Why Do Cats Sleep in the Middle of the Floor? (Decoded!)

Why Do Cats Sleep in the Middle of the Floor

Cats sleep in the middle of the floor for the same reasons as most sleeping spots; they’re after security – somewhere they feel safe and have a good line of sight, comfort, and simply because it feels like a good place to have a snooze!

Some of the Reasons Why Cats Sleep on the Floor and Other Odd Places

Cats are furry and lovable pets, but they can be peculiar at times. If your cat has been behaving in an especially peculiar manner by sleeping in the middle of the floor, you might wonder why.

There are a number of reasons why your cat may be sleeping in the middle of the floor, and you shouldn’t be alarmed.

Cats sometimes change where they sleep based on the temperature. Cats are very sensitive to temperature changes, and a marked increase or decrease in the temperature, such as a change in seasons, could prompt your cat to begin sleeping in the middle of the floor.

For example, if your cat is feeling too hot and you have a cool marble floor, it’s not unusual to find your kitty sleeping there.

Another place you might find your cat sleeping during hot weather is in the bathroom or kitchen sink, where it’s cooler.

If you pay attention to your cat’s sleeping habits in relation to the weather, you might discover a pattern that makes sense.

Another reason your cat might be sleeping in the middle of the floor is because a cat’s natural instinct is to switch where they sleep on a regular basis.

Cats that live in the wild must change where they sleep on a regular basis for survival purposes.

Even though your kitty doesn’t live in the wild, it still has some of the same instincts that cats in the wild do.

Perhaps your kitty feels as if it is hiding by sleeping in the middle of the floor, which probably seems ridiculous since it’s right out in the open.

You’re likely to find your cat sleeping in some even stranger places. Other cat owners have found their cats sleeping on top of the refrigerator, on a bookshelf, and even in the bathtub

Why Has My Cat Suddenly Started Sleeping on the Floor?

Your cat may have started sleeping on the floor for any number of reasons. One reason why your cat may suddenly start sleeping on the floor is for territorial reasons.

Even if your cat doesn’t seem very territorial, he may start sleeping in a new area that he feels is his special area. The more he sleeps there, the more his scent is there.

This could be very comforting to your cat. Wherever your kitty feels cozy and safe, he’s likely to fall asleep there.

Keep in mind that it’s perfectly safe for your cat to sleep on the floor, even if it’s not carpeted. Oh, how I’d love to not have a cricked neck or a bad back after sleeping on a hard floor!

If you find your cat sleeping on the floor, you should simply allow your kitty to remain there and get its rest – they know what it’s doing.

You might try physically carrying your cat to what you think is a better sleeping area. However, you will only be wasting your time, as your cat will only sleep where it feels comfortable, and it will likely just return to where it was originally sleeping.

If it feels comfortable sleeping on the floor, then that’s where kitty should be allowed to sleep. Putting up with these little quirks is all part of being a cat owner.

In fact, if you have a moody cat they might object to being moved and lash out. It’s best to leave them alone, a weird place or not.

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Is Sleeping on the Floor Comfortable for Cats?

Cats sleep a lot. According to multiple studies, adult cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, while kittens and older cats often sleep even longer.

Since cats sleep for so many hours, sleep is a big deal for them, and they want to be as comfortable as possible.

Cats are very adaptive, and what may seem like an uncomfortable sleeping spot for you may be perfectly comfortable for your cat.

If your cat is uncomfortable, you can rest assured that it will move to a sleeping area that is more suitable.

Cats sleep on the floor all the time, whether it’s under a bed, behind a couch, or like yours, in the middle of the floor.

Cats in the wild sleep in places that are a lot more uncomfortable than a floor, like in trees, on gravel, etc.

So, for many cats, sleeping on the floor can actually be quite cozy.

This is especially true if there is a thick, fluffy rug available where kitty likes to snooze on in the afternoons.

You shouldn’t worry about your cat’s comfort, nor should you become angry if you buy your cat an expensive cat bed, but it prefers to sleep elsewhere.

Cats are very independent, and they know what they want, so you should accept your cat the way they are. 

How Does a Cat Choose Where To Sleep?

Cats are smarter than we give them credit for. When choosing the best place to sleep, most cats are very strategic about it.

Cats that hide and fall asleep in a box, in the dryer, or in a closet might feel the need for security. This is especially true if you have recently introduced a new pet to the household.

Until a cat feels completely safe with a new animal in the house, it is likely to hide every time it sleeps.

You’ll know when your cat feels safe around the new pet, because it will start choosing new sleeping spots out in the open, or even next to the new pet!

Cats are unpredictable, so you will likely be unable to determine where they are going to sleep next.

Until they switch it up and you find them sleeping in the bathroom, behind the recliner, or even on your kid’s head!

In Summary

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out why your cat has begun sleeping in strange places, especially in the middle of the floor.

While it might be alarming to see that your kitty has changed where it normally sleeps, as long as your cat doesn’t seem to be in any distress, you shouldn’t worry.

However, if your cat is showing signs of not feeling well, such as becoming more vocal than usual, or hiding under furniture when it sleeps when it typically likes sleeping near you, you might want to take your kitty to the vet for a checkup.

Image credits – Photo by Jacalyn Beales on Unsplash

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