Best Car Window Perch Options for Cats

By Phil / November 11, 2018
Best Car Window Perch for Cats

Window perches are awesome pieces of cat furniture that cats love.

I’ve used them indoors for many years, however, I was recently introduced to car window perches by a friend who has one attached to the back window of his van so his cat can people watch while he cruises around.

They also rose in popularity a while back when a video demonstrating them (see the bottom of the article) went viral.

Car window perches are simple and easy to use. They stick on the window with suction cups and provide a soft bed for cats as they travel with you.

So, if you like to take your cat out with you in your car, van, vehicle, or just miss them while they are at home and want to start taking them with you – I recommend checking out the perches below.

Safety Note – There are some obvious safety concerns to be aware of when using window perches in vehicles.

It’s potentially dangerous having your cat free to move around in a moving vehicle. And, in some states, it might be against the law.

So, first of all, check you’re not breaking any laws using a perch in your car.

Secondly, always put the safety of your cat first. If they are going to be anything less than perfectly comfortable and safe – don’t use one.

With that said, here are 5 of the best window perches to help give your cat the best view and somewhere comfy to hang out while you’re traveling:

5 of the Best Cat Window Perch Options

K&H Pet Products EZ Window Kitty Perch

K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Kitty Sill

This cat perch from K&H is one of the better designs for use in a car because it allows the cat to lay down and has a side that wraps around to help keep them safely in place.

It secures to any window with 3 suction pads that stick super-tight. So, as long as you put it on right, no worries about it staying in place.

This is probably the coolest looking perch of the bunch. I think it’s design makes it one of the best for vehicle use.

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Kitty Cot World’s Best Cat Window Perch

Kitty Cot World’s Best Cat Perch

This is a nice wide kitty perch you can hang on your vehicle window. As you can see from the image, you can fit your cat’s bed on there to make a home-from-home.

SPeed bumps and hard corners potentially present a problem with no sides. But you’ll be doing some slow city driving anyway, right?

The stainless steel support cables make this perch incredibly strong and gives it a nice flat platform.

It’s available in different sizes too, so measure up and choose the best size for your kitty.

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K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Double Level Perch

K&H Pet Products EZ Window Mount Double Level Stack

I had to feature at least one multi-level perch. If having one cat wasn’t turning enough heads as your drive past, put both of your cats on board if you have two.

It also provides some sun shade too for a cat laying down on the middle platform. I really like the design, makes a lot of sense to me.

Plus, the manufacturer states that it can take up to 100 lbs of cat. That’s a lot of cat, so it’s more than capable of holding two normal domestic kitties without risk of falling off.

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PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch for Cats Up To 30lbs

PetPawJoy Cat Window Perch for Cats Up To 30lbs

This is another perch with the classic design. It’s supported by two cables and has a flat platform for cats to sit or lay on.

It has a pretty big surface area measuring in at  22” x 12” x 1.5”. It’s designed to handle up to 30 lbs of cat, so unless you have a large breed or overweight kitty it should be up to the task.

I read through a load of customer feedback. It’s almost all positive with endless stories about how much cats are enjoying it (I love how passionate cat owers are about reveiwing things!)

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Oster Sunny Seat Window Mounted Perch for Cats Up To 50lbs

Oster Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed

If you have a Maine Coon, Bengal, some other breed of large cat, or, just an overweight cat, tut, tut 🙂 this perch is able to take 50 lbs of weight.

It’s what I see as the standard design for a window perch. 4 strong suction pads and cables holding the bed in position.

I had one almost identical to this in my living room for several months and my cats couldn’t get enough of it.

It will be just as good in a vehicle, but as I’ve already mentioned, without any sides you need to be driving really carefully not to disturb your cat when they are in it.

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Video of Cats Using a Window Perch in a Vehicle

Using a car window perch for cats in a moving vehicle isn’t for everyone. They certainly turn heads and provide a unique and interesting way for cats to chill out while traveling with you.

As long as it’s legal to use one where you live and your cat is going to be safe and treated to a 5-star chauffeur service, why not give it a try.


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