Persian Cat Breeders Illinois | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Persian Cat Breeders Illinois

Looking for Persian cat breeders in Illinois?

The good news is that there are some great breeders and catteries specializing in all types of Persians in Illinois

I’ve done my best to list them below with all of the necessary contact details, I wish you luck with your search!

Persian Cat Breeders Illinois | Kittens & Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
The Persian KittensCarol Stream, ILNA
Topknot CatteryJacksonville, ILNA
Ecuarico TropicatsChicago, IL773-631-7763Facebook Page
Elite KittenChicago, IL630-746-2295
KingdomKatzRockford, ILNA

The Persian Kittens

Address – Carol Stream, IL

Phone – NA

Website –

“Persian Kittens for Sale at the most prestigious persian kittens breeder in the USA. Championship  Designer Persian Kittens & Persian Cats.”

Topknot Cattery

Address – Jacksonville, IL

Phone – NA

Website –

“We work with Bi-Colors, Persians, Exotic Short hairs and now Devon Rex. We are located in the Midwest region and we show exclusively with CFA.”

Ecuarico Tropicats

Address – Chicago IL 60630

Phone – 773-631-7763

Website – Facebook Page

“We LOVE THE Himalayan and Persian Breed, we Love both Extreme and Doll face. Our kittens are raised in our home with our Family and young kids, we also give a 2 year Health Guarantee, and your Furr Baby will come with their 1st or 2nd shots.”

Elite Kitten

Address – Chicago, IL

Phone – 630-746-2295

Website –

We have assembled a high quality and special breeding program for Himalayans. This program assures you that you will not only receive a very special new friend, but also a healthy and strong one too.”


Address – Rockford, IL

Phone – NA

Website –

“Our primary focus is on raising Happy, Healthy, Quality Himalayan and Persian kittens which not only meet but exceed the written CFA standard for the breed.”

How Much Does a Persian Cat Cost?

Looking at some cattery pricing pages, most Persians cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

However, some may be quite a bit less or more depending on the breeder and the specific variety.

To get a general idea, it is best to visit different catteries in person or look at their websites to see what they charge for their Persians.

What to Look for From a Cattery or Breeder

I listed some of the best breeders and catteries near you above, but it’s up to you to do your due diligence.

When looking for a Persian cat breeder, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The breeder should be able to provide you with references from other happy customers or some kind of social proof.
  • They should also be able to answer any and all questions you have about the breed.
  • A good breeder will also want to meet you in person before making a sale. This is to ensure that you are a good fit for their kitten and that they are comfortable entrusting their kitten to you.

When you do visit, make sure you pay close attention and look for any red flags.

The kittens should be healthy and well-cared for and the breeder should seem knowledgeable about the breed.

You should also make sure the kittens have been socialized and seem comfortable around people if they’re old enough.

If everything checks out, then congratulations! You’re on your way to adopting a beautiful Persian kitten!

Make Sure You Read the Adoption Agreement Carefully

Once you have found a breeder you are comfortable with, be sure to read the adoption agreement carefully.

This document will outline the terms of your agreement and what is expected of both parties.

It is important that you understand everything in the agreement before signing it.

There Are Different Persian Cat Varieties

A lot of people don’t know this when they first set out to get a Persian, but the Doll-face Persian which is the most common type, it’s not the only variety.

There are also Peke-face, Chinchilla, Exotic Shorthair, and Teacup varieties.

Doll-face Persians have a more traditional “flat face” look, while Peke-faces have a slightly more pointed muzzle.

Chinchilla Persians have very thick, luxurious silvery fur that is similar to what you would find on a chinchilla.

Teacup Persians are the smallest of the bunch, and their name says it all.

And finally, Exotic Shorthairs are a mix between Persians and American Shorthairs.

So, if you are interested in getting a Persian cat, be sure to do your research on the different varieties so you know exactly what you’re looking for and what to expect!

Are Persians Good Family Cats?

Before adopting a Persian – or any cat for that matter – it’s important you check that their temperament and personality is going to be a good fit with your household.

It’s usually not a problem as Persians are generally quiet, gentle and loving cats.

They enjoy being around people and being petted and fussed over, and are equally happy being left to sleep or relax.

They are what I would call a ‘medium’-maintenance cat when it comes to grooming, as they do require daily brushing to prevent their fur from matting.

But once you make this a part of your daily routine, it’s a lot more fun than it is a chore – and it helps keep the stray hair from floating around the home!

So if you’re looking for a laid-back, loving and beautiful family cat, then a Persian could be the perfect fit for you!

Find Persian Breeders Near You

If you couldn’t find a Persian breeder or cattery from the list above able to help, you can find listings for other Persian breeders from different states across the U.S. by clicking the links below:

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaOhioOklahomaOregon
PennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaTennesseeTexas

Image credits – Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

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