Best Cat Tree for Small Apartments – Our Top Picks

best cat tree for small apartment

If you live in a small apartment with your cat, then you will have to help him get his energy out and stay active one way or another.  One of the best ways to do this is with a cat tree. 

When living in small apartments, every inch counts.  You don’t want to get a huge cat playhouse because that will take up way too much room.

The next best alternative is a cat tree.  Cat trees are great because they are easy to fit into smaller spaces due to them being tall and not wide. 

It might not always be a smart idea to go cheap when purchasing a cat tree.  If you go cheap with a cat tree, then you will most likely end up with an unsafe tree that can actually endanger your cat.  

I have compiled a small list of the best cat trees for small apartments to help keep your cat active.

Types of Cat Trees

There are many types of cat trees you can purchase for your cat(s). While most cat trees have similar features, there might be a few you want to pay attention to as you shop. The perfect cat tree that your cat prefers may have the following:

  • Scratching post: It’s always a good idea to have your indoor cats scratch where they’re not going to do any damage to your furniture. Scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope are a great addition to any simple cat tree, no matter the size. The best cat trees have sisal rope scratching posts at multiple levels or even a few on the main level. These are especially good if you have more than one cat.
  • Houses/condos: Having a cat condo might seem like a silly thing to us humans, but to the cats, this little box is like a small apartment for them. They’re able to hide and feel secure, but also play and surprise their pals as well. These small spaces are a great addition to any cat tree.
  • Ladders and/or ramps: The best cat tree consists of climbing equipment for your favorite feline. This includes ladders and ramps up to top levels higher on the cat tree. While a traditional cat tree might have only a few platforms here and there, the best cat trees include a dynamic setup to keep your cat occupied.
  • Integrated toys: Speaking of occupied, a modern cat tree should have a few toys dangling here and there. These could be pompom balls, balls with bells in them or any other item that excites your cat’s prey drive and allows them to get out their energy before bedtime.
  • Hammock: Cats love to sleep on cat trees. That’s a given. But throw in a piece of fabric stretched across a short distance and your cat will find a new favorite sleeping spot. The best cat trees have hammocks that can hold the weight of your cat and lull them to sweet dreams of tuna and mice as they cat nap.

Cat trees for small spaces may also have other additions to the ones we’ve listed here. There’s really no predicting whether or not your cat will enjoy everything on the cat tree, but it never hurts to purchase one with a lot of features just in case.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree
$181.99 $98.99
  • This Cat Tree is made from highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with high quality Faux Fur finish to keep your cats warmed and cozy.
  •  The Go Pet Club cat tree is durable enough for endless amount of playtime for your cat.
  • The quiet and roomy condo allows for your cat to nap without any disruptions; perches with raised edge allow more safety and support for your cat.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/29/2023 03:00 pm GMT

The Go Pet Club cat tree is one of the best cat trees for small spaces rated on Amazon. 

When purchasing a cat tree, there are a few things that you will want to look out for.  If you have multiple cats, then you will want to make sure it is big enough to hold more than one cat at a time. 

This tree does just that. It has three different levels for your cats to play or lounge on when they are tired.  The Go Pet Club cat tree is very durable and can hold multiple cats at once.

One of the next things you should look for is how high it is.  This specific cat tree is 62 inches tall, which is ideal for a small apartment. 

Having this cat tree will also help keep your cats off of your furniture.  The cat tree is covered in faux fur material.  The posts are covered by a natural sisal rope.  The board is made of compressed wood.

The only downside to this cat tree is that you will have to assemble it when you get it.  It does come with detailed instructions, which makes installation quite easy. 

This cat tree is made exclusively by Amazon.  This is another excellent pick when it comes to cat trees for a small apartment. 

This item actually serves two purposes in one.  Your cats can climb and run around it, and once they calm down, they are able to sharpen their claws on the built-in scratching posts.  They can also take a nice cat nap at the top of the cat tree.

This large cat tree gives your cats three different platforms to jump and play on.  This makes it perfect for the small apartment by taking up less room. 

Setting this up next to a window will give your cat a great view of the outdoors.  Everyone knows that cats love to sit and nap next to a window with the sun beaming on them. 

This simple cat tree is made up of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces.  There are seven posts that are wrapped in sisal rope.  This gives the tree a durable design to help keep your cats safe while jumping and playing.

The chosen material also provides excellent grip and traction for climbing and a great surface for them to sharpen their claws.  It has a square-shaped base on the bottom which also adds to the stability of the tree.  This makes it able to accommodate more than one cat at a time. 

The round-shaped platform at the top features tall sides with a curved top rim for extra comfort.  The very top can also be used as a cat bed, which provides a great place for your cat to nap on.

Nova 54 inch Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Cats
  • Your feline friends need a cozy home of their own to take a rest, play around and just be as active as they want.
  • Cat tree is made of high-quality particle board with skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warm and comfortable.
  • Multiple scratching posts are lined with natural sisal ropes is perfect for your cats to scratch and sharpen their claws.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/29/2023 03:05 pm GMT

Nova Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts includes a scratching post on each level and makes the perfect jungle gym for your cats. Made for 2-4 cats, this tall cat tree saves floor space by building upwards, rather than outwards.

The cat tree is made from quality particleboard and plenty of plush covering to keep your kitty happy. It’s also easy to assemble and incorporates battens at the base of the cat tree to ensure strength.

This cat tower includes a pair of cat condos, three platforms, and plenty of scratching posts to keep your indoor cats happy. The scratching posts are wrapped in sisal rope to keep claws away from furniture.

There are many colors available for this faux fur cat tree, which will blend seamlessly into your décor while still entertaining your furry felines.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck with a cat tree, this particular tall cat tree from BEWISHOME should be at the top of your list. The cat tree includes multiple levels of fun for multiple cats, no matter how spunky they are.

With a scratching post at practically every corner, this cat tower builds upon a small floor space in order to keep your cats occupied. Small spaces and plenty of perches and condos will have your cats entertained for hours.

Plus, this sturdy cat tree also comes with a wall anchor strap. With this wall-mounted cat tree, your cat(s) will be entertained for hours.

Topeakmart produces a large wall-mounted cat tree that’s perfect for multiple cats. The multi-level cat tree features plenty of natural sisal rope to scratch on, as well as a number of ledges and perches to facilitate playtime.

Large cats will love this cat tower. Available in many colors, it’s best for multi-cat households. The floor space of each level is made of half-inch thick particle board and covered in faux fur.

This plush covering can be found all over this cat tree. There are two cat condos and three top perches to choose from, as well as two fur balls to play with. A ramp made from natural sisal rope leads to the first tier of this cat tower, which also comes with anti-toppling fittings, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over.

If a cat tower with lots of perches and cat condos seems a bit too busy for your single cat, this cat tower from WIKI should do the trick. It’s a small footprint cat tree that incorporates natural sisal rope all the way up the cat tower.

Though it takes up minimal floor space, this cat tower is a good cat tree all around. Small spaces within the cat condo allow your kitty to hideaway. Plus, the hanging ball can easily be replaced if your cat gets a bit too rambunctious.

There are three levels on this cat tree tower, plus a hammock. While the hammock may not look like it supports much, it will hold your cat as long as they’re below about 40 pounds. Large cats can also fit in the cat condo and make the most of the scratching posts found all over this cat tree for small spaces.

Catinsider 71 inch Multi Level Cat Tree with Two Hammocks
$109.99 $99.99
  • All-IN-ONE RELAXING SPOT: Roomy condo and large hammock offer luxurious napping experience; soft perches with raised edge allow your cat rest on its head while watching over the house.
  • SISAL-COVERED SCRATCHING POSTS: Multiple reinforced scratching posts with natural sisal ropes is perfect for your cats to scratch and grind their claws, keep your cat away from your expensive furniture! Which also develops positive scratching habit, keep your cat active and entertained!
  • UNIQUE BASKET: The stable basket supported by two poles will make your feline friends feel more safety, it must be your cat's favorite spot in their daily life.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/29/2023 03:20 pm GMT

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats for small spaces can host a number of large cats. Within a small space, this cat tower rises up vertically to include platforms and scratching posts galore.

We chose to include this particular cat tree on our list because of the climbing ladder incorporated into the main level. There’s also a hammock hidden in the middle of this cat tree for small spaces, which doesn’t take up much floor space.

Hanging from the top level of this cat tree for small spaces is a pompom ball made for batting. Small cats will love the hammock hanging off the top level as well. Two scratching posts at each of the bottom two levels include sisal rope for all those cat scratches.

This cat tree is easy to assemble and made from a strengthened particle board. Like many of the best cat tree models out there, it comes in many colors to suit your needs. This cat tree makes the most of small spaces in order to let your cat run around and have fun.

If you live in a particularly small space, this small cat tree from FEANDREA might be the best alternative to traditional cat trees. This cat tree makes the most of small spaces without getting too fancy. That said, it’s still a great playground for your cat.

This affordable cat tree is available in multiple shades of gray to blend in with your décor. The basket lounger is a perfect place for your cat to nap. The cat condo has its own floor space and even though there’s only one scratching post, this is one of the best cat trees for small spaces.

Hey-Brother Large Multi-Level Cat Condo
  •  Step-like jump multi-layer structure design of cat tower, convenient for cat's scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.
  • Top perch with thick padding at the bottom and rim makes a perfect napping lounge; ultra-soft plush gives the smoothest touch that your kitten will never get enough of and raised edge of this perch allow your cat to rest on its head while watching over the house.
  • Reinforced posts are wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and promote exercise.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Standing at five feet in height, Hey-Brother Large Multi-Level Cat Condo for small spaces towers above the floor to give your cat a playful experience even though it’s in a small space. Made for small and large cats alike, this small footprint cat tree incorporates two cat condos, two perches, as well as plenty of natural sisal rope posts to keep your fur babies happy for hours on end.

One of the reasons we think this might be the best cat tree is that it fits well in a small space. The platform upon which the cat tree sits is covered in thick faux fur padding for a plush feel on those tiny paws. Plus, if you don’t like the color pictured, you can choose from a variety of other shades to match your furniture.

The best cat tree for a small space includes things like pompom balls, but this particular model also incorporates a bell in the balls as well. Perches allow your cat to look over their domain while still feeling like they’re in a fluffy bed.

Made from particle board and strengthened with battens, the Hey-Brother cat tree makes itself at home in multi-cat households where there’s only a small space to play.

The Furhaven Tiger Tough Tree is designed for the most adventurous cats. This is one of the more intense cat trees on the market.  It has a lot of different areas in such a small space, which is excellent for an apartment.  This double-decker cat tree has two separate enclosed condos where your cats can sleep and nap in.

There are also a few toys scattered throughout the tree.  It comes with a dangling mouse toy, a dangling ball, and a springy-wand ball cat toy. 

This condo also includes sisal scratching posts for your cats to sharpen their claws on.  The cat condo on the second level has a ladder that will reach to the second cat house. They can then continue to play in the box or dangling cat toys. 

This tree will keep your cats busy every day for hours.  This will be their favorite piece of furniture to be on. 

This cat tree is also very easy to clean.  Simply spot-wash with a damp cloth and vacuum it when needed.  There are detailed instructions that come with the tree on how to assemble it.  Assembly is simple and should only take a few minutes.  All hardware is included with the kit.

This cat tree has almost all positive reviews.  The main complaint about this cat tree is that some people experience different pieces that will tend to break or fall apart.  These parts typically include the ladder and the toys that are attached with ropes. 

In one instance, the cardboard in the middle of the cat tree broke, which caused the product to be non-functional.  Furhaven does have a customer support line you can contact for any defects that you may encounter with your product.

We saved this narrow cat tree for last, but it’s certainly not least when it comes to satisfying multi-cat households. After all, there’s enough space on this space-saving cat tree to hold a handful of cats. Plus, there’s plenty to explore and love about it as one of the best cat trees for small apartments.

There are three cat towers built into this cat tree, with plenty of levels along the way to jump on and off of. Feline friends will have a blast running up and down this narrow cat tree, which also caters to older cats with a padded ramp on the base level.

Most medium-sized cats will fit in the two cat houses that sit on the second and third levels of this cat tree. If you’re worried about this cat tree toppling over, there are anti-toppling fittings included, which allow you to mount it securely to the nearest wall. As much abuse as the cat tree takes, you shouldn’t have to worry about it falling over in your small apartment.

This cat tree is perfect for small spaces and is one of the best cat tree purchases you can make. It’s easy to assemble and includes a reinforced natural sisal rope post at every level. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to complement your home furnishings.

Is a Cat Tree Necessary?

A cat tree can be very beneficial but is not mandatory. This is especially true if you have an indoor-only cat.

If you find your indoor cat constantly running around the house, scratching furniture, and just up to no good, then a cat tree would help defer some of his attention from your apartment onto the cat tree. Rather than scratching the couch, they’ll be digging their claws into the scratching post of your new cat tree.

If you have a mostly outdoor cat, then a cat tree may be a waste of money. However, your outdoor cat may like to sit on the cat tree outside as a way to spend time near you if you’re outdoors.

How Do You Pick a Space-Saving Cat Tree?

  • Choose a material that your cat will like. Take your best guess at what kind of material your cat will be attracted to. A good indicator of what material you should get can depend on whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat. Also, take a look at what they like to scratch. Different fabrics like carpet, wood, fabric, or rope are all different ideas you can use.
  • Choose a sturdy cat scratching tree. If your cat usually scratches the carpet, then a horizontal scratching post would be optimal. If your cat likes to scratch furniture or on the side of a couch, then a vertical scratching post would be best. Look to make sure the cat tree you are purchasing has a very sturdy base. The base of a space-saving cat tree is what will support all the weight. The wider the base is, the better the support will be when it comes to cat trees.
  • Examine the trees’ height and weight. You want to make sure the cat tree isn’t too tall for your apartment. You want to also make sure your cat can fully extend when at the very top of the tree.
  • Map out a location to place the tree. By using the dimensions provided by the manufacturers, map out the area where you want the tree to go. Clear out any items or debris that may affect the cat tree from being level with the ground. The best space saving cat tree for small apartments takes advantage of a small footprint in order to maximize vertical space.

How Safe Are Cat Trees?

how safe are cat trees
Cute funny cats playing on tree at home

Have you ever heard of the phrase “cats always land on their feet”?  I don’t know your experience, but what I’ve seen from my cat is that this is true. 

I have always seen my cat land on all fours after falling, slipping off a counter, or just plain being crazy around the house.  The only concern someone may have with a cat tree is if their cat were to fall off from the top. 

One way to think of the modern cat tree is to look at it as a miniature tree from the outdoors.  Outdoor cats climb real trees all the time.  Cats are very agile creatures and have excellent balance.  You can rest assured that if a cat can climb a real tree, then you shouldn’t worry about the dangers of a cat tree.

A cat tree is an awesome way to give your cat a safe experience of climbing a tree without the dangers of being let outside, or the excessive heights.  Think of a cat tree as a mini playground for your cat.  They are just high enough for your cat to enjoy, and if they were to actually fall and not land on their paws, there wouldn’t be much harm to it.

Having a cat tree in your home is also a great way to expel the excess energy from a very energetic cat.  It can also make for a nice and cozy bed for a quick afternoon cat nap.

Are Cat Trees Worth the Money?

All cats will react differently to a cat tree in their presence.  Some may use it all the time, while others may just use it for a nap.  I honestly believe that if you are an avid cat lover that a cat tree is a must-have accessory for your cat.  It’s one of the best “playgrounds” per se that you can give your cat to help him feel like he is still a cat.  It lets them use their claws, climb, and also keeps their balance up to par.

A cat tree will also help your cat burn excess calories and help keep them from getting overweight.  Many older lazy cats tend to gain excessive weight because they were never really introduced to physical activities.  This makes a cat tree one of the best ways to help keep your cat active.  Another great way to help keep your cat active is to use toys with a stick and a feather.  Most cats are attracted to small squirmy objects as this is built into their DNA.  They are natural hunters and like to hunt.

You can check out my article here to take a look at some of the best cat toys for bored or lazy cats.  These toys will help keep your cat active and busy. They’re a great addition to any cat furniture you purchase as well.

How Do I Clean a Cat Tree?

Cat trees for small apartments aren’t exempt from the cat hair that seems to be attracted to every surface in your home. If you’re looking for a way to clean your cat tree, cat hair is probably the first concern a cat owner might have.

Cleaning the cat tree includes vacuuming the cat shelves, or perches that make up the cat tree. Many cat trees have multiple perches, so you’ll need to vacuum each one in order to get all the hair. Younger cats may not leave too much hair behind, but big cats will probably shed all over the inside of cat houses, so be sure to check in there and vacuum as necessary.

If your cat has an accident on the cat tree, be sure to use a disinfectant that will not only remove the issue, but also the odor. It’s very important to keep the odor away so your cat doesn’t think they can use the cat tree as a cat’s litter box instead.

Can I Put a Cat Bed on My Cat Tree?

Sometimes putting a cat bed on your cat’s new cat tree can help them understand that it’s a safe place to play and sleep. The smell of their own cat bed can be comforting when there’s something new in their life.

Your cat bed, however, shouldn’t be placed on a ledge where the cat can easily fall out of the bed and off the tree. Make sure the cat bed is secure and won’t slide around or slip off the edge.

In some cases, you may just need to place the cat bed on the cat tree for a week or so. By that time, your cat should be comfortable enough with the cat tree to know it’s safe. The cat tree may even become your cat’s new favorite place to take a nap!

Final Thoughts

You need to make the most of the space in your apartment.  Finding a cat tree that is very tall, but doesn’t take up a lot of surface volume, is the best approach you can take when living in a small apartment.  Many cats will react differently to a cat tree.  One cat may constantly sleep, crawl, and climb on it, while another cat may dismiss it completely.  You won’t know how your cat will respond until you test it out.

Cat trees are an excellent way to help your cat get rid of his extra energy that he may have from being cooped up in a small apartment.  This is especially true if your cat is strictly an indoor cat.

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