List of Cat Cafes in North Carolina (Find a Cat Cafe Near You!)

Cat Cafes in North Carolina

Looking for cat cafes in North Carolina?

The good news is that there are some awesome cat cafes in North Carolina, so I’m sure you’re going to find one near you.

If this is your first time booking a cat cafe, you’re in for a treat – enjoy!

Cat Cafes in North Carolina

Cat CafeTel NumberAddressWebsite
Purr Cup Cafe919-322-4003Raleigh,
Cool Beans Cat Cafe704-689-8115Gastonia, NCFacebook Page
Daily Mews Cat Cafe980-256-2119Charlotte,
Mac Tabby Cat Cafe704-890-0373Charlotte,
Cat Tales Cat Cafe843-345-5289Chapel Hill,
Crooked Tail Cat Cafe336-550-4024Greensboro,

Purr Cup Cafe

Address – 210 Prospect Ave, Raleigh, NC 27603

Phone – 919-322-4003


Purr Cup Cafe is located in Raleigh and its mission is to provide a “unique and comfortable adoption center where local rescue kitties can thrive and find their forever homes!”

All of Purr Cup Cafe’s cats come from SAFE Haven for Cats, a local cat rescue. They’re giving at-risk cats another chance, with the hope that you’ll give them a forever home.

You’ll have to book the cat lounge before arriving, so be sure to visit their website and book ahead of time.

Cool Beans Cat Cafe

Address – 108 E Main Ave, Gastonia, NC 28052

Phone – 704-689-8115

Website Facebook Page

Cool Beans Cat Cafe is Gastonia’s first cat cafe, and they have an excellent facility with a cafe and cat lounge.

All of their cats are adopted through NC Paws Rescue, and customers get the opportunity to adopt and take home any of their resident cats.

Daily Mews Cat Cafe

Address – 3748 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone – 980-256-2119


Daily Mews is a “community-minded local business with the goal to bring love and joy into the lives of humans and cats.”

Acting as an adoption center and providing a safe haven for cats in need of a new home, Daily Mews has adopted out more than 459 cats since opening in 2018.

Mac Tabby Cat Cafe

Address – 3204 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone – 704-890-0373


I love Mac Tabby Cat Cafe’s message, they provide, “Good energy, local coffee, craft beer, and CATS.”

Mac Tabby has two locations; North Carolina: NoDa, Charlotte, and Downtown Concord. There are around 12 cats in the lounge, which is separate from the cafe.

If you want to see some cute pictures of their cats, I recommend checking out Mac Tabby’s Instagram page.

Cat Tales Cat Cafe

Address – 431 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Phone – 843-345-5289


Cat Tales Cat Cafe says, “We provide a safe and loving environment where cats can destress, be themselves, and have a happy life while awaiting their forever person.”

If that sounds appealing to you, and it really should, then you can book a time slot to visit on their website.

Cat Tales Cat Cafe is partnering with Independent Animal Rescue to take in cats in need of a home, an independent non-profit cat rescue in NC.

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Address – 604 S Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone – 336-550-4024


Crooked Tail Cat Cafe has two locations in NC; Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

I love their mission statement, Crooked Tail says, “The cafe provides a charming and relaxing atmosphere for the adoptable cats to showcase their personality and to just be cats!”

They’ve teamed up with a local rescue to rehome cats, and provide kitty matchmaking services to help cats and cat parents find the perfect match – all over coffee and snacks!

What to Expect at a Cat Cafe

If you’ve never been to a cat cafe before, you’re in for a real treat.

Basically, you get to enjoy drinks and food while being surrounded by cats. Personally, I can’t think of why there aren’t more cat cafes!

One really important thing I will point out is that you should always visit the website of the cafe you’re planning on going to before you arrive.

You will almost certainly need to book a time slot, as cat cafes can only allow a small number of people in at a time to ensure the cats are not stressed by the amount of foot traffic.

Some cat cafes will also ask you to sign a waiver of some kind. This is just to ensure the safety of their cats – and you – from a legal standpoint, it’s completely normal.

When you’re in a cat cafe, it’s up to you to enjoy the drink, food, and cats. Every cafe is different, you never know how many cats will be there, but there’s usually plenty.

Something else to keep in mind is that most cat cafes are also pet adoption facilities. They take in at-risk cats in need of a home and usually have them up for adoption.

It’s a great way to generate some interest in these cats and either give them a happy new home in the cafe or ultimately at the home of someone who comes through the door.

Where Do Cats Come From in Cat Cafes?

Something that comes as a surprise to many is that the cats in cat cafes are not bought or found just for the amusement of customers – they’re cats in need of a home.

Almost every cat cafe I’ve reviewed had a partnership with a local cat rescue or shelter and was taking in at-risk cats.

This is the most ethical way I can think of to run a cat cafe. Whatever thoughts you might have had about cats being used to make money, put them to one side.

The mission of cat cafes is to raise awareness of homeless cats by effectively acting as an adoption center with the added benefit of being able to have some coffee and food.

Most of the donations go to helping improve the lives of the cats in the cafe, or to the rescues where there are many more cats in need.

If you’re a cat lover, whatever you can do to support the cat cafes in your state will go a long way to helping at-risk cats.

Find a Cat Cafe Near You: State Listings

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*All information was as correct as possible at the time of publishing. If you can see any of the information is now out of date, please drop me a message and I’ll update it, thanks!


Image credits – Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash


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