Best Cat Toys for Bored Cats

best cat toys for bored cats

If you find your cat getting into trouble constantly in the house, he may just be bored.  The best way to help relieve your cat of excess energy is to tire them out.  There are many different toys that work well if you find your cat being mischievous around the house.  Here are some of the best cat toys for bored cats that I have compiled here for you.  Every cat is different, but I assure you that most of the toys on this list will have your cat begging for more.  All these toys use the general concept of fast moving objects which taps into your cat’s natural instinct of hunting.

Ceesc Cat Ball Track Toy Set

Click here to see the current price of this toy on amazon.  The ceesc cat ball track toy set can entertain even the most bored of cats.  This toy is comes as a DIY assembly.  The main shape in the picture is a circle.  You are able to detach the pieces and combine them into different shapes as you please.  You can make a U shape, a question mark, a circle, a curve, and any other shape that comes to mind.  Once the toy is together, simply get your cat’s attention by spinning the ball in its track.  Watch as your cat tries to catch and swat the ball.

With the unique track feature, the ball will never be caught and will give your cat endless fun.  The toy has 4 sections that have holes that your cat can paw at to try and get the ball.  Not only is this great for bored cats, but it’s also good for kittens.  The interaction the toy gives your kitten will help with coordination and sensitivity to objects.  The toy is well designed with a buckle design system.  The parts simply snap into place and combine together without you having to worry about it coming apart.

The bottom of the toy has non-slip pads at the bottom that is attached by foam.  it will not damage floors and keeps the toy from sliding around when your cat is playing with it.  All in all, this toy is great.  It will help your cat get exercise and entertain him at the same time.

This toy will indirectly help keep your cat active which can help with weight loss.  The main downside to this toy is that it’s noisy.  If you have a cat that likes to stay up late, then you may be hearing the ball spin around the track at 1 in the morning.  The ball is made of plastic so it is anything but silent.

Assortment Of 20 Cat Toys

This is an awesome deal if you can’t decide what to get your bored cat.  Check out the current price on amazon by clicking here.  If your the type of person that has trouble picking the perfect item, then this is just for you.  This is a cat toy assortment pack that is bound to entertain almost any cat.

One of the toys included in this pack is a collapsible cat tunnel.  This is great if you have a curious type of cat that likes to get into trouble.  Simply expand the tunnel to set it up in your living room or bedroom.  For a more active toy, you can use the cat teaser wand that comes in this pack.  This type of toy is great for the interaction between the both of you since you will be the one playing with him.

This pack also comes with a lot of known toys that cats love to play with.  From balls, mice, and feather toys.  None of the toys require batteries which makes it an even better value.  There are enough toys to keep your cat entertained day in and day out for hours on end.  The company even offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not totally satisfied with the product, then they will offer you a 100% money refund.  You get so many toys for the small price which usually makes it worth it to just keep in the end.  Great to get if you have multiple cats in the house as well.

User Reviews

There are lots of people that have given great reviews to this assortment pack.  Many have said that they have spent up to 100 dollars at their leading pet stores to get as many toys that come in this pack.  In the long run, this assortment pack will save you money and may be the only purchase you have to make to keep your cat entertained.

Tower Of Tracks Ball And Track Interactive Toy For Cats

The tower of tracks ball and track toy is another great product.  This is very similar to the first product I mentioned, except it has a different design with more balls.  You can check the current price by clicking here.  This ball and track toy has the unique design with 3 levels of balls for your cat.  There are 3 levels of tracks with 3 different colored balls to help keep your cat active and entertained.  The idea of using 3 balls instead of one is to help stimulate your cat’s senses and excite their mind as they try to attack every ball.

The toy features a closed top and non-slip pads at the base of the toy to prevent sliding around the floor.  Since the toy has 3 levels of balls, you can play with your cat and help encourage him to play all at the same time.  The reason cats are so inclined to play with these types of toys are because it channels their basic instinct, which is hunting, as they attack and chase the fast moving balls.

Have you ever seen your cat lunge at the window if they see a bird or flies?  This is their natural instinct to hunt which is turned on when they see fast moving objects like this.  The only real complaint of this toy is the balls getting lost.

User Reviews

A lot of users recommend buying ping pong balls to replace any lost balls.  There was a previous version of this toy without a closed top that was causing cats to have their heads stuck by being too curious.  This issue has been fixed with the new closed top design.  Your cat can play with this without you having to worry if they will get hurt.

Final Thoughts

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