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The Burmese cat is a popular pet in many parts of the world. Breeders believe that by interbreeding Burmese cats with other cat breeds, they can produce an even more extraordinary creature.

Contact a Burmese breeder if you live in Arizona and are interested in adopting a Burmese kitten or cat. These folks are aware of the breed’s personality traits and care requirements.

Finding a Burmese cat breeder in Arizona can be difficult, but we’ve done the job for you. We have spent numerous hours researching the various Burmese cat breeders in Arizona, and our entire list can be found below.

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Arizona

Evita Burmese & BombayPhoenix, Arizona(612) 423-9170[email protected]https://www.evitaburmese.net/

Evita Burmese & Bombay

Our company was founded in 1995. We operate a small cattery and are proud of our time socializing our kittens. We are the boutique of the cattery industry, and our kittens are always nurtured “underfoot.”

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Website: https://www.evitaburmese.net/
Phone Number: (612) 423-9170
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese feline has a long and colorful history, dating back to when humans and felines interacted interchangeably. Buddhists in the 6th century AD domesticated the first known Burmese cat. The cats were used for their intelligence, beauty, and hunting skills. However, the popularity of these cats soon waned after their introduction into other parts of Asia.

However, the Burmese cat is well-known worldwide because of their popularity in Burma (Myanmar) during World War II as a military animal. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, there’s no doubt that these curious little creatures have a lot to offer!

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Burmese cats are sometimes called “hypoallergenic,” meaning they’re not particularly allergic to specific allergens. While this is technically true, it’s not always the case. Some Burmese cats may be hypersensitive to a particular substance, such as pollen or exercise. If you have a Burmese cat concerned about her allergies, here’s a guide to test if she’s hypersensitive to something.

Do Burmese Cats Shed?

Many people think Burmese cats do not shed, but this is not always the case. Many Burmese cats shed a little, but it is not shared. Their short coats only require brushing once weekly and batting. However, it is essential to remember that these Shed shedding patterns will vary from cat to cat. Some may shed more than others, while others may only shed a few times yearly. It is essential to be aware of this before deciding whether or not to satisfy your new feline friend!

Tips When Choosing a Burmese Cat Breeder or Cattery

When choosing a Burma cat breeder or cattery, it is essential to understand the different types of cats available. Siamese, Bengals, and Burmese cats are available, each with unique personalities and capabilities. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs:

Beautiful cat
Beautiful cat

Research the breed, so you know what to expect.

When researching a Burmese cat breeder or cattery, you must know what to expect from the breed. The characteristics of each breed will vary depending on the bloodline and its home environment. For example, some breeds are known for being highly intelligent, while others may be more prone to health issues like dystocia (delivery complications).

It’s also important to know whether your chosen Burmese is a pet or show quality—this can affect how much they cost and their temperament and grooming needs.

Have a prospective breeder/cattery provide references.

When looking for a breeder or cattery, it is essential to ask for references. This will help you determine whether or not the breeder or cattery is reputable. Ask for references from other breeders and veterinarians who have had contact with the prospective breeder/cattery. It’s also a good idea to ask previous buyers from that particular breeder how they treated them during their purchase process. Good breeders are open about everything, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Make sure the cattery is clean and that the cats are healthy and well cared for.

  • Make sure the cattery is clean.
  • Ask to see the cats, not just the kittens.
  • Meet the parents of kittens, if possible.
  • Find out what health inspections have been done and how many times they were passed.

Avoid any breeder who tries to sell a kitten without providing a complete health checkup and current vaccinations.

When you’re looking for a breeder, avoid any who tries to sell kittens without providing a complete health checkup and current vaccinations. This is especially important if the breeder doesn’t have a license or is not licensed. You should also check with your local animal control agency about any complaints that may have been filed against them.

If the breeder isn’t willing to provide this information, they are not a responsible breeder and should be avoided at all costs!

Scared Cat
Scared Cat

Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

The Burmese are fun-loving and affectionate cat who gets along well with children and other pets. They are lively, playful, and very vocal. Their distinctive cry can be heard in the early morning hours as they wake up to play before going back to sleep after leaving home for work or school.

The Burmese’s voice is not as loud or harsh as that of their Siamese cousins, but it still carries over reasonably well from room to room if you have an open floor plan like mine does (and I love having all those windows!). But don’t worry about waking up early because of this cat’s cries! She’ll let you know when she needs attention; just let her out from her cage (which comes with its bed), so she can stretch out on her favorite blanket while waiting patiently until breakfast time arrives!


Finding a reputable Burmese cat breeder in Arizona can be rather challenging. As such, we’ve compiled a list of Arizona cat breeders that specialize in caring for and breeding Burmese cats. Our list can help you determine which breeder is the right fit for you.

Find Burmese Kittens For Sale Near You

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