Best Cat Trees for Bengals (5 of the Best Trees for Large, Curious Cats)

Best Cat Trees for Bengals

One of the most important pieces of cat furniture is a cat tree. The best cat trees for Bengals provide fun, exercise, give them stimulation and keep your kitties happy while indoors.

Not to mention it might save some of your own furniture being scratched and climbed on!

So, whether you already have a Bengal or you’re going to adopt one soon and want to be prepared. Take a look at the 5 cat trees below suitable for Bengals and other large cats.

Do Bengal Cats Need Cat Trees?

Yes! Bengal cats are one of the larger and more active breeds of cat. I’m sure you knew this before getting one, but they can still be quite a handful for some owners when they are in a playful and energetic mood.

Cat trees are by far the best way to make sure your cat has something to play on, burn off some energy, and have fun. There are some things to look out for in a cat tree depending on your breed as I will explain below, but having one is an absolute must.

By providing a good cat tree you’re giving your cat something they can use as their own, and saving your furniture from their claws. You can get involved too and play with them, or typically just enjoy watching them play.

What Makes a Good Cat Tree for Bengals?

There are lots of different cat trees on the market. Large ones, small ones, different tiers, toys that swing, different materials, and so on, but it doesn’t need to be confusing.

First of all, I’ve done all the hard work for you by listing 5 of the best cat trees for Bengals below.

However, if you want to make sure your tree has everything you need for a Bengal or do some of your own research, here are the main things to look out for:

Size/Durability – It has to be a decent size, and not be too big for the room you’re putting it in of course. The pictures can sometimes be deceiving too, so check the dimensions of a cat tree before buying it.

Bengals are incredibly agile and can weigh as much as 15 lbs as an adult. So a large, sturdy cat tree is more than worth the money and will last a lot longer than a smaller one.

Features – There is no point buying a cat tree that is just a seat on top of a pillar. Bengals are curious cats, there needs to be at least a couple of different height platforms, along with something to climb, scratch, hide in maybe, and so on.

The Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper below is about as basic as it gets for those on a budget and tight on space. Then I’ve included other trees with a variety of things to do offering different experiences for different cats.

Quality/Value – Quality and value is something that’s always important to me, so I’ve got you covered here. I always look for trees that are going to last for a long time for my cats and having tried a few over the years I know which brands I prefer.

The brands featured below are all brands I’ve used for various cat products and been happy with. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be recommending them, trust me. Just take a look below and see what you think, you can click through to see reviews and feedback from owners.

Best Cat Trees for Bengals (5 of the Best Trees for Large, Curious Cats)

Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Scratching Post and Bed

Molly and Friends are one of the best-known brands in the cat tree world. I’ve had a couple myself and they were excellent quality.

This Simple Sleeper model has two large beds/perches for cats of all sizes (Bengals included).

It’s constructed from thick sisal rope so they have somewhere to sharpen their claws other than your furniture.

Finished with a soft, durable carpet that’s comfortable enough for them to have a snooze while being strong enough to last for years.

For those concerned about their cat tree fitting in with their home decor this tree is available in beige, burgundy, and blue.

It measures 37″ tall, which is a decent height for Bengals and all other large cats. The rope twine means kittens and smaller cats can scale it just as easy too.

Click here to see this tree on Amazon

Go Pet Club Large Cat Tree

This cat tree from Go Pet Club is huge. It measures 51″ high, with a 19″x19″ base.

It’s more than big enough for your Bengals, or any other large, agile cat, like a Siberian or a Savannah. Also, with several platforms, it’s an all-in-one fun center too.

The poles are wrapped in sisal rope like most trees. So they should scratch this and not your furniture.

It’s covered with a plush faux fur, so don’t be surprised if you find your cats sleeping on this as it’s super comfy.

The only real complaint is that the platforms aren’t the largest. If you want a tree with sleeping areas check the Molly and Friends trees above and below.

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Molly and Friends Two Tier Scratching Post

This Molly and Friends Two Tier Cat Tree is one of the most popular models on the market.

It has a large tunnel and a sleeping area. So, something for the curious cat, and somewhere for a lazy cat to catch some Zzzz’s.

The little peeping hole is a cool feature too. It’s been really well thought out, which is why it has so much positive feedback from owners.

It’s available in loads of different colors too, so you’ll find a color to match your decor or personal taste.

It’s only 37″ tall, so perfect for small spaces while providing a decent amount of climbing space for kitties.

Click here to see this tree on Amazon

Molly and Friends Four Tier Scratching Post

When two or three tiers are not enough, four tiers should do the job.

This four-tier scratching and climbing tree from Molly and Friends has sleeping areas, perches, and climbing space for several large cats.

Molly & Friends trees are always top quality. It’s built to last and take heavy use from big cats, so perfect for a Bengal.

The tallest pole is 60″, there are also a 47″, 30″, and 12″ poles. All wrapped in sisal rope and carpeted on the surfaces.

I love this tower. There are places for your cats to sleep, hide, peer, play, climb, and scratch.

Click here to see this tree on Amazon

New Cat Condos Premier Large Cat Play Tree

I’ve included this New Cat Condos play tree as it’s a cool little piece of cat furniture and has plenty of lounging space for your kitties.

It’s basically a tree with three large comfy areas for cats to sleep or play lookout.

This compact tree is better if you want something less intrusive in your home and ideal for older (or dare I say lazy) cats.

Its construction is solid wood, there are a couple of sisal rope scratching areas to give your furniture a rest from their claws, and it’s covered with carpet.

It comes fully assembled, is available in four different colors, and measures 20″x20″x33″.

Click here to see this tree on Amazon

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