Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

Cat trees are one of the most important, and fun pieces of cat furniture you can buy. There are few things more satisfying to a cat owner than seeing their cat entertain itself for hours on end.

In this article I thought I’d look at the best cat trees for Maine Coons in particular. Maine Coons are a wonderful and interesting breed of cat, but they have some specific needs.

Cats can turn their boredom or exercise to your drapes, furniture and other items in your home. Doing quite a bit of damage if left to their own ways. So having a cat tree provides an all-in-one entertainment center.

Maine Coons are large cats. So they need large trees. They will not have enough to do with a regular size cat tree, and will likely not utilize it enough.

I have done the hard work for you and found the best large, sturdy, fun, and reliable cat trees. Suitable for Maine Coons or any other large domestic cat.

Quick Comparison: Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

PictureCat TreePriceRating
BestPet Cat Tree Pet House, 73”, Beige BestPet Cat Tree Pet House, 73", Beige Cat Furniture$$4.5
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72”, Beige-thumb Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72", Beige Cat Furniture$$4.4
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80”, Beige-thumb Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80", Beige Cat Furniture$$4.3
BestPet Cat Tree, 73”, Navy Blue-thumb BestPet Cat Tree, 73", Navy Blue, Scratching Play House$4.1

Read on for detailed reviews of each product.

Why Finding the Best Cat Tree for Your Maine Coon Is Important

Maine Coons are among the largest of all the domestic breeds of cat. They have very unique appearances and features, endearing them to owners.

They are friendly and affectionate. Often being extremely playful with the family. Being such a large cat this can be a handful for smaller children. So having cat furniture is a must.

They are naturally good hunters. Much like other cats, but by using their size and larger claws they can bring in larger prey.

Maine Coons spend a lot of time in doors. Enjoying being around their families and being fussed over. They have a lot of energy for playing, so you want a tree with plenty of interaction areas.

The cat tree needs to be tall. Very strong, and durable. They will use it to sharpen their claws and grip when climbing. So strong durable material from a reputable and quality brand is essential.

Reviews of the Best Cat Trees for Maine Coons

BestPet Cat Tree Pet House, 73”, Beige

BestPet Cat Tree Pet House, 73”, Beige I know someone who personally owns this cat tree. He has a Maine Coon and two other large breeds and they love it.

At 73” this BestPet Cat Tree Pet House, 73″, Beige Cat Furniture is not the largest cat tree on the market. But that is a decent size, so check your available space before buying one.

It has several different platforms and perches. There are plenty of places for cats to take a nap. Or just sit there watching over the floor below.

It comes in an easy to assemble flat pack. You can get this piece of furniture put together in a matter of minutes. It’s incredibly easy.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72”, Beige

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72”, Beige This Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 72″, Beige Cat Furniture is very similar to the BestPet model.

It’s a little more expensive to reflect the improved quality. It certainly offers more value if you own several cats. Or if you have a particularly destructive kitty.

The materials used are compressed wood, faux fur, and sisal rope. There is plenty for your cat to scratch and pull at.

For tall towers, the bases are really good at weight distribution. You never have to worry that a boisterous cat will tip it over.

It’s one of the highest rated trees on Amazon, with an average of 4.3 stars and a wealth of positive feedback. Worth a closer look.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80”, Beige

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80”, Beige I have chosen this one for the short list because it’s a massive 80” high. As well as having a decent size hideout in the middle.

This Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80″, Beige Cat Furniture is pretty close to the ultimate cat toy. It has plenty of ledges, platforms, hiding places, and is built to last.

The fabric used is high quality. Cat owners report that it doesn’t rip easily. Some owners report that a year later it’s still holding strong.

It weighs around 60 lbs. Heavy is a good thing when it comes to cat trees, it means it will not topple over easily.

BestPet Cat Tree, 73”, Navy Blue

BestPet Cat Tree, 73”, Navy Blue This is an interesting item of cat furniture. This BestPet Cat Tree, 73″, Navy Blue, Scratching Play House looks great in its navy blue color.

It may not suit all decor if you’re trying to blend in with your home. But as a stand alone piece it’s a great looking item.

It has all the usual places for your cats to explore, scratch, exercise, have fun and relax. This model can easily keep several cats entertained, and that means they are not damaging your furniture.

It’s reasonably priced, and easy to put together. If you’re in the market for a cat tree and like the color. This is probably as good as it gets for the price.