this allergen.

Everyone I’ve spoken to with allergies has been fine around Siberians, but I thought it was still worth mentioning that.

Average Lifespan of a Siberian Cat

According to online sources, the average lifespan of a Siberian cat is fairly typical in the 10-12 year range.

Everyone I speak to who has owned them, however, says they expect an age more in the 14-16 range.

Do Siberian Cats Make Good Pets?

Let’s cut to the chase, Siberian cats make excellent family pets; both as indoor and outdoor cats.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking they would be happiest outdoors and in the colder weather, but that’s really not the case.

Siberians do have thick coats, but they’re happy in all weathers and because they are so social they are perfectly happy as indoor cats.

You will need some strong cat furniture and plenty of toys, but they’re very easy to care for. If you do let them out, they are excellent mousers, so be prepared for that.

They can be quite vocal too. Expect plenty of trills, tail shaking, and purring when they’re happy, and they’ll let you know when they’re hungry.

The only considerations most new owners need to be aware of are that they’re taking on a pet that needs brushing and a decent amount of attention.

But let’s be honest, that’s not a hardship, that’s just being a cat owner.

Siberian Breeders Across the U.S.

If you didn’t find available Siberian that met your requirements from the breeders listed above, click any of the states below to see Siberian breeders in that state:

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
Pennsylvania South CarolinaTennesseeTexas
US Breeders
Canadian Breeders

Image credits – Header photo by Elsa Noblet on Unsplash

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