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Maine Coon Cat Breeders Wisconsin

Looking for Maine Coon cat breeders in Wisconsin? I was too, which is why I’ve put together this list to help you out.

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect breeder nearby so you can visit with them and their kittens.

But being able to make contact with a local breeder and meet the parents of your new kitten is an awesome experience. I hope you’ll find that from this list of Maine Coon breeders in Wisconsin.

I’ve also included some information and handy tips – good luck!

Maine Coon Cat Breeders in Wisconsin With Kittens and Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Zeus Pride CatteryLa Crosse,
Rock Hill Maine Coon CatsPrescott,
BigLuv Maine Coon CatteryMukwonago,
Dzcoonz Maine CoonzMadison,

Zeus Pride Cattery

Address – La Crosse, WI

Phone – NA


Rock Hill Maine Coon Cats

Address – Prescott, WI

Phone – 612-581-5671


BigLuv Maine Coon Cattery

Address – Mukwonago, WI

Phone – 262-613-9339


Dzcoonz Maine Coonz

Address – Madison, WI

Phone – 608-842-0123


What Are Maine Coons Like as Pets?

Maine Coons are awesome family pets. I’m not just saying that, they really are. They’re big cuddly kitties with a loving nature.

Some of the key characteristics of Maine Coons are:

Curious – Curious, mischievous, whatever you want to call it, Maine Coons will explore, hunt, and get themselves into trouble at times.

Size – There is no mistaking that Maine Coons are large cats. The males weigh around 13-18 lbs, and females are 8-12 lbs. They’re big cuddly softies though with a mild temperament.

Lovable – Who doesn’t want a lovable cat, right? These big fluffy fur balls are one of the most loving breeds, often happiest curling up next to you while you sleep, on your lap, or wherever else you are.

Chatty – If you like vocal cats, Maine Coons are happy to have a chat. They’re not as vocal as Siamese, but they’ll let you know when they want your attention.

Fun – Most of all, Maine Coons are a huge bundle of fun. As kittens, they are extremely playful, and they love human interaction.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost?

The price of a Maine Coon kitten varies depending on the demand, color, parents, and some other factors.

Typically you can expect to pay between $500-$1,500 as an ‘average’. It’s something you should discuss with a breeder as they often offer different prices for different litters.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost?

I think we should all consider adopting an adult Maine Coon if we’re able to. There are always adult cats in need of a loving home.

You’ll pay a lot less, too, if budget is a concern. Most rescues and shelters will ask for just a donation or a small fee to cover their costs. It’s a rewarding thing to do, adopting a cat in need of a home.

TICA and CFA Certifications

You may have seen some breeders saying they are TICA and CFA certified. This is an extra stamp of approval that they registered their cats and are maintaining a high standard.

Here’s what these organizations mean:

The International Cat Association (TICA) is the world’s largest purebred cat registry and the only global organization that represents all breeds of cats.

TICA was founded in 1967 and currently has more than 190 member associations, with more than 20,000 members in 90 countries.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is the largest, most experienced, and most respected cat registry in the world.

The CFA has become the single source for all things related to cats and cat fanciers. It has a membership of over 165,000 people worldwide who own purebred cats or subscribe to their periodicals.

Caring for Your Maine Coon

There are two main things to consider when adopting a Maine Coon; grooming and exercise.

Maine Coons have a lot of fur. Some more than others, but they’re one of the longer-haired breeds of cat.

You’re going to need to brush your cat at least once a day to stay on top of keeping their coat in tip-top shape.

If you don’t, they will almost certainly get knots or tufts in their fur that usually end up needing to be cut out. 

It’s not as much work as it sounds, just keep a brush near their food, and every time you feed them give them a quick brush beforehand.

If you groom Maine coons from kittens, they grow up enjoying it and won’t put up any resistance. In fact, in my experience they really enjoy it.

On the exercise front, these big cats have a lot of energy to burn off. Ideally, they need to be able to roam outdoors where they can climb and hunt.

If that’s not possible, provide as much cat furniture as you can indoors and spend as much time playing with them as you can.

In addition to grooming and exercise, they have the same basic needs as other cats. This being, fresh drinking water, good quality cat food, and the occasional treat.

Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash


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