Munchkin Cat Breeders Nevada | Kittens & Cats for Sale

Munchkin Cat Breeders Nevada

Looking for Munchkin cat breeders in Nevada?

I’ve put together a list of Munchkin breeders registered in the state of Nevada to help you find the perfect Munchkin cat or kitten for sale.

There are few things more exciting than looking for a cute new addition to the family – I hope you exactly what you’re looking for!

Munchkin Cat Breeders in Nevada With Kittens and Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Nevada Rain CatsWinnemucca,

Nevada Rain Cats (Munchkins, English Muffins, Genettas)

Address – Winnemucca, NV

Phone – NA

Adopting a Munchkin in Nevada

If you were not able to find what you were looking for or any expected litters from the above breeders, you could consider adopting a Munchkin.

Adopting a cat from a shelter or a rescue is always a satisfying thing to do. It means you’re giving a cat another chance at living in a home with a loving family.

If you’re considering it or interested to learn more, here are a couple of places to look:

Both of these sites are large databases that connect you with thousands of cat rescues and shelters across the U.S.

TICA And CFA Certifications

If you want some added reassurance that the breeder you’re dealing with is a reputable breeder with pedigree cats, then you could look for TICA and CFA certifications.

The International Cat Association (TICA) is the largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats in the world. If a breeder has a TICA certificate for their cats, you know they’ve been registered.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is a not-for-profit organization that holds shows and judges cats using CFA Breed Standards. There have been more than 2 million cats registered with the CFA over the years.

If a breeder is registered with either of these organizations, it shows they are committed to maintaining a high standard of welfare and understands the breed.

Average Cost of a Munchkin Kittens

It’s always hard to give out an average cost of exotic or rare breeds of cats as there are a lot of factors that affect the price.

To give you a rough example, you can expect to pay between $800-$2,000. But don’t be surprised to see a few thousand added on for a pedigree or rare color Munchkin though.

It’s a good idea to reach out to a couple of breeders in your area to get a better idea of price.

Average Cost of a Munchkin Cats

If you’re looking for an adult Munchkin, you can expect to pay a little less than a kitten. You’re probably still looking at four figures though unless you find one in need of adoption from a rescue.

Some Facts About Munchkin Cats

Also known as ‘drawf cats’ and ‘sausage cats’, it’s no surprise that Munchkins are a unique and interesting-looking breed.

Here are some facts about this breed that you may not have known about:

  • Munchkins’ legs are around 3 inches shorter than average cats – that’s a lot!
  • It will come as no surprise that a Munchkin holds the record for the shortest living cat.
  • They are a fairly new breed, only really being introduced to the scene in 1991.
  • They really are named after the small characters from the Wizard of Oz!
  • They are one of the most playful breeds, even long into adulthood.

Munchkin Care and Maintenance

Despite their unusual appearance, Munchkins are one of the more low-maintenance and easy to care for breeds of cat.

Their indoor cats and most have short coats, so you should only have to brush them once a week or so to help keep their coats in top condition.

With their small legs and reduced agility, you’ll notice there are a lot fewer places they can get to as well. When buying or making cat furniture, take this into account.

The only thing I’ll point out on the care side is that Munchkins are quite demanding on the playing and attention front. They love interacting with people and playing, and it’s so much fun I don’t see that as a downside.

Are Munchkins Good Pets?

Munchkins are a great choice as a family pet. They’re sociable, great with kids and other pets, curious, loads of fun, and will give you loads of love back.

They’re a relatively new breed in the feline world, so there isn’t much known about any long-term health issues.

It’s assumed by some that they may suffer from some back problems, just as sausage dogs do. There is no evidence to back this up though.

If you make sure they maintain a healthy weight and feed good quality nutrition, the risk of any health issues is low.

Two of the main things I always see owners talking about is how playful and cuddly Munchkins are. They act like playful kittens for years and love nothing more than curling up on a lap.

What more could you want as a cat owner, right?

There are really no drawbacks to owning this dwarf, mini-me breed. If you have any concerns or questions, I recommend contacting a breeder and asking them.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Check out some more Munchkin breeder listings.

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Image credits – Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

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