Best Cat Bed for Older Cats

best cat bed for older cats

As your cat ages he will definitely show it.  His energy levels will start to decline and he will be more in the cliche lazy cat mood.  If you are looking for the best cat bed for older cats then you have come to the right spot.  I Have picked out a few beds that fit the category of keeping your lazy cat comfortable at all times.

One of the main things you need to worry when choosing a cat bed is the materials they are made of. Older cats are much more sensitive to allergies and bacteria in their surroundings.  Most older cats also have joint aches and pains due to the normal process of aging.

It’s best to pick a bed that is hypoallergenic as well as comfy. Another major factor in determining the right bed for your senior cat is the size of the bed itself.  Older cats tend to be much bigger than kittens and younger cats. 

This can also be mainly due to their diet and how much table food they are fed. I listed my top recommendations of the best cat beds for older cats down below. At the very end of the article I also go over a few tips and frequently asked questions about cat beds.

Kittycentric Cozy Cat Cave Bed

The Kittycentric cozy cat cave bed is the ultimate sleeper when it comes to the older lazy cat.  These are very popular and are usually always close to being sold out.  You can check the current pricing and availability from amazon by clicking here.  One of the major differences between this bed and the rest of hem is its sleek design.  It can be used both as a regular bed when flat, or it can house quite a few small cats or kittens on the inside.

It also comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs by having it blend in with your furniture.  Very high quality and handcrafted.  It comes in the shape of an egg as seen in the picture above.  Your cat is able to go inside and stay warm during the winter months.  If it’s summertime then you can simply flatten the bed into a normal shape so your cat can relax without have the extra heat from being inside. This bed is also washable which can help keep bacteria and allergens from building up that can harm your older cat.  Its made with a soft felted wool which is perfect for indoor cats that have allergies.  There is a natural material called lanolin that will rub off on your cat every time he uses the bed.  This will help create a barrier on his coat that will help keep him itch free.

The size of this cat bed is big enough to easily accommodate larger cats.  It has a diameter of 19 inches and an entry hole diameter which is 9 inches.  This is enough to fit a large 20 pound cat or two smaller pets.  This also goes very well with a litter of kittens.  The design of this bed also allows it to fit in with almost any room in your house.  You can use it under a table in the living room, in your bedroom, under the sun by the door, or wherever you want your cat to snooze at during the day.

This cat bad wins the spot for the best bed.  Its sleek design and hypoallergenic materials make this a win win situation for older cats.  The only major downside to this cat bed is the price.  It is almost double the price of other cat beds on the market.

Hachikitty Fluffy Cat Bed

This cat bed by Hachikitty is another great choice. To check the current pricing click here to view it on amazon. This company swears by their oval cat bed design. It’s made for medium sized cats and is made of a soft, cozy, squishy, and firm inside. The perfect platform for an older cat that may have joint pain or arthritis. The material the bed is made from is also perfect because it is hypoallergenic. It also has raised sides which gives your cat a deeper and more restorative sleep since they will fit more snugly inside.

This cat bed is built to last. It is chew proof and waterproof. The cover is removable and can be taken off with two invisible zippers for easy machine washing. The bottom of the cat bed is made of a high quality rubber that is non-slip to help keep your cat from sliding while getting in and out. Hachikitty offers an unconditional return and exchange with each and every order.

User Reviews

Many users are very happy with the build quality of this bed. It does exactly what it says in the description. It’s easy to wash, is non-slip, and cat’s love it.

There are however a few complaints about this product. It seems that a few unlucky customers had the zippers break when they were detaching the cover. Other users also said that the cat bed got ruined during a machine wash.

Amazon Basics Padded Cat Bolster Bed

The amazon basics padded pet bolster bed lives up to its name.  It’s basic.  It’s cheap.  Check the current price here from amazon.  This is the best type of budget cat bed you can get due to its flexibility and size.  This cat bed was designed to be used inside of crates, carriers, and any other pet homes, but also works well for home use.  If you plan on traveling a lot, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab this type of bed specifically for your travel trips.

It’s a fairly big bed which makes it perfect for older cats.  It is made up of a polyester cushion for extra comfort for your feline friend.  Cleaning it is also pretty easy.  It is machine washable so just fold it up and into the washer it goes.  If you are looking for a major selling point, there is none.  This bed is a what you see is what you get type of cat bed.

There isn’t much more to it with this basic cat bed.  It does the job and does it at a very reasonable cost.  Since this is an amazon item, you can believe that the customer service will be outstanding if you ever need to reach out for any issues associated with this product.

User Reviews

The reviews are mixed at best with this bed. Many users positively commented that this bed is very spacious for a cat. Maybe a little too spacious. It works very well for a travel bed.

The main complaints about this bed is that the durability is not very good. If you have a rambunctious pet then it wont last you more than a few weeks The material shreds pretty easily and there isn’t much cushion on the bottom of it.

Best Friends Orthocomfort Deep Dish Cuddler for Joint Relief

This orthocomfort deep dish cuddler is another great choice for a bed for older cats.  It specifically targets older cats with joint pain.  Check out the current pricing of this bed on amazon by clicking here.  This bed’s design helps support better sleep for your older cat.  Its size is perfect for cats up to 25 pounds.  It will keep your cat warm and give him a nice sense of security.

The bed is also flexible enough to accommodate any sleeping position your cat might fight himself in.  Whether your cat is an upside down, right side up, or normal sleeper.  Its unique rear bolster wall will help ease the joint pain in your older cat, while the front delivers the perfect amount of head and neck support.

The bed is made up of high quality pet-safe materials.  All the beds are non toxic and won’t harm your cat.  The bottom of the bed is waterproof which will help protect against water and accidental spills if near a pet bowl.  The bed is also stuffed with AirLoft fibers which will keep the bed fluffy for a lot longer than most of the other cat beds on the market.

User Reviews

This cat bed ranks pretty popular among fellow cat owners.  The extra soft bed coupled with the added joint relief makes it ideal for the older cat.

Many of the complaints were tied to the poor quality control that this company has for this bed. It seems as though the bed may come in various sizes and shapes that are not matching with what users have gotten in the past.

Do Cats Like Sleeping in Cat Beds?

The short answer to this is it depends. There are many different shapes and sizes when it comes to cat beds. The Cozy Cove bed, as an example, is tailored to a specific audience of cat. Some cats will either love it, and some cats will despise it. If you are introducing a bed to your cat for the first time they may have to ease into it before fully diving in. This is normal. It’s like anything that you first expose your cat to. Once your cat warms up and gets used to a bed, they will probably never look back. Cat beds are usually much more comfortable than your cat’s favorite napping spot so it would be a great idea to try one out.

How Do I Get My Cat to Sleep in a Cat Bed?

  • Pick the perfect bed. Make sure to pick a bed that is big enough to accommodate the size of your cat. Don’t forget to pick a bed that is hypo allergenic and soft.
  • The first thing you want to do is slowly expose your cat to the bed. If your cat has never slept in a cat bed before then you will want to place it in a familiar area. Placing the cat bed in an area that your cat likes to sleep is a good place to start.
  • If your cat is reluctant to examine the bed, go ahead and lure them to it. You can try placing treats or snacks inside the bed to make it inviting for your cat.
  • Try to make his other sleeping spots undesirable or unwanted. You can spray the spots with citrus scented spray, or cover them up with aluminum foil or scratch tape. If your cat likes to sleep in a certain room you can block access to it.

Final Thoughts

The older your cat gets the more important it is for them to get a good nights sleep. Sleeping on the floor or a chair may not be the best place for your cat as their joints and tendons begin to take a toll. The two main factors for choosing the right bed for your cat is the size and material. Be sure to choose a size that is big enough to accommodate your cat as well as a material that is hypoallergenic.

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