Best Cat Trees for Older Cats: 5 Age-Appropriate Choices

Best Cat Trees for Older Cats

With two elderly cats at home myself, I’m very familiar with how cats become less agile as they age.

They do however still need places to hide, things to climb and stimulate them, and items of cat furniture to call their own (so they don’t damage your furniture).

Which is why I’ve put together this post summarising some of the best cat trees for older cats.

They also perfect cat trees for arthritic cats, lazy cats, or any cats that are finding the larger, more complex trees with jumps, multiple levels, and obstacles, hard to navigate.

Here are 5 cat trees of varying difficulty and size that are easy for senior cats to climb and sleep on while providing everything you want from a tree and looking cool placed in the home.

Best Cat Trees for Older Cats

Trixie Pet Products Elsa Senior Cat Tree and Playground

Trixie Pet Products Elsa Senior Cat Tree and Playground

This is the cat tree I recently bought for my two seniors at home. Both of my cats are 18 years old, and although they are completely different they both love this tree.

One of them is still very agile and loves trying to act like she’s still a kitten. While my other cat is showing her age, barely doing much more than sleeping or relaxing and no longer tackles the stairs at home.

So you can guess which one plods up the stairs to get to the upper level, while the other scales the outside or just jumps up from the floor.

The stairs are the key feature here for senior cats. Cats still love being up somewhere high and secure as they age, but we can’t expect them to still climb or jump.

The hammock hanging in the middle is a nice feature. The bed at the top means it’s fine for two cats at a time, and it’s finished with a plush fabric for comfort.

It’s made by Trixie who sells a range of quality trees so I don’t have concerns about the quality. I’ve only had mine a few weeks, and while some owners say the stairs don’t hold over time, I haven’t noticed any problems yet.

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Trixie Baza Cat Tree for Senior Cats

Trixie Baza Cat Tree for Senior Cats

If your kitties are becoming less agile or living with arthritis then this simple 3-tier cat tree might be exactly what they need.

It doesn’t have steps or ramps, but the wide platforms are easy for cats to step up. Sometimes ramps put more pressure on their joints at an angle than stepping up like with this tree.

You’ll have a better idea of how agile your cat is and which they prefer. It’s actually available in four different sizes if you browse the sales page. So, you have some versatility depending on what you’re looking for.

The top perch is a soft hammock, perfect for lazy cats. It’s hard not to envy a cat sleeping in a plush hammock without a care in the world, isn’t it?

It’s finished in a creme color long-haired plush fabric. Nice and soft to touch, and a stylish piece of furniture to have around the home.

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Armarkat Classic Cat Tree b5301 Ivory

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree b5301 Ivory

Not all elderly cats are ready for the retirement-style cat trees like the two above. This one from Armarkat provides a few more things to climb over and play with.

It’s a great tree if you have a younger cat too and you’re picking up a tree for both cats to have fun with.

It has a ramp leading up to the first floor which caters to less mobile cats. Then there are two further floors that aren’t far out of reach with a perch on the top.

It’s a classic design for a cat tree. It also has a narrow floor plan at just 24”x22”, so it doesn’t take up much space in your home.

Armarkat has a reputation for sturdy and strong trees. I can’t find any feedback faulting the quality, so while it’s affordable it’s also great value for the money.

Like all good cat trees, it’s finished with a soft faux coating and there are some sisal rope pillars for your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws.

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PGFUN Cat Tree and Scratching Post for Older Cats

PGFUN Cat Tree and Scratching Post for Older Cats

This is another tree with a good selection of things for senior cats to enjoy. Most importantly it has a ramp up to the first floor which is the first thing I always look for.

It has a little ball on a spring as well as a dangling one. I know I’d catch one of my cats playing with that when she thinks no one is looking.

The little house on the first floor provides some good security for some shut-eye. It has a hammock if that’s something you cats prefer, and of course, a perch high up as cats like to play lookout.

Elderly cats go outside less as they get older too. So having plenty of sisal rope pillars as this tree does should keep your furniture safe from claw marks.

It’s 23”x16” if you need to measure up the floor space. A great tree and worth considering, from here out it’s going to come down largely to personal preference when comparing this one to the others.

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Partysaving Pet Palace Cat Tree for Older Cats

Partysaving Pet Palace Cat Tree for Older Cats

Not only could I not ignore a cat tree called a Pet Palace, this is actually a great tree and it’s senior-friendly in a lot of ways.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. The two perches are going to be out of reach for a lot of less agile elderly cats.

But the low-swinging hammock and ramp up to the first level are perfect for seniors. So if you have multiple cats, and in particular a younger cat then you get the best of both worlds with this tree.

It’s a quality tree too, so if you look after it (and make some repairs over time) your young cat now will not be so young one day, and will still be able to get a lot of use out of it.

The floorplan is 20”x20”. Like most cat trees, it’ll fit nicely in small (or modern as we like to call them) apartments, and looks great finished in a cream/ivory plush fabric.

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What Makes a Cat Tree Good for Older Cats?

What Makes a Cat Tree Good for Older Cats

You should have found the perfect cat tree for your cat from the list above, but if you didn’t and want to either find or build your own here are some of the things I look for:

Ramps – It takes a lot of energy for cats to push off of their back feet and jump as they age. If arthritis is starting to set in then it’s even more difficult and possibly a little painful.

You may have noticed your cat isn’t on top of doors, cupboards, and furniture as much as they used to when they were younger.

So make it easy for them to get up high in their trees by picking one with ramps leading up the floors.

Soft material – Almost all cat trees are finished in plush materials as this is what all cats like. It’s still worth checking customer feedback to make sure it’s a quality material that’ll last.

Check the bedding areas such as hammocks and inside houses are nice and soft too. Senior cats are more likely to sleep and spend time relaxing in their trees than younger cats.

Roomy – There are some awesome cat trees with elaborate and intricate designs to keep cats stimulated and interested – but the old kitties just want somewhere to sleep.

It’s still important for cats to have somewhere they can call their own, somewhere they can be up high and feel secure, but it needs to be simple and easy to navigate.

Final Thoughts

best cat trees for arthritic cats

As our cat’s age, we need to make changes to their diets and lifestyles to help them out. Making sure they have some furniture to play and sleep on is a vitally important part of this.

The best cat trees for older cats and cats with arthritis or other mobility problems are designed with senior cats in mind.

Meaning they can find somewhere to relax, sleep, feel safe, and scratch, without damaging any of your furniture.

I hope you found the perfect tree you and your cat is looking for in this post. If not, or if you have any questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a note below, thanks.


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