How to Turn Your Kitten into a Loving Lap Cat

How to Turn Your Kitten into a Loving Lap Cat

Not all cats are going to be lap cats. Each cat has a different personality, some will be outdoors cats, some will be loving needy cats, and some will be lap cats.

There are some measures you can take how to turn your kitten into a loving lap cat as it grows up if that’s what you want.

Cats pick up a lot of their behaviour traits while they are kittens. There is a lot you can do while they are kittens to help them grow up into loving lap cats.

Kittens also learn a lot from their mothers. So if you have the mother cat and the kittens together, and the mother is a lap cat, there’s a good chance her kittens will also be.

You should always be working to socialize your cat and kittens as much as possible. They need to be very comfortable around humans and feel safe.

Here are some tips how you can earn the trust of a kitten, and help them become loving lap cats. Which is good for you and the cat, as you can share many nights in front of the TV together fussing.

How to Turn Your Kitten into a Loving Lap Cat

Soft and Quiet Approach

Cats do not like loud noises or sudden movements. You should create a soft and quiet environment for them in your home, this will make them a lot more comfortable.

So when you are encouraging your kitten to sit on your lap be quiet and avoid sudden movements. Sometimes this means waiting for them to move before getting up, even if you want to go grab something.

Young kittens that experience loud noises will be very jumpy and not settle. They will likely spring up and run off whenever they hear a noise.

There is a process of gaining trust if you want a cat to feel comfortable sitting on your lap. You have to let them come to you. As a cat owner you will be well aware how stubborn cats can be, they rarely stay somewhere you place them.

Try putting some treats on the sofa near where you are sitting. This will entice the cat up onto the sofa. Here they can see that it’s not as scary a place as they thought.

They if they want to settle, extend your hand and let them have a little sniff and see how they react. If they are comfortable they will settle down somewhere near you.

Cats are also curious creatures, a lot of them will be interested what you are up to. Give them some gentle fussing, you will see the trust building.

Don’t Make Too Much Eye Contact

Cats do not like to be stared at, it’s a form of aggression to them. There is an exception however, if you look at a cat and blink slowly this shows them you are not a threat.

Don’t try and force this though, it’s to be used by people who know what they are doing. You should try to avoid hard eye-contact, just look at them naturally. Unless they look stressed, then always give them space and look away.

A little eye contact from a distance is a good way to get a cat’s attention. I usually hold my hand out so they can come up and have a sniff. Then avert my eyes so as not to freak them out.

Grooming Your Cat Strengthens Bonds

I haven’t met a cat that doesn’t like a little fussing or grooming. Some that are introduced to new house can be standoffish at first, but they all crack. Who wouldn’t, right?

Grooming your cat is a great way to bond and form trust. You can also give them a gentle brushing while on your lap, this will often give them a reason to stay there and feel happy.

Fussing is also something that will bring them onto your lap. Give them a gentle stroke on the head, under the chin and down their back. This is kitty heaven, kittens love this and will grow up to appreciate it even more.

In Summary

You cannot force a cat to do anything it doesn’t want to, neither should you want to. But by treating your kitten with love and respect, it will grow up to be a lot more affectionate to you.

This means you will end up spending hours on the sofa with the cat happily sleeping on your lap.

Some good body language, a little bribery with their favourite treats, and some fussing will be more than enough to do the trick.