Best Cat Tree for Siberian Cats (5 Options Perfect for Your Siberian)

Best Cat Tree for Siberian Cats

If you’re fortunate enough to own a Siberian cat you will know how playful and curious these wonderful cats are.

I bet your kitty has chewed through more toys then you can remember, and probably a few things of yours too, right?

A cat tree is an absolute must for Siberians to keep them stimulated indoors. Finding the best cat tree for Siberian cats is the key, and I’ve done that for you in this article by picking out 5 of the best.

Read on for everything you need to know about choosing a cat tree for your Siberian and why these pieces of cat furniture are important.

Do Siberian Cats Need Cat Trees?

Yes, they do! If you value your furniture and want to provide them somewhere to burn off that explosive energy and watch them have endless hours of fun that is!

Siberian cats are one of the larger breeds. Fully grown males can weigh up to 25 lbs, and they need some stimulation indoors that mimic what they’d find outdoors.

A cat tree is the best way to provide them with a space they can call their own. While providing them with something to climb, scratch, use as a lookout, sleep on, whatever they want.

There are a few key things to look out for when choosing a cat tree to make sure it’s suitable for Siberians as I will explain:

What Makes a Good Cat Tree for Siberians?

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes with different styles of perches, toys, hideouts, and so on.

It doesn’t need to be complicated though. Siberians will be happy with most large trees, my advice is just to check it meets the following basic requirements:

Durability/Strength – Siberian cats grow up to be big kitties with large, sharp claws. Cat trees are designed to be scratched and climbed on, just check the feedback from owners that it’s up to the task.

Make sure there is enough sisal rope to keep your cat scratching the post instead of other items in your home.

Features – It’s all about the features. How many tiers, is there a bed, are the platforms large enough, any toys to play with, and so on.

You know how playful and agile your cat is. Choose a tree you think they’ll get the most out of. If you have more than one cat go for a 3-4 tier tree.

Quality – We all want quality and value for money, which is why I’ve done the legwork for you and listed quality brands below that I’ve bought from and tested personally.

Molly and Friends are one of the best cat tree manufacturers in my opinion, I have two of their trees right now. I’ve also reviewed a couple others that you’ll be interested in.

Best Cat Tree for Siberian Cats (5 Options Perfect for Your Siberian)

Molly and Friends Simple Sleeper Scratching Post and Bed

This cat tree from Molly and Friends provides a safe and comfy place for large cats to climb, scratch, and sleep. I had one for my Maine Coon and he loved it.

The quality doesn’t come into question. Molly and Friends make a wide range of cat trees, and the couple I bought many years ago still stand proudly in my home.

The tightly woven sisal rope gives your Siberians the scratching surface they need.

While the carpeted surfaces are comfy to sleep on and easy to grip when climbing.

If you’re measuring up this model is 37″ tall, and has a small floor space as you can see from the image.

It’s also available in burgundy and blue, as well as the beige you see here if you prefer either of those colors more.

Click here to see this tree on Amazon

Go Pet Club Large Cat Tree

If you’re looking for a large cat tree to provide endless hours of entertainment then this one from Go Pet Club is worth checking out.

It doesn’t have the sleeping areas like some of the other trees and the podiums aren’t the largest, but it has 3-tiers and a cool hiding area.

It’s a huge tree topping off at 51″ in height. Plenty of things for a curious Siberian to do, and perfect if you have more than one cat.

It’s covered with a soft faux fur, and the poles have sisal scratching rope around them.

A really nice looking and functional cat tree, easily one of my top picks. It’s also one of the best options for Bengals and Savannahs.

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Molly and Friends Two Tier Scratching Post

I’ve known a few people who have owned this Two-Tier Scratching Tree by Molly and Friends.

It’s a popular model because it’s fairly small (only 37″ tall), but has loads of space for large cats on the two large tiers.

It’s cleverly designed, with a tunnel to hide in, a hole to keep a lookout, and a sleeping platform up high.

Molly and Friends clearly know what cats want. This is a great choice if you have more than one cat, and the platforms are large enough for big kitties.

You even have a choice of a wide range of colors. An awesome cat tree, well worth taking a closer look at.

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Molly and Friends Four Tier Scratching Post

This is the largest of the picks and perfect if you have more than one cat, or just want to spoil your kitty.

It has four-tiers topping off at a tall 60″ perch. There is also a 47″sleeping tier, a 30″perch, and another sleeping tier at 12″.

What more could you want from a scratching tree, right? Something for cats of all ages, plenty to play on, and some comfy spots to sleep.

You get a choice of colors too which is always nice. And, being a Molly and Friends tree it’s handmade to a high quality.

If you have the space in your home or apartment for this tree you can’t go wrong, and your cats will love it!

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New Cat Condos Premier Large Cat Play Tree

If you’re looking for a more compact cat tree then this New Cat Condos large play tree might be what you’re looking for.

It’s only 33″ tall and 20″x20″, so it’ll fit in your room nicely without being overbearing.

There are three tiers, all large platforms for your kitties to use as lookouts or take a nap on.

For the decor conscious there is a choice of four colors, and the sisal rope scratching posts should keep your cat’s nails (and your furniture) healthy.

I really like this piece of cat furniture. It’s solid, compact, looks great, and provides a place your cats can all their own.

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