Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Feet? (You’re Not Alone)

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Feet

Cats are fascinating animals, at least to me. My cats are constantly doing things that I don’t quite understand, and that’s fine.

Some of the places my cats choose to sleep always baffle me. Like when I find one in the washing basket, halfway down the stairs, or crammed into a tight space.

Just lately, one of my cats has taken to sleeping on my feet whenever she can. Not next to my feet, or by my feet, but literally on my feet.

It always makes me feel compelled not to move my feet so as not to disturb her. But I always have to eventually. So, it does raise the question, why does my cat sleep on my feet?

Doing some research into this topic uncovered some interesting cat-related facts. I also found that cats, or pets in general sleeping on their owner’s feet is actually more common than I thought!

Cats Love Feet – But Why Do They Love Feet?

Cats Love Feet - But Why Do They Love Feet

The main reason why cats like to sleep on people’s feet is that they love feet. That’s right, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to show that cats are drawn to feet.

Thinking about this, I can actually recall a number of times when my cats would run their faces on my shoes or socks. As well as sleep on my socks if I left them on the bedroom floor.

Can you say the same?

Here are some of the main theories and feedback from cat owners as to why they think their cats like feet so much:

  • Cats are comforted by out smell, and our feet, socks, and shoes have a strong odor (hopefully a nice smelling odor).
  • Cats are attracted to salty tasting things, it’s one of the reasons why cats lick us. Sweat contains sugar and salts, so this can attract cats.
  • Our feet are a convienent shape for cats to get comfortable on. Let’s not forget cats like to be comfortable when sleeping. It might not always look comfy to us, but it might be a comfy spot for them.
  • Cats also often look for a source of warmth when finding somewhere to sleep. I bet your feet are nice and toasty in your socks and make for a pseudo water bottle.
  • They are being driven by the pheromones your feet are giving off. Pheromones are chemicals that have an effect on animal behavior. They are present in bodily secretions (sweat) and can attract animals (and humans).

As you can see, there’s been a lot more going on between your cat and your feet that you had no idea about for some time. This is just a small insight into the wonderful world of smells and chemicals then stimulate cats and certain behaviors.

They Want to Sleep near You

Most cats like to sleep with or near their owners at night. I bet your cat has slept on your bed or pillow, curled up on your lap, and so on.

There are a number of reasons for this, the most common explanations are:

  • They love you and enjoy being near you (Awwww!)
  • You’re a good source of warmth
  • They feel safe sleeping near you
  • They are displaying territorial behavior

Some people like having their cat sleep with them, some hate it as it can disturb a good night’s sleep. Whichever side you’re on, all the reasons behind their motivation to sleep near you are positive.

If your cat is choosing your feet as their preferred spot, it’s likely a combination of them wanted to sleep close to you and some of the other reasons I mentioned above.

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Remember, It’s a Compliment

Remember Its a Compliment When Cats Sleep on Your Feet

It’s something special when a cat chooses to sleep on someone’s feet. It may not feel like it when you want to get up and move, but trust me it is. It more than likely means that the person is their favorite.

Sorry if you’re reading this because your cat sleeps on someone else’s feet. You’re going to have to put some work in to get into their good favor.

People always associate dogs with being pack animals, but cats are too. Once settled into your home, they will do their bit to protect and care for the other people and animals in the home.

You’ve probably noticed other behaviors that confirm this; such as being nudged to pet them, being used as an object to rub their scent on, and loads more. Having a cat sleeping on you is about as good a proof as there is that they love you and feel safe being part of your pack.

In Summary – Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Feet?

I hope I’ve helped the riddle of why your cat chooses to sleep on your feet over all the other comfy spots in the home.

As I’ve explained, cats do some things that seem a little crazy to us. But there are often logical explanations that make sense. And, as with these reasonings, it’s usually always positive signs that they love you.

As long as you’re happy to continue with them sleeping on your feet, give them some fussing and reassure them it’s fine. If you want to stop them, keep your feet moving so they can’t settle in!

What’s your story? Have you had a cat that really liked to sleep on your feet? Can you associate any of the reasons I listed in this article to explain their motivation?

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