Best Anti Scratch Cat Tape

best anti scratch cat tape

Cat scratching and clawing can be a real pain in the wallet. Especially if you have a cat clawing at expensive furniture. Using an anti-scratch cat tape is an awesome alternative to using things like couch covers.

Anti scratch tape is very convenient as you can use it on almost any surface that you can stick it to. Anti scratch tape is basically a fancy way of saying double-sided adhesive sticky tape. That’s really all it is. The main differentiating factor between these items and double-sided adhesive tape is the size, shape, and strength.

These tapes were specifically designed to stand up against cat scratches which makes them much more effective than just using a general double-sided tape.

With so many products on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to purchase. Some tapes work well for a little and then lose their effectiveness quick. Others will last the test of time and be true winners. Here’s a small list of some of the best anti scratch cat tapes that you can get for your cat.

Onepek Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape

This anti scratch cat tape is manufactured by Onepek. To check out the current pricing click here to see it on amazon. This is one of the top selling products in this category. Using this anti scratch tape will help train your cat to stop clawing on your expensive furniture or carpet.

Cats dislike the sticky feeling of the tape which will then deter them off of your furniture or item of choice. The product is about 4 inches wide which is about 30% wider than most of the other tapes on the market. This makes it easier for you to cover larger areas with the tape to allow for more protection.

The material is made up of a medical grade transparent sticky adhesive strip. It is safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic to your pets. The adhesive is very strong which allows for easy use on many household items like drapes, curtains, doors, counter tops, window sills, and almost anything else you can think of.

The manufacturer does advise against using it on some leather surfaces as it may cause damage. It is always best to test an area with a small strip of adhesive tape before going all out and covering everything in sight. Installation of this particular product is simple. Peel the tape and stick it to a problem area in your home.

Once stuck on, peel off the white backing paper to expose the sticky side. This product can double down as a general double-sided tape for DIY projects around the house as well.

User Reviews

The amount of positive feedback from verified customers definitely show that this product does what it’s supposed to do. Keeps cats from clawing at furniture. Many users used this item with great success. They simply stuck it on all their cat’s favorite scratch locations and watched as their cats were no longer entertained at the idea of scratching the furniture.

The main complaints about this product is that it is double-sided. The product strictly says that it is a double-sided adhesive tape so this complaint would be invalid and due to user error. A few other complaints were that the product leaves a left over sticky residue on whatever you had it attached too.

XFasten Anti-Scratch Cat Training Tape

The XFasten cat training tape is another great choice if you want to keep your cat’s paws off your couch and carpet. Click here to see the current price listed on amazon. The manufacturer claims that the sticky adhesive will repel your cat from whatever you place the tape on. It is also clear which means it will blend in with your furniture’s color.

This adhesive tape is safe to use on several types of furniture, leather, wood, and many other surfaces. It is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic which means it will not harm your cat if they happen to ingest the adhesive.

Many anti-scratch training tapes have issues with not being strong enough, but this one is created with a heavy-duty adhesive and will adhere strongly to many surfaces without degrading or drying out. It is always recommended to use a small test strip on a corner of a surface that you want to test the adhesive tape on. This is to ensure the tape doesn’t ruin your furniture instead of your cat.

User Reviews

Mostly positive reviews about this product. Many users have reported success with using this adhesive tape to repel their cats from furniture and carpet. It works so well that some of the cats avoid going near a room with the tape all together. Lots of people also stated that previous brands they have tried in the past would fall off easily, but this one doesn’t and is truly heavy-duty.

The main complaint about this product is the sticky residue that is left over after peeling it off furniture or carpeting. Not only does it leave residue, but it is also very hard to remove. Being a heavy-duty adhesive can both be a good and bad thing it seems. Other complaints were that this cat training tape actually ruined their leather furniture. Which is why it’s always a good idea to test a small area of furniture first.

I-Pure Items Anti-Scratch Tape

This anti-scratch tape for cats by I-Pure Items is another highly recommended product. To check the price and availability click here to see it on amazon. This tape is designed to stop your cat from clawing at your carpet and furniture. The tape is non-toxic and is 100% safe for your cat. It utilizes one of the best glue adhesives in the world and has passed the quality certification to make sure that is safe for families and cats. The tape is a double sided heavy-duty adhesive which will make strong contact with carpet and furniture. This tape will not be easily removed by your cat.

Installation is simple. Simply stick the tape on your desired piece of furniture and then remove the white backing paper to expose the adhesive. This is the portion of the tape that will deter your cat from scratching at furniture or other areas in your home. This manufacturer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes with a 12-month warranty.

User Reviews

This product is backed up with many positive reviews from users. This product works great for couches and different types of furniture. Many people have stated that it successfully kept their cat off furniture and chairs.

Like most of the anti scratch tapes on the market, there were a few negative reviews left by users that have used this on leather materials. It seems to damage leather so I would steer away from this if you are trying to protect leather furniture. Another downside to this item is that it is white and not clear. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to look at since it may stick out like a sore thumb on certain colors of furniture.

Sofisti-Scratch Cat Deterrent Tape

This is another great anti scratch tape by the makers Sofisti-Cat. To check the current pricing click here to see it on amazon. This company markets this product as a humane scratch deterrent solution that eliminates clawing of your furniture.

It is a great alternative to shock collars or de-clawing your cat. Cats absolutely detest sticky surfaces and will do whatever it takes to stay away.. This simple, but effective, double-sided tape will slowly teach your cat the areas to avoid in your home. Giving a negative sensation to your cat is one of the most humane ways to train a cat.

This tape is safe to use on many different types of furniture as well as being safe for your cat. It works ideal on couches, armchairs, and drapes. Sofisti-Cat exclaims that this product should not be used on bonded or faux leather as it can damage or destroy it.

This tape is 100% clear and will not detract from your home’s stylish furniture. There are many other cat tapes on the market that are white which can be very ugly if your furniture is not also white. There is also a generous amount of tape with this product. It comes with 3″ x 30 yards of cat scratch tape which will definitely be enough tape to cover your furniture while still having some left over for other home projects.

User Reviews

This product has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews. From fast shipping, to easy peeling, many customers were greatly satisfied with the results and quality of this product. Many cat owners are happy to say that their cats no longer even try to sit on the couch associated with the cat tape. The 100% clear tape looks great on most furniture and is barely noticeable. A great alternative to using a white cat tape.

Some of the negative feedback left about this product may be a little disheartening. A few users commented not to leave this tape on too long or it can end up ruining the furniture. It leaves a large amount of sticky residue which attracts dust and dirt as the time goes on.

There are no warnings on the product about how long you are able to keep this product on without damage which is a very big concern. It seems as if most products on the market all say they are safe for furniture, but do not give a specific time frame of how long you can use it before harming your furniture.

Does Anti-Scratch Cat Tape Work?

The short answer is yes. Anti-scratch cat tape works at deterring cats from furniture and carpet. In order for the product to work properly it has to adhere to a surface without coming off. If your cat is able to remove the adhesive taping from your furniture, then the product is pretty much useless.

There are cheap and low rated products on the market that will not work. If you do your due diligence by taking the time to look over certain brands of anti-scratch tape then you should not worry about it not working. The brands listed above are tried and proven and are sticky enough to stay on whatever you put them on.

In order for the tape to work correctly, be sure to follow all the instructions as listed for the product you have. Most tapes are double sided and require you to first stick one side to the problem area.

Once the tape is firmly pressed into position, you will then need to remove a layer of adhesive backing to expose the sticky surface. This is the surface that will be exposed to your cat. Once they touch or scratch at the sticky surface, they should turn away and leave that area alone.

Why Do Cats Not like Sticky Surfaces?

Have you ever seen your cat’s paws touch a sticky surface? His immediate reaction is usually a quick withdrawal from whatever caused that sticky sensation. Cats dislike having something stuck to their paws because they lose sensation and functionality of their claws.

Their paws and claws are both their forms of transportation and defense. This is what causes their natural reaction to immediately retract from the stickiness.

Final Thoughts

Cats destroying furniture is a real problem. If it wasn’t an issue then there wouldn’t be so many different products on the market trying to help alleviate this problem. Luckily anti scratch tape is one of the best and fastest working products when it comes to stopping a cat from ruining furniture and carpet.

Anti cat scratch tape is just a fancy name for double-sided adhesive tape. There are just a few minor modifications to make it more practical on cats. Increasing the width and the stickiness of the adhesives are two of the main factors that went into the creation of this type of product.

When looking for an anti scratch tape be sure that the adhesive is very strong. Also be sure to pick one with a decent sized width depending on the surface area you are trying to protect.

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