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Due to their calm, amiable nature and lovely appearance, Burmese cats are very well-liked by cat lovers. If you are one of those people who adore Burmese cats and dream to own one you are at the right spot. Your search for a Burmese cat breeder or cattery in Ohio or the surrounding area is already over because we have created a directory of Burmese cat breeders in Ohio for people just like you.

Burmese cats are described as intelligent, friendly, and curious. If properly raised and socialized, they also have a delightful expression and a nature to match. Burmese cats are very engaging and playful, and they will enjoy playing with their family as well as learning tricks. 

Since they will explore every open door, whether it leads to another room or a car garage, their curious and inquisitive nature can get them into trouble sometimes.

The list of Burmese cat breeders in Ohio is provided below, along with their contact information, so you can get your ideal cat right away. However, you should always exercise caution when purchasing a pet and thoroughly investigate the breeder before doing so.

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Ohio

Breeder AddressPhone EmailWebsite
Kitsu Cattery
Painesville, Ohio(440) 354-3373[email protected]http://kitsucats.com/
Penobscot CatteryWaynesville, OH(513) 897-7297[email protected]http://www.burmesekittenscats.com/
Charm CatterySt. Paris, OH(937) 857-9660[email protected]http://charmburmese.com/
Bodyguard’s & DeKattCo’s European BurmeseColumbus, OH(614) 580-7893[email protected]http://www.bodyguardseuropeanburmese.com/
Council Rock BurmeseYoungstown, OH(234) 855-0611[email protected]N/A

Kitsu Cattery

Address: Painesville, Ohio
Phone number: (440) 354-3373
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://kitsucats.com/

Since 2004 they have been raising European Burmese cats for breeding. Breeding healthy cats is their top priority, irrespective of their  type and temperament. Their kittens grow up in their house under never-ending love and care and are allowed to roam freely. At 8 weeks old, all of their kittens receive their first round of vaccinations. 

The kittens are not sold until they are 16 weeks old after they have received their final vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. They offer a health guarantee on every kitten they sell. They produce kittens of exceptional quality and adhere to all cat breeding ethics and regulations thanks to their extensive experience.

Penobscot Cattery

Address: Waynesville, OH
Phone number: 513-897-7297
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.burmesekittenscats.com/

This cattery was founded by Ginger Gunlock, the cattery’s owner, and her friend Joann McKinster. They shared love, passion, and respect for cats and had been best friends for over 25 years. Back then, when the European Burmese breed was not well known, one of their friends, Pat Swihart, wanted to promote it. They required more breeders to advance the breed, and Ginger and Joann took the chance to experiment with something new and unique and watch the breed progress to Championship status. 

Ever since their first European Burmese kittens arrived in August 1999, they have become obsessed with the breed. In May 2002, their breed was elevated to Championship status. They are the proud co-owners of GC, BW, RW Charm’s Ace High of Penobscot, and the first European Burmese National Breed Winner. The first Lilac Grand Champion and the first Chocolate Grand Champion are two additional “number ones.”

Charm Cattery

Address: St. Paris, Ohio
Phone number: (937) 857-9660
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://charmburmese.com/

This Ohio-based cattery has a passion for breeding Burmese cats. They raise their kittens in the house under their supervision. Producing kittens that are fearless of people, are social, healthy, and interactive is their aim. They adhere to all cat breeding regulations and have a number of litters available throughout the year.

Burmese cat
Burmese cat

Bodyguard’s & DeKattCo’s European Burmese

Address: Columbus, OH
Phone number: (614) 580-7893
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.bodyguardseuropeanburmese.com

The majority of the time, they plan their cat breeding based on bloodlines in an effort to produce the healthiest possible offspring rather than breeding for a particular color. They are located in the lovely city of Columbus, Ohio, and have significant experience breeding Burmese cats.

Council Rock Burmese

Address: Youngstown, OH
Phone number: (234) 855-0611
Email: [email protected]
Website: N/A

For about ten years, this cattery has been breeding Burmese cats. They regard their expertise in breeding as spectacular. Their rear healthy and well-adjusted kittens can and do fit with any family type. They put a lot of effort into making sure that each kitten grows up healthy.

Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese breed, which originated in Burma, became well-known in the UK around 1800, but it eventually went nearly extinct because of the Siamese, which outcompeted the Burmese breed in popularity due to their bold colors and markings. 

Thankfully, a number of them were imported from Burma to the US in the 1930s, and from these cats, the present Burmese breed was created. The breed was revived in the late 1940s by Mrs. Lilian France, who brought three cats to the UK and helped establish it. The 1950s saw the emergence of blue kittens, which were previously only seen in the traditional brown color thus increasing their demand.

Cat playing with toy
Cat playing with toy

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

These cats are not entirely hypoallergenic; in fact, no cat is 100% hypoallergenic. They do, however, have a very short-haired coat and shed much less than some other cats, making them a better option for people with allergies. For some allergy sufferers, this may be beneficial because they will not have to groom their cats on a regular basis and will not have to deal with a lot of cat hair in their homes.

Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

Following are the reasons why Burmese cats make exceptional pets:

  • Don’t require constant supervision
  • They are very intelligent and caring
  • They won’t cause any mess around the house 
  • They need little grooming
  • Especially, great with children and are very playful 
  • They can easily adjust with other pets 

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