Can Cats Climb Chicken Wire?

can cats climb chicken wire

Keeping a cat away from your garden, trees, or from climbing over a fence can be a real pain. There are many different solutions to keeping cats away from many places in your home, and chicken wire is one of them. The question is, can cats climb chicken wire? It is possible for cats to climb chicken wire, but there’s a catch. Cats absolutely hate chicken wire. They will do whatever it takes to avoid walking or climbing on it.

Chicken wire is known as one of the best cat deterrents around. It works perfect for keeping cats from climbing fences keeping a cat out of a garden. You can lay it over your garden and it will act like a natural minefield, keeping a cat off and far away. Also you can wrap your fence at the top with it to keep cats from climbing up and over fences naturally. It’s a great alternative to spraying spraying cat repellents that may or may not work.

Why Do Cats Hate Chicken Wire?

Cats simply hate the feel of the chicken wire on the bottoms of their paws. I don’t blame them. Have you ever walked barefoot on wire or fencing? Just the thought of it makes me cringe a little so we can only imagine what it must feel like on the little paws of a cat. This makes chicken wire one of the best natural cat deterrents when trying to keep them away from plants and and other things.

Can Cats Get Through Chicken Wire?

If you are using chicken wire to keep cats from getting out of the yard, then you’re in luck. Chicken wire does a great job at keeping cats in a yard. It is very hard for them to get through or climb because of how unstable it is. Cats also can’t bite or chew through the wire because it is made our of galvanized steel.

The best way to ensure that your cat can’t get through chicken wire is to install it with an inward curve. This means that your cat would literally have to climb upside down and over it in order to get over or through it. Installing it this way rather than installing it just like a traditional fence will help ensure that they won’t be able to leave the area.

Does Chicken Wire Stop Cats from Digging?

The answer to this question is most definitely yes. This works perfect if you have a garden that your cat likes to dig up. Strategically place the chicken wire all over the dirt or soil in where you want to keep your cat away. This isn’t always the best solution because it does take some planning to get this right.

The best way to install the chicken wire is on the bare soil before you start planting. It would be very difficult to cover existing plants or a garden. You can use something like tent pegs to keep the wire in place once you have it laid out.

Use Chicken Wire to Make a Fence

Chicken wire can also be used to make an actual fence to keep cats out. You can use small rods or woods that are shaped like long sticks to create a border or outline. Then simply wrap the chicken wire around and over it to create an enclosed area where you can keep plants or a garden safe. It isn’t the most pleasant thing for the eyes, but it can save you a lot of wasted time and money in the long run by keeping cats out.

Final Thoughts

Chicken wire is regarded as one of the best cat deterrents to use for just about anything. Keeping your cat inside a yard, keeping your cat from digging, and keeping your plants or garden safe from your cat. Cat’s hate the feel of it so they will do whatever it takes to avoid it at all costs.

Next time you are doing a project try using chicken wire as your primary cat deterrent in mind.

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