Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Couch? (Here’s Why and How to Stop It!)

Why Is My Cat Peeing on My Couch

One of the more frustrating questions that I hear from cat owners is – ‘why is my cat peeing on my couch?’

Now, there is nowhere in the home other than the litter box that you want your cat to pee. But on the couch, that’s one of the worst places!

Cat pee is one of the worst smells, it really is. And, it’s tough to get rid of completely. Not to mention it doesn’t take long to do permanent damage to your couch.

There is always a reason though, you just need to find out what it is and resolve it. And, it’s really not that difficult, trust me.

Here are some of the common causes for cats peeing on the couch and what you can do about it:

They Aren’t Happy with Where Their Litter Box Is

Whether you’re training a new cat to use their box or your cat suddenly decided to stop using their litter box. The reason may be the location of the box.

The first thing you should do is move the box somewhere more accessible, private, easy to get to, and make it obvious to them where it is.

Try a couple of different locations and see if this makes a difference. While keeping your couch as out of bounds and clean as possible too of course.

They Don’t Like the Litter

This is something that comes as a surprise to new cat owners but cats can be very particular about the litter in their box.

There is no right answer for which cat litter is best. You can try the most expensive, the most absorbent, the softest, it’s only going to come down to your cat’s personal preference.

I don’t want to make this sound like a big deal though. It only usually takes trying out one or two different litter types to find out what they are comfortable using.

They Need More / Cleaner Litter Boxes

If your cat is choosing the couch over their litter box it might be a sign that they need another box, or their box needs to be kept cleaner.

I know cleaning out the litter box is the worst part of being a cat owner, but you gotta scoop it out as soon as it’s used.

Try adding another litter box to another room. If you have more than one cat you should always have more than one litter box too, so maybe that’s the issue?

They Might Have a Medical Issue

If peeing on the couch is a sudden change in behavior it may be down to a medical issue.

If your cat is experiencing any pain or discomfort while using their litter box they will associate this with their box and stop using it.

Get them to your vet as soon as possible for a checkup. The best news you can get is that there is nothing wrong, then it’s back to trying the other methods I’ve outlined to stop them peeing on your furniture.

They Might Feel Stressed / Have Anxiety

Cats are easily stressed, but often don’t show it. Sometimes you can pick up on some body language cues, like them vibrating their tails, being aggressive, etc.

Other times its changes in behavior like peeing somewhere they shouldn’t or going off their food that is a sign they are stressed or anxious.

Some of the reasons your cat might be stressed include:

  • Separation anxiety due to you being out all day
  • Other pets in the house or near your home
  • Young children in the home being too loud and boisterous
  • Loud noises of lots of people coming in and out disturbing them
  • They have a medical issue

It might be something best talked through with a vet or pet therapist if you think your cat is stressed or anxious.

The steps you can take are making sure they feel as safe, secure, and loved as possible. That means extra cuddles and fussing!

This video does a great job of summarizing some of the points I raised in this article:

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will help you solve the problem of your cat peeing on your couch. These are the most common reasons for cats peeing on furniture, and with a little understanding, you’ll put a stop to it I’m sure.

Good luck!