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If you’re looking to adopt a Burmese kitten or cat in Maryland, the best place to start is with a Burmese breeder. These people specialize in the breed and understand their personality traits and how to care for them.

The Burmese cat breed is a wonderfully affectionate and intelligent feline. These cats have vibrant personalities, even if they may have larger-than-life characters. However, finding a good breeder who will give you the knowledge you need can be difficult, but we’ve done it for you. We’ve spent hours researching to find the best Burmese cat breeders in Maryland, and we’ve listed our top picks below.

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Maryland

Bijouxcats Cattery

Jarrettsville, MarylandN/A[email protected]http://www.bijouxcats.com/

Bijouxcats Cattery

Kittens are bred with health, appearance, and character as the top priorities. All kittens with a documented health guarantee and are bred from the lineages of CFA Grand Champion, National, and Regional winners. At 12 weeks of age, kittens are ready to go to their new homes.

Address: Jarrettsville, Maryland
Website: http://www.bijouxcats.com/
Phone: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is a small, brown, white cat with a long history in Asia. The first mention of the cat is from the captured Southeast Asian document, The Great Chronicle of India, which refers to a “large feline” that lived in Burma during the 2nd century AD. The first known photos of the Burmese cat can be found in 1885 when British researchers photographed wild cats near Mandalay. From then on, the Burmese cat was Sendai’s most popular pet. Throughout its history, there have been many changes to the Burmese Cat’s look and personality. However, it always retains its cute little face and loyal nature.

Cat on a Grassland
Cat on a Grassland

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Burmese cats are considered one of the least allergic breeds. These cats have been bred for generations to be hypoallergenic, which has paid off. The Burmese breed is often called a “medium-shedding” breed, which means they shed less than other breeds. This makes them more suitable for people with mild allergies.

Burmese cats also generate less Fel D1 protein than other breeds, which is an allergen in cats and can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Lastly, while these cats shed less than regular cats, they may not be the most excellent option for individuals with severe cat allergies. However, they may be suitable for individuals with moderate allergies or those who enjoy this type of pet.

Do Burmese Cats Shed?

Burmese cats are low-maintenance, and you’ll enjoy the company of your kitty for a long time. Their short coats only shed very little, so brushing once a week is all you need to do to keep them looking their best. They don’t require baths as frequently as other breeds, but they don’t cause allergic reactions if they’re regularly groomed. Even though these low-maintenance cats enjoy being groomed since they receive your undivided attention.

Tips When Choosing a Burmese Cat Breeder or Cattery

Visit several breeders and ask questions.

  • Visit several breeders and ask questions.
  • Ask to see the cats’ living quarters. This is an essential part of deciding if you want a Burmese cat or not because it will give you an opinion of how much work goes into keeping these animals healthy and happy in their homes. If they’re kept in small cages, this might not be for you—but if they have lots of space to run around and play with toys, it may compensate for any drawbacks!
  • Ask to see the breeder’s cats: While visiting several breeders may sound tedious at first (and maybe even intimidating), don’t forget that one of the best ways we know how is through experience with other people’s animals!

Check for registration with a reputable association such as Cat Fancier’s Association or The International Cat Association.

When choosing a breeder, you should always check for registration with a reputable association such as Cat Fancier’s Association or The International Cat Association. These associations are cat-related professionals trained to follow a code of ethics when breeding and caring for their animals.

By checking the membership list for these associations, you can see if there are any complaints about the business being run by your potential breeder. If there are any issues with this person’s ability to care for your pet correctly, then it may be better not to use them at all

Kitten on tree branch
Kitten on tree branch

Ask for references from veterinarians and past customers.

  • Ask for references from veterinarians and past customers. A good breeder can provide you with a list of their previous customers and their contact information. This will allow you to check out the reputation of this particular breeder before making any commitments.
  • Ask for references from other breeders who have sold cats through them or on their site. Suppose someone has purchased a Burmese cat from another breeder. In that case, they’ll likely be happy to give you some tips on how well it’s doing since they know exactly what kind of environment they were born into and where they currently live now (although it’s worth noting that not all breeders accept backcrosses).


This would be an excellent article for someone considering getting a Burmese cat. It goes over the general personality of a Burmese and some of the best places to find reputable breeders in Maryland.

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