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If you’re one of the many people that love Burmese cats and wish you could own one, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a database of Burmese cat breeders in Illinois for people just like you. 

Burmese are often compared to concrete blocks encased in silk because they have a strong build beneath their soft fur and are still acrobatic and active despite their physique. In addition to the original dark sable brown, their delicate, silky coat also comes in lighter shades like champagne (light brown), blue, and platinum (lilac). The Burmese are friendly, entertaining, and playful cats. They often jump to the highest point in the room to display their athletic prowess.

I hope you find the perfect cat for you and your family and wish you luck in your search. Prior to purchasing a pet, always conduct thorough research into the breeder. Below is a list of Burmese cat breeders in Illinois.

List of Burmese Cat Breeders in Illinois

Breeder AddressPhone EmailWebsite
Hart2HartEffingham, Illinois(217) 343-7143[email protected]http://Hart2HartBurmese.com
BusybodyNorth Central IL(949) 697-7679[email protected]N/A

IllinoisN/A[email protected]
[email protected]
Purrfect Cat RescueCrystal Lake, IL+1 (815) 900-8221[email protected]https://www.purrfectcatrescue.com/


Address: Effingham, Illinois
Phone number: (217) 343-7143
Website: http://Hart2HartBurmese.com
Email: [email protected]

In 1998, the cattery’s owner was searching for ” LOVE KITTY” when she found her first Burmese kitten. She bought a book and read about the breed and then, after talking to various breeders and attending several cat shows, she was motivated to start breeding Burmese cats. 

She made the decision to raise Burmese cats so that more people could fall in love with the Burmese breed.  Because of their relatively small size and easygoing nature, Burmese cats were the ideal choice for her. She enjoys breeding and showing Burmese cats and simply can not imagine her life without one.


Phone number: (949) 697-7679
Address: North Central Illinois
Website: N/A
Email: [email protected]

Burmese cats with a high standard, excellent health, and calm temperament are bred by this cat breeder. He breeds cats in his home and does not keep them in cages. He has cats with exceptional lineage and exhibits them to demonstrate that his cats are the best possible. Currently, Burmese cats are available in four different colors.


Address: Illinois
Phone number: N/A
Email: [email protected], ​[email protected]
Website: https://starburmburmese.weebly.com/

For more than 25 years, this cattery has been breeding Burmese cats. Their lines come from some of the country’s best Grand Champions Burmese cats.  They take pride in having healthy cats with solid pedigrees and lovable personalities. 

All of their kittens are raised with full attention and devotion and are extremely social. The Burmese breed is very sociable and enjoys playing. They get along well with kids, dogs, and other cats. They adore everyone without a doubt! You’ll fall in love with the breed after owning a Burmese cat, just like they have!

Purrfect Cat Rescue

Address: Crystal Lake, IL
Phone number: +1 (815) 900-8221
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.purrfectcatrescue.com/

As animal lovers, they hoped to establish a non-profit rescue organization that would place cats in forever homes with the most loving families. Their goal is to save, care for, and re-home cats in need. 

Their objective is to offer the kittens and cats waiting to be adopted a cage-free, no-kill shelter environment. Illinois’ McHenry County is the subject of their attention. If you reside in Illinois, you can get in touch with them to see if they have any Burmese cats available for adoption.

Are Burmese Cats Hypoallergenic?

They have earned a spot on the list of cats that are only mildly hypoallergenic due to their short-haired coat and tendency to shed less than other cats. There is less chance for an allergy sufferer to come into contact with a cat’s hair, skin proteins, or saliva proteins because they shed less. They are relatively simple to groom and don’t require frequent trips to the groomer, which is good for your wallet as well. 

Cute Burmese Kittens
Cute Burmese Kittens

How Much Does a Burmese Cat Cost?

Normally, they can cost around $1000 to $1500, but kittens from champion ancestors can cost you up to $2000. However, some hobby breeders and small catteries can occasionally sell Burmese cats for as low as $800. Their price highly depends upon their pedigree, the location of the breeder, and some other factors. 

Do Burmese Cats Make Good Pets?

Burmese cat
Burmese cat

Following are the reasons why Burmese cats make exceptional pets:

  • Require very little grooming 
  • Shed very little compared to other cats
  • They are very friendly and extrovert 
  • They are very playful 
  • They are not aggressive 
  • They make strong bonds with their owners 

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