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Many people consider getting a dog or cat when considering a new pet. If you live in Missouri and are interested in acquiring a Burmese cat, your search is over. Because there are so few Burmese breeders in Missouri, it can be challenging to find one with the kind of pedigree that would make for an excellent companion.

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Missouri

MO RoyalThai CatteryJamesport, MissouriN/A[email protected]https://moroyalthai.wixsite.com/moroyalthai

MO RoyalThai Cattery

While searching for the ideal cat to replace the vacuum of our home’s “empty nest.” The selection of a cat with Thai ancestry was uncomplicated because of their canine-like temperament and adoration for THEIR people.

In my search for a new family member, I came upon a worldwide initiative being undertaken by Burmese breeders. Since its introduction to the United States, the Burmese gene pool has been diminishing. This dates back to Wong Mau and her very first litter.

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Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese breed emerged after Dr. Joseph C. Thompson brought a cat named Wong Mau from Burma to the United States in 1930. Unfortunately, Wong Mau died in her first year of life, and many hopeful cat lovers speculated that this cat might be an extremely dark Siamese due to its deep chocolate color. Dr. Thompson disagreed with this point of view and decided to breed Wong Mau to identify her exact breed. That’s how the Burmese breed development began with Wong Mau.”

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Burmese cats are not hypoallergenic, as they shed considerably less than others. For some allergy sufferers, this may be advantageous because they won’t have to worry about their hair. However, cat allergies can also be caused by the proteins in their skin or saliva.

Cat on a table
Cat on a table

Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

Burmese cats are very affectionate and loving. They are playful, intelligent, and good with children. They also make good pets for anyone who has time to spend with their pet.

Burmese cats do not shed or require grooming like other breeds of cats does. This means you don’t have to worry about hair coming out of your furniture!

Tips When Choosing a Burmese Cat Breeder or Cattery

Ask the breeder if they have a health guarantee and ask if they provide a contract.

When shopping for a Burmese cat breeder, ask the breeder if they have a health guarantee and if they provide a contract. A health guarantee means you will receive compensation if your future cat gets sick or has an accident while bred by the breeder. This could include reimbursement for vet bills and even lost wages if you need to miss work due to illness or injury.

A contract is another critical step in choosing the right breeder—it should state whether there are any issues with genetic diseases such as Addison’s disease (where excess cortisone causes metabolic problems), hip dysplasia (where hip joints become loose), or Luxating patella syndrome which causes lameness in young kittens.

Ask if the breeder is a member of cat organizations such as TICA, ACFA, or BREF.

An organization is a group of people who work together to accomplish their goals. They may be related by blood or marriage, but shared interests and goals usually unite them.

Organizations can help you find the best breeder for your cat through education and networking. They also provide support if you have any questions or concerns about your new pet’s behavior or health.

The benefits of being part of an organization include:

  • Accessing information on how to care for your new pet, including feeding schedules and grooming instructions;
  • Learning about different breeds so that when you decide what breed will suit your lifestyle best (for example, smaller dogs might require less exercise);
  • Networking with other members who have similar interests as yours (for example, some people enjoy showing their cats at competitions);
close up-shot of a cat
close up shot of a cat

Buy your Burmese kitten directly from the breeder.

Buying a Burmese cat from the breeder is a great way to ensure you get an ideal pet. Burmese cats are bred for specific traits and personalities, so it’s essential to ensure that your new kitten has all of the right qualities before committing. Breeders can help you find the right cat for you!

Check to see if the breeder can provide all of these health records.

  • Ask for proof of vaccinations. Burmese cats are susceptible to feline panleukopenia and canine distemper, so it’s essential to ensure the breeder has been vaccinated against these diseases and that the cats have been tested for them.
  • Ask for proof of health testing. This can include a health certificate from your veterinarian or another approved source, which shows that your cat has been examined by a licensed practitioner and found healthy.


It’s challenging to find a reputable Burmese cat breeder in Missouri. As such, we’ve compiled a list of Missouri cat breeders that specialize in caring for and breeding Burmese cats. Our list can help you determine which breeder is the right fit for you.

Find Burmese Cats For Sale Near You

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