Why Does My Cat Nuzzle My Armpit? (Explained!)

Why Does My Cat Nuzzle My Armpit

Cats have their own unique personalities, and therefore, their own way of showing us how they feel about us.

Some cats prefer little to no human interaction and spend their days hiding out under furniture, only surfacing at mealtime.

While other cats may behave in the opposite manner, spending most of the day snuggled up next to you or next to your family members.

If your cat likes spending time in your lap, or he likes following you everywhere, then your cat obviously feels secure and comfortable around you.

If you notice that your cat has been nuzzling his head into you and you’re not sure why; here is an overview of why he/she might be doing this:

What Does It Mean When a Cat Nuzzles Their Head Into You?

If your cat has been nuzzling his head into you, there could be several reasons why he’s behaving in this manner – and all of them are positive.

Most cats are affectionate and have their own unique way of showing affection. Here are three main reasons why your cat likely nuzzles his head into you.

They’re Marking You With Their Scent

The fact that your cat has been nuzzling his head into you could possibly signify his attempt to mark you with his scent.

Cats use their sense of smell a lot more often than humans do and marking you with his scent is similar to when a cat marks its territory.

By marking you as his “territory,” every time he snuggles up next to you, he feels secure and comforted because he knows that you’re “safe.”

According to Dr. Borns-Weil, an animal behavior specialist, when a cat marks its scent on you, they’re doing this to maintain a link to you and your family members.

If their scent is on you and other family members, the cat looks to you and others in your household as their family.

Don’t be surprised if you find your cat nuzzling his head against the couch or other furniture, as well.

Just like your cat marks you as its “territory,” it’s marking the furniture as an area that he feels safe and secure in.

When your cat smells its scent on the piece of furniture, it’s simply a reminder that it’s a safe zone of his—his comforting and safe territory where he can relax and let his guard down.

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They’re Showing You Some Love

Another reason why your cat may be nuzzling you with his head is simply to show you how much he loves you.

Just like humans hug and snuggle to show affection, so do animals, and your cat is no different.

When your cat nuzzles you to show you love, he’s probably feeling the love from you and is reciprocating it. A kind of mutual exchange of affection if you like.

One reason why cats make such good house pets is because they’re very affectionate and loving, although there are some that are aggressive.

Fortunately, your cat is the opposite of aggressive, so you get to receive love from him as often as he’s willing to give it.

They’re Enjoying Your Warmth

It’s a fact that snuggling can create warmth, and many cats are masters at snuggling. Cats are also very sensitive to temperature changes.

Most like to feel warm and cozy before dozing off for the umpteenth time (who can blame them), since cats sleep so much.

So, if your cat is feeling chilly and relaxing next to the heating vent isn’t possible, he may cuddle up next to you instead.

Again, your cat coming to you for any kind of comfort only signifies that he feels completely safe, secure, and comfortable with you.

Besides, when your cat nuzzles you with his head, it probably feels warm and comforting to you, too, right?

Why Does My Cat Bury His Face in My Armpit?

We shower and wear deodorant to get rid of and prevent armpit odor because the pungent odor that results when you haven’t showered – or when your deodorant is wearing off – is offensive to most people.

However, cats are different (and a little gross). As strange as it may sound, cats are actually attracted to the smell of your armpits.

The scent of the perspiration from your armpits is pleasant for some cats and the proteins and fats appeal to their senses.

So, the fact that your cat is burying his face in your armpit doesn’t mean that you have body odor or haven’t showered; it simply means that your cat enjoys the smell of your armpit.

Remember, your cat’s sense of smell is a lot stronger than yours, so smells that may be faint or seemingly non-existent to you are 14 times stronger for your cat.

That’s a potentially scary thought if you’ve just been to the gym!

Your cat also has twice as many olfactory receptors than you have, further increasing his ability to detect smells.

So, while it may seem weird for your cat to sniff your armpits, you can rest assured that it is very normal behavior for cats.

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In Summary

It isn’t unusual if your cat nuzzles his head into you or buries her face in your armpit, so you shouldn’t be alarmed.

It might seem funny or weird, but it’s probably your cat’s way of showing that she cares about you—and likes the way you smell.

Some cats avoid affection, either because of past trauma or because it’s simply their preference.

So, since your cat enjoys nuzzling, you get to enjoy your cat even more than people whose cats don’t.

It’s scientifically proven that snuggling with a cat lowers stress and blood pressure levels, and it also has a positive impact on health in other ways, as well.

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