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Burmese cats are prevalent in the United States, and many breeders sell them. The breed originated from Burma, where it has been around for centuries. These cats have a unique look that distinguishes them from other breeds of domestic cats, such as Persian and Siamese cats. Burmese cats are also known as “Siamese crossbreeds” because they resemble both breeds and have distinct characteristics.

Finding a Burmese cat breeder in Washington can be difficult, but we’ve done all the hard work for you.  We’ve spent hours researching to find all of the different Burmese cat breeders in Washington, and you can find our complete list below. We’ll help you find a Washington breeder that specializes in your type of Burmese cat, so there’s no need to go searching around blindly!

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Washington

StarstrutterOlympia, WashingtonN/A[email protected]http://www.starstruttertonkinese.com/


Since 1993, we have been a recognized breeder of Burmese lines of high quality with no head defects, as well as Tonkinese of both show and pet quality. We provide a written contract with our kittens that guarantees their health, prohibits declawing, and allows pets to wander outside. We only sell our animals to pre-screened, approved households and supply food samples.

Address: Olympia, Washington
Website: http://www.starstruttertonkinese.com/
Phone Number: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is an ancient breed that originated in Burma and Thailand. The name “Burmese” means “people of Burma,” as named after the country of Burma (Myanmar). The cats have been indigenous to the region for centuries and have thrived in diverse conditions. They are valued for their unique looks and personality traits, making them a joy to own. The Burmese cat is a medium-sized feline with a muscular body and solid bone structure. It has an average weight of between six and nine pounds, making it ideal for families with children or seniors who don’t want a large cat. The coat is short and glossy in appearance, without any undercoat (which means they don’t shed).

Burmese Cat
Burmese Cat

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Burmese cats are considered hypoallergenic. This means there is a lower chance of cat allergy in people with a cat. However, there’s no way to ensure that any cat will not cause complications for you (the allergy sufferer). If a pet does trigger your allergy symptoms, it may not happen every time the pet visits. So if you want to avoid pet allergies in the future, consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group where pets are screened for health and temperament before being placed into homes.

Tips When Choosing a Burmese Cat Breeder or Cattery

What is the breeder’s reputation?

A good breeder will have a solid reputation, but it can be hard to tell if you’re dealing with someone breeding cats for a long time or if they’re starting and trying to build their business. You’ll want to look for testimonials from past customers and see whether or not any of these people have written about their experiences with this particular breeder on social media platforms like Facebook or Yelp (or even Google). If past customers postn’t many reviews in general, then it may be best not to go with them at all—but if there are plenty of positive reviews, then definitely consider giving them your business!

Please do your research about feline nutrition and ask the breeder about theirs.

Ask what type of food they use, how often they feed, and what type of food it is (dry or wet). Make sure that any dry foods you choose for your kitten come from a reputable company. It would help if you also made sure that the kitten’s diet is balanced so it can grow into an adult cat with all its needs met in proper amounts. If possible, check out their feeding regime in person by visiting their kennel before deciding whether or not this breeder would be suitable for your family!

Is everyone in the cattery vaccinated regularly?

It’s important to know that all cats should be vaccinated regularly. Vaccinations are essential for cat health, ensuring they don’t get sick and helping them stay healthy and happy.

Vaccinations are required by law in many countries, including the United States (where it’s recommended), Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of Europe. Breeders can also have their cats vaccinated by a vet or through their vet appointment if they choose not to use a veterinarian—but you must ask about this when you meet with the breeder so there won’t be any surprises later on down the line!

The breeder should know when their cats were vaccinated, and what vaccinations they received so there won’t be any confusion between yours!

Cute Cat
Cute Cat

Do they give their kittens a health checkup before the sale?

The breeder should have a healthy kitten checkup before they sell their kittens. They should take the kitten to the vet for a checkup and provide proof of vaccinations and other necessary health certificates.

If you’re buying an adult cat, ask if it will be available after you get them home. This will give you peace of mind that your new pet is in good health and ready to settle into his new environment.

Some breeders offer guarantees on their animals’ health while others do not; this means that if something were to happen (such as an illness), there would be no charge for repairs or treatment from any veterinarian(s).


Many factors ensure that your new kitten is healthy and well-adjusted when choosing a breeder. The best way to ensure this is by visiting their facility and meeting with them. It would also be helpful if the breeder had some online presence where customers could post.

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