How Much Does A Persian Cat Cost? (And Why They’re Worth It)

One of the most stunning cat breeds in the world, without any doubt, is a Persian. North American cat owners are drawn to this breed’s luscious coat and angelic looks, as well as its expressive eyes and calm disposition.

Aside from that, there are other exciting things about Persian cats that you wouldn’t expect. However, it is worth noting that these cats may also suffer from specific health issues. Fortunately, their engaging demeanor and superb appearance make up for it.

But if you want a luxury cat, like a Persian, you will have to fork up a lot of cash. This article will show you how much money you will need to save if you decide to take on the task of rearing a Persian cat.

How Much Is A Persian Cat?

The Persian cat’s most distinctive characteristic, as stated by the National Library of Medicine, is its brachycephalic face.

Persians have what’s known as a Brachycephalic face.

Apart from that, no other cat breed really comes close to the regal elegance of Persians, even though feline temperaments vary significantly. Persian cats are also the most sought-after cat in the world, regardless of location.

However, you must restrain yourself first. The devotion and affection that Persian cats have for their owners are less than that of other cat breeds. If you are interested in buying yourself this as a pet, you may ask how much does a Persian cat cost?

For a Persian cat, you could expect to spend anything from $500 to $5,000. However, keep in mind that prices for Persian cats are affected by various factors, such as the cat’s coat color, age, gender, and even the breeder. Remember that unless you chance upon one at a shelter, no Persian cat can be purchased for less than $500.

Monthly Cost Of Taking Care of A Persian Cat

Having a Persian raises your monthly expenditures in a multitude of ways, including entertainment, environmental maintenance, and health care. Read further to get a better sense of how much you will be paying each month.

Food – $10 to $20

A healthy adult Persian cat weight around eight pounds may need 70 grams of kibbles each day or 4.5 pounds of kibble per month. To eat a somewhat nutritious diet, you will need around 10 to 20 US Dollars a month of additional expenses.

Health Care – $100 to $180

You should take your Persian cat to a professional veterinarian as soon as you buy it. This applies to adult cats or kittens. Collaborating with a vet, you can identify possible health concerns. Beyond that, they will also suggest an appropriate diet that will make your Persian cat healthy in the long run.

Grooming $50 to $80

Regular grooming is the most crucial part of Persian pet care, as it helps to keep their beautiful hair at its best. It is tough to maintain this long, tangle-free, and glossy coat. A moderate yet thorough combing and brushing, plus a biweekly or weekly bath, are advised.

Two Persian cats watching a bird outside the window
Two adult Persian cats sitting on couch

Why Are Persian Cats Expensive?

The Persian cats are one of the most expensive breeds available. Because of its lustrous coat, loving nature, and round face, this purebred cat is more expensive than other feline species.

However, what is it that causes Persian cats to be so pricey? Persians are pricey since they are pure-bred. This feline species may cost as little as $500 or as much as $5,000, depending on the lineage, kind, and breeder.

Various elements affect the price of these purebred felines. How much a Persian cat costs may be affected by various variables, from its pedigree to location. Some of the notable factors are the following:

  • Breeder
  • Location
  • Age
  • Lineage
  • Gender
  • Coat Quality and Color
  • Type

In addition to finances, there are other considerations that you should take into account before purchasing a Persian cat. If you are considering getting a Persian cat for yourself or your family, several factors include the cat’s health risks and temperament.

Related Questions

Why do Persian cats cost so much?

A Persian cat’s age, gender, facial shape, and rarity play a role in its pricing. The location of the breeder influences the cost of this feline species. However, this is primarily due to consumer preference for local breeders.

How much does it cost to train a Persian cat?

When it comes to pet training, Persians are known for being social and courteous. The cost of a one-hour and 30 minutes training session for an animal with a significant behavioral problem may run you around $250.

Are Persian Cats Worth Buying?

The Persian cat’s gentle demeanor and gorgeous coat explain why it is the most popular cat breed in the US. Even though he requires daily brushing and weekly bathing, the Persian is well worth the money and effort because of its stunning look and pleasant attitude.

Are Persian Cats Good For People With Allergies?

We just wrote an in-depth articles about whether Persians are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, due to their long fur, they are not the best choice for anyone suffering from allergies.


Owning a Persian cat is out of reach for most people on a tight budget. Such a creature’s acquisition expenses are unreasonably expensive.

The second alternative is to save money by adopting a Persian cat from a shelter and meeting its monthly needs without spending a fortune on expensive toys. Because in the end, a good old cardboard box is the delight of any cat. However, remember that your cat’s health depends on how frequently you take them to the veterinarian.

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