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If you live in Florida and are interested in adopting a Burmese kitten or cat, you should contact a Burmese breeder. These individuals are breed specialists who have a deep understanding of the Breed’s personality qualities and care requirements.

Finding a Burmese cat breeder in Florida can be challenging, but we’ve completed all the legwork for you. We’ve spent countless hours researching Burmese cat breeders in Florida, and you can find our exhaustive list below.

Burmese Cat Breeders In Florida

BreederAddressPhone NumberWebsite
Acrocats BurmeseOrlando, Florida(407) 359-8877http://www.acrocats.com/
Terewolf Burmese  Boca Raton, Florida(561) 416-0244http://www.terewolfburmese.com/

Acrocats Burmese

Since 1993, we have solely bred and shown contemporary Burmese in CFA, emphasising producing healthy Burmese that meets the CFA show standard. As breeders, we must ensure that the cats we bring into the world are not bred irresponsibly or inappropriately. In addition to its long-term health benefits, altering your kitty can prevent many behavioural issues.

Address: Orlando, Florida
Website: http://www.acrocats.com/
Phone Number: (407) 359-8877
Email: [email protected]

Terewolf Burmese

Our primary objective will always be to promote the Breed’s health through prudent outcrossing. We will always do everything we can to produce healthy, long-lived Burmese cats with the personality we have come to adore. We will not, however, sacrifice the cat’s potential health in pursuit of its “type.”

Address: Boca Raton, Florida
Website: http://www.terewolfburmese.com/
Phone Number: (561) 416-0244
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat has a fascinating past. The origin of the Breed is a chocolate-coloured cat named Wong Mau. According to legend, Wong Mau was adopted by a sailor visiting Burma during the 1920s or 1930s and brought to the United States. The sailor gave her to Dr Joseph Thompson, a Siamese cat breeder in San Francisco, who characterised her as “a rather little cat, fine-boned, but with a more compact body than the Siamese, with a shorter tail, a rounded, short-muzzled head, and larger breadth between rounded eyes.”

Dr Thompson also saw that the cat’s darker brown points complemented her sable coat, so he bred her to a seal point Siamese to see what her offspring would look like. Some of the kittens had the appearance of Siamese cats, while others had the appearance of their mother.

Dr Thompson then married one of her brown kittens with Wong Mau. This time, the litter consisted of three distinct kittens: some resembled Siamese cats, some resembled their mother, and the other kittens were dark brown with no points. The pointless sable-coloured cats were finally used to establish the foundation of the Burmese Breed.

The Cat Fanciers Association first recorded Burmese cats in 1936, and the Breed received official recognition in 1957. Some Burmese breeders were breeding their cats with Siamese, a practice that was finally forbidden, which contributed to the delay. The outcrossing resulted in the creation of the Tonkinese cat. Thus they undoubtedly gave advantages that cat lovers may appreciate!

Today, CFA acknowledges both American and European Burmese. All primary cat registrations recognise Burmese cats, but not all colours are approved in all registries.

kitten and adult cat breed European Burmese, father and son sitting on wooden background. Grey and brown, chocolate color
kitten and adult cat breed European Burmese, father and son sitting on wooden background. Grey and brown, chocolate color

Are Burmese cats hypoallergenic?

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as many as one-third of Americans experience allergic reactions to animals, with cat allergies being twice as prevalent as dog allergies. Most people allergic to cats do not react to the cat’s fur but rather to a skin protein known as Fel d 1. While all cats produce Fel d 1, certain breeds have lower levels than others. Fortunately, Burmese cats are one of these hypoallergenic varieties.

Do Burmese Cats Shed?

Are you looking for a cat with less shedding? If this is the case, you will be impressed by the Burmese cats. These felines require minimal grooming. Their short, smooth coat prevents excessive shedding. If you occasionally brush them, you won’t have a lot of cat hair to clean up.

Tips When Choosing a Burmese Cat Breeder or Cattery

During your search, you must ensure that the Burmese Cat breeder or cattery you choose is the best. The following tips will assist you in selecting the ideal breeder:

  • They should preferably be registered with a cat group such as TICA, The Cat Fanciers’ Association, etc.
  • It would help if you examined their qualifications to verify their experience breeding Burmese cats.
  • They must keep accurate litter records and pedigree information to guarantee that their cats have strong genetics.
  • Medical, immunisation and deworming records must be available.
  • They should maintain clean facilities.
  • Their cats and kittens must have ample space to engage in various activities.
  • Their facility should be escape-proof so that the cats have minimal contact with the outdoors.
  • A kitten-heating facility is ideal.
  • Their felines should be gregarious and energetic.

How Much Does a Burmese Cat Cost?

A respectable breeder would charge between $400 and $600 for a Burmese kitten, with the price increasing if you want a particular hue. Burmese kittens that are blue are especially appealing.

The price of a Burmese kitten in the United Kingdom can range from £500 to £700. Be aware of sellers giving kittens at a discount, as this may indicate that you are not dealing with a reputable breeder.

Burmese cat lying on white background
Burmese cat lying on white background

Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

If you have ample time to give to a feline companion and desire a cat that will lavish you with affection and be a loyal and loving companion, the Burmese is the cat for you.

This indoor Breed requires a great deal of attention and gets along well with children and families.

Burmese are attractive pets requiring little grooming because of their short, smooth coats. Cats may be more suitable for allergy patients, even though no cat is allergen-proof.

It is essential to conduct research before deciding whether to adopt an adult cat or purchase a kitten. Use only reputable breeders or recognised animal charities, and be sure to inquire about the pedigree and veterinary history of the cat.


In conclusion, Burmese cats are a popular breed in Florida, and many Burmese cat breeders are willing to help with any questions or problems you may have. If you’re looking for a new pet, check out some of these excellent Burmese cat breeders in Florida before making your decision!

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