List of Cat Cafes in Kentucky (Find a Cat Cafe Near You!)

Cat Cafes in Kentucky

Looking for cat cafes in Kentucky?

Cat cafes are fun and rewarding experiences, whether you’re a cat lover or not.

The good news is – there are a few awesome cat cafes in the state of Kentucky, and they’re working with local shelters and rescues to help at-risk cats find new homes.

Here is a list of cat cafes with contact details to help you find one near you:

Cat Cafes in Kentucky

Cat CafeTel NumberAddressWebsite
Purrfect Day Cafe502-916-5051Covington,
Lucky Cat CaféNALouisville,
Central Purrk Cafe502-642-4478Georgetown,

Purrfect Day Cafe

Address – 25 West 8th Street in the 8th Street Commons, Covington, KY 41011

Phone – 502-916-5051


Purrfect Day Cafe offers 50 minutes time slots for $15. They serve a wide range of drinks, including alcoholic beverages, and some awesome food options.

All of their kitties are provided by Kenton County Animal Services and are up for adoption. Purrfect Day Cafe refers to themselves as a foster facility, with the goal of changing the way cat adoptions happen.

Lucky Cat Café

Address – 2230 Dundee Road, Louisville, KY 40205

Phone – NA


There is no missing Lucky Cat Café, it’s situated in a charming and very colorful 100-year old house.

I love their mission statement, it reads, “[Our goal is to] help reduce overcrowding in local shelters by providing a peaceful, temporary home for homeless cats until they are adopted.”

Central Purrk Cafe

Address – 401 Outlet Center Drive, #260 Georgetown, KY 40324 

Phone – 502-642-4478


Part coffee shop – part cat adoption center, Central Purrk Cafe has a cat lounge area with around 10 adoptable cats for you to hang out with.

They’ve partnered with Lexington Humane Society and the Scott County Humane Society to give at-risk cats another chance at a forever home and have some gorgeous cats.

What to Expect at a Cat Cafe

If you’ve never been to a cat cafe, you’re in for an experience.

Each cafe is unique and you can’t be sure exactly what to expect, but what you can expect is drink, food, and cats roaming around.

It’s exactly what it sounds like; a cafe with cats.

The best advice I can give you is to check the cat cafe’s website before turning up. You will almost certainly have to book ahead of time to secure a space in the cafe.

Cat cafes have strict rules on how many people they can let in at one time. This is to ensure the cats are not stressed out or overstimulated by having too many customers around them.

You should also see a list of their rules on their site or when you book. Make sure you read those carefully, each cafe has its own rules in place to safeguard the wellness of their cats.

Are Cat Cafes Good Business Models

With Arkansas no longer having a cat cafe, you may be wondering if operating a cat cafe is a profitable business model – or even a good idea.

What I will say is that cat cafes can be profitable. There are some that have been open for many years, like some of the long-standing cat cafes in Florida.

It’s a challenging business model though. Opening a cat cafe is very different from a normal cafe, and not just because there are cats!

You have much higher operating costs and expenses running a cat cafe, and you also have a smaller number of potential customers.

On top of this, you’re only able to let a few people in at a time. This is to keep stress to a minimum for the cats in the cafe.

There will be some laws and regulations specific to the state you live in governing what you can or can’t do when opening up a cat cafe.

I’d start by finding out what your rules and regulations are. You can then start putting together a business plan if you’re interested in starting a cat cafe.

Find a Cat Cafe Near You: State Listings

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*All information was as correct as possible at the time of publishing. If you can see any of the information is now out of date, please drop me a message and I’ll update it, thanks!


Image credits – Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

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