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The Persian cat is a large, elegant, and dignified breed of cat. It has always been a favorite among the upper classes of Europe and America. The Persian is one of the oldest cat breeds in existence today. The Persian’s unique characteristics include a long tail, and distinctive markings found only on its face.

List of Persian Cat Breeders in Virginia

Art In Motion Tidewater, VirginiaN/A[email protected]
SeafarerVirginia Beach, VirginiaN/A[email protected]
Styln PersiansChesapeake, Virginia(757) 421-0057[email protected]
Kelley KatzRichmond, VirginiaN/A[email protected]
The Purrfect CatteryVirginiaN/AN/A

Art In Motion 

Our cattery and kittens are CFA and TICA-registered. In our first year of breeding, we were named a CFA Cattery of Excellence and a TICA Outstanding Cattery. We maintained our high levels of care and were awarded CFA Cattery of Excellence in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 and TICA Outstanding Cattery in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Address: Tidewater, Virginia
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]


​Our Cattery is situated in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have bred and shown Persians and Himalayans for over twenty-three years. My entire cat population is registered with TICA and other organizations. I recently retired from displaying, but I will never forget the lovely people I’ve met and the incredible places I’ve been. Who knows, maybe the performing bug will bite me again someday.

Address: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Styln Persians

We are negative for PKD (DNA tested) and negative for FELV, and a veterinarian always provides immunizations and deworming. Kittens include health certificates.

Address: Chesapeake, Virginia
Phone: (757) 421-0057
Email: [email protected]

Kelley Katz

Kelley Katz is a small, smoke-free, CFA-registered cattery between Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. My kitties are my passion and my four-legged, winged companions. They are loved and raised in a hygienic atmosphere as part of the family in my home. I certainly anticipate the same in their placement homes.

Address: Richmond, Virginia
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

The Purrfect Cattery

​ We are a Licensed CFA, and TICA Registered Cattery that breeds Stunning Himalayans and Persians with Traditional Doll Faces! In addition to Gorgeous and Beautiful Ragdolls and Ragamuffins.

Address: Virginia
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A

Short History of the Persian Cat

The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds of cats. They have been around for hundreds of years, but this breed’s exact origin and history are somewhat unknown.

The Persian was initially bred to be a longhaired version of a Shorthair (which means they had short hair on their legs). The breed was developed by breeding longhaired cats with shorthairs, resulting in two types: longhaired Persians and shorthaired Persians. It was popular during Victorian times when owning more than one type of pet became fashionable!

White persian cat walking on green grass

Are Persian Cats Hypoallergenic?

Persian cats are hypoallergenic, meaning they don’t cause allergic reactions in most people. However, this breed has higher dander than other cat breeds and sheds less than most other types of cats. Therefore, if you have severe allergies to other breeds of cats or animals that can live with aeroallergens, like dust mites and mold spores (common in many homes), then Persian cats may not be for you. As with all dogs and cats, some precautions need to be taken when choosing one as an addition to your family:

Do Persian Cats Shed?

The Persian cat is a beautiful, longhaired breed that has been bred for centuries. It has a unique appearance and personality, making it one of the most popular breeds.

The Persian cat’s coat is known for its soft, silky texture and dense feel. The fur itself is also hypoallergenic with no dandruff or allergies associated with this coat type; however, if you’re looking for a breed that sheds less than others on average, this may not be your best bet!

Tips When Choosing a Persian Cat Breeder or Cattery

It would help if you asked for references, and also make sure to see the cattery. You want to make sure that they are doing things right and making good decisions on behalf of their cats, which may be bred or sold by them later.

It would help if you asked about the health of your future Persian cat(s). Be sure to find out what tests were done on the breeding stock before they were put up for sale so that you can ensure that any problems have been dealt with appropriately (and not left in the past). This will allow you to sleep better at night!

Ask about temperament and personality as well—it’s essential for everyone involved in this process, both potential owners looking for a new pet and potential breeders seeking new customers.

persian cat on orange background


The Persian cat is a beautiful and elegant breed that people love. Finding the best breeder or cattery is essential if you are interested in owning one of these cats. Persian cats are very different from other cat breeds because they have long hair and their eyes look like they have a slit pupil. If you live in Virginia, many reputable breeders will give you lots of information about this beautiful breed (such as what type of food to feed them and how often).

Persian Cat Breeders in the United States

There are Persian kittens for sale in other parts of the US as well – see our well-researched list of catteries all over the country.

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
PennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexas

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