10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love (Yes, Some Seem Weird!)

10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

People who don’t own cats often have the perception that felines don’t show a lot of love for their owners.

But as cat owners, we know different, right?

Cats are very emotional and express when they are happy, sad, hungry, how much they love us, and much more.

They do have subtle ways of showing their love though. It’s not like a dog jumping up and down and wagging its tail.

If you want to form a stronger bond with your cat and build on that trust, you need to know how to connect with them on an emotional level and better understand their body language.

This means understanding when they are showing you affection, seeking attention, and responding accordingly.

How Do Cats Show You They Love You? Here are 10 Clear Signs

Cats Show You Love by Head Bunting You

Ever wondered why you cat seemingly deliberately headbutts you?

This is known as ‘head bunting’. Don’t worry, they are not trying to hurt you,­ it’s a sign of affection.

They will often look up, lock eyes, then move forward in for a clear butt head-to-head.

Then will then look down and run their head into you. Maybe even tilting it to the side and rubbing their cheek against you (subtly leaving their scent).

It’s your cat’s way of showing you how content they are in your company. Take it as a compliment, even if it’s a little annoying at times!

Cats Will Rub Their Cheeks on Things (And You)

Cats Show You Love by Head Bunting You

Cats have daily routines that include following paths around the home so check what’s changed and why.

They are mark areas as they are going about this with their scent to mark out their territories.

They do this in different ways, but the most common is to rub the cheeks of their face on items.

This includes rubbing their cheeks on your legs, face, arms, or whatever body part of yours they can reach.

As they do this they are leaving a scent they release from their glands as a warning to other cats. Feel honored… they consider you part of their territory.

Cats Will Twitch and Flick Their Tails

You can tell a lot about your cat’s mood from what their tail is doing.

For example, a cat wagging their tail is not to be confused with showing they are as happy as you’d assume with a dog. When a cat’s tail is wagging it’s usually unhappy.

On the other hand, when you see your cat’s tail twitch at the tip they are probably demonstrating they are very happy.

If they are circling around your feet and zig-zagging in front of you while twitching their tails, they are double happy and showing you some tip-top affection.

Cats Purr When They Are Very Happy

Cats Purr When They Are Very Happy

We all know about cats purring. As cat owners, it’s one of the first things we learn and we always enjoy seeing our kitties happily purring.

There is the odd occasion that a cat will purr when it’s stressed. But this is not often, more often than not it’s when they are extremely happy.

Every cat is different however, and you’ll learn over time if, when, and how much your cat purrs to display how happy they are.

Don’t stress if your cat doesn’t purr very often, or very loud. Follow my directions and tips on how to pet cats perfectly and you’ll have a happy, content, purring kitty melting in your hands in no time.

Cats ‘Knead’ to Show You Love

Kneading, or ‘treading’ is common practice among cats that are very happy.

It can be uncomfortable when a cat with sharp claws is treading on your skin but don’t be offended, your cat loves you.

One of the theories is that cats are remembering when they would find comfort from sucking milk from their mothers which is a nice thought.

My advice; give them a little fuss while they are kneading and let them get on with it. If it’s hurting you slip a soft blanket between you and their claws.

Cats Say ‘I Love You’ by Blinking Slowly

Cats Say 'I Love You' by Blinking Slowly

One of the most easily recognizable ways to see your cat is in a very happy place with you is when they slow blink while looking at you.

A lot of people say this is actually how a cat says they love you. I’m not completely sold on that, but it’s a lovely thought so I will go with it.

If you’ve never noticed this from your cat and are now looking out for your cat to slow blink you, don’t enter a staring contest, they don’t like that.

What you can do is slow blink at your cat first if they are holding eye contact with you, this will sometimes cause them to do it back.

It’s definitely a form of communication cats understand, I’ve seen it myself many times. Try it for yourself.

The Affection of a Lap Cat

Not every cat is a lap cat. Some are naturally lap cats, some need some time and persuasion, and some will just never be that lap cat you always wanted.

But if your cat chooses to snuggle up on your lap and spend time with you – they like you. A lot.

They are many warm and comfortable places they can choose to spend their time where they will be disturbed less. So if they choose your lap, be honored.

It shows they feel a connection with being close to you. There is a golden rule between owners and cats – never deny the lap!

Bringing You Those Dreaded ‘Gifts’ Home

Bringing You Those Dreaded 'Gifts' Home

While it can be very unpleasant for us when our kitty brings home a dead mouse, bird, or some other poor animal, this is a strong sign of their love for us.

That’s right, a half-dead bird with fear in its eyes wondering how it went from pecking at seed to being in the jaws of a cat is a gift you’re supposed to be happy to receive.

You can’t change this innate behavior and it’s not right to be mad and punish your cat for bringing in dead animals.

Put on a smile, say thanks, and do what you need to with the animal. If you want to lessen these untimely gifts try attaching a loud bell to their collar.

Some Cats Lick and Nibble Their Owners

There are few feelings like a cat’s sandpaper resembling tongue dragging across your skin. I recommend experiencing it at least once if you have any choice in the matter.

Some cats lick their owners to show them they love them. It’s another curious cat behavior that most of us hate, but we have to endure it from time-to-time.

If the licking progresses into biting and nibbling it’s a different story. Put a stop to that without offending them as this can get quite painful.

Sometimes They’ll Just Meow and Bother You

Sometimes They'll Just Meow and Bother You

If a friend or family member made noises and kept bothering you, it would annoy you, right?

When a cat does it and you look at those big eyes and cute face, how can you be mad? Plus, in most instances, they are just trying to get your attention because they love playing with you.

So, the next time they are meowing in the middle of the night. Nudging you as you try and work, or getting under your feet, before you get mad remember these are the limited ways they have to communicate with you.

Here is a lighthearted look at some of the ways cats show us they love us. Sometimes a video speaks volumes over words, and let’s be honest – cat videos are super cute!