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Maine Coon Cat Breeders Arizona

Looking for Maine Coon cat breeders in Arizona? I’ve put this article together to help you!

I know how difficult it can be to find a reputable breeder for a specific breed of cat. This is why I’ve done the work for you and put together this listing of the top Maine Coon breeders in Arizona.

You’re on an exciting and special journey, I wish you good luck!

Maine Coon Cat Breeders in Arizona With Kittens and Cats for Sale

BreederAddressTel NumberWebsite
Advent Hill CatteryScottsdale,
Pimacoon CatteryTucson,
Suncoon Maine CoonsPhoenix,
Pitaracon CatteryBuckeye,

Advent Hill Cattery

Address – Scottsdale, AZ

Phone – 480-626-2738


Pimacoon Cattery

Address – Tucson, AZ

Phone – 520-886-1304


Suncoon Maine Coons

Address – Phoenix, AZ

Phone – NA


Pitaracon Cattery

Address – Buckeye, AZ

Phone – 623-776-6845


What Are Maine Coons Like as Pets?

Maine Coons are great pets. I’m not biased, honest, they really are. They are social, friendly, and have personalities to match their size.

Here is a closer look at some of a Maine Coon’s main characteristics:

Size – It’s hard to talk about Maine Coons without talking about how huge they are. It is, after all, it’s the most obvious thing about them. On average, male Maine Coons are around 13-18 lbs, and females are 8-12 lbs.

Loving – They have a soft, social, and loving personality. Although heavy, they love curling up on a lap and receiving some fussing.

Chatty – If you like vocal cats, Maine Coons are happy to have a chat. They’re not as vocal as Siamese, but they’ll let you know when they want your attention.

Curious – Curious, mischievous, whatever you want to call it, Maine Coons will explore, hunt, and get themselves into trouble at times.

Fun – Best of all, they’re loads of fun. From playing for hours, to fussing them on your lap, it’s always fun seeing and interacting with these gentle giants.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost?

The price of a kitten varies depending on a number of factors. Typically the color, rarity, pedigree of parents, demand, and so on.

Generally speaking, however, Maine Coon kittens tend to cost in the $500-$1,500 range. This can, of course, go up a lot for show quality Maine Coons and rare colors.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Cat Cost?

If you’re looking for an adult Maine Coon, whether to adopt one in need of a home or just because you don’t want a kitten, they’ll typically cost less than a kitten.

You can find some for free, although some basic rehoming fees might be required. Or, you can expect to spend a few hundred bucks.

TICA and CFA Certifications

You may have seen some breeders saying they are TICA and CFA certified. This is an extra stamp of approval that they registered their cats and are maintaining a high standard.

Here’s what these organizations mean:

The International Cat Association is a club for all who have an interest in cats and their well-being. Not only does TICA sponsor educational opportunities, but it also offers registry services for purebred cats.

It’s one of the largest and most respected cat registries in the world because it’s open to everyone. All you need is an interest in domestic felines and a willingness to abide by TICA’s Code of Ethics.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) is an international organization of judges, cat show exhibitors and enthusiasts devoted to the natural beauty and healthy breeding of pedigreed cats.

The CFA was founded in 1907 by Mrs. H.J. Willard and a small group of friends who wished to promote “the scientific breeding of pure-bred cats” according to the Standard Of Excellence (SOE) set forth by good breeders for many decades before them.

Caring for Your Maine Coon

It’s not fair to call Maine Coons high maintenance cats, but at the same time, they’re not exactly low-maintenance.

There are two main considerations when adopting a Maine Coon, these are; can you provide them with enough exercise, and will you be able to brush them daily.

On the exercise front, if you can give them access to some rural outdoor space, this should be enough for them to burn off all their explosive energy.

It’s also advisable that you have some strong cat furniture for when they’re indoors. Also, they love playing so be prepared to get down and roll about with them.

For grooming, you’re going to need to brush them at least once a day if you want to keep their coats in tiptop condition.

It’s not as much work as it sounds. Just keep a brush next to their food, and give them a quick brush every time you’re about to feed them.

If you brush them from an early age they get used to it, and it’ll make your job a lot easier.

Apart from these two things, as long as you provide fresh drinking water, plenty of tasty food, the occasional treat, and a couple of nice comfy warm spots to sleep, you’ll have a perfectly happy Maine Coon on your hands.

Photo by Kanashi on Unsplash


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