Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Cat? (Only These Cat-Safe Wipes!)

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Cat

No, you cannot use baby wipes on your cat – only wipes specially formulated for cats are safe for kittens and cats. When your cat rolls in dirt or mud, you might feel like cleaning them off with a baby wipe. But this is never a good idea!

Baby wipes have their uses, and this is not for pets so they may harm your cat and other pets.

In this article, I’ll help you better understand why you should avoid this common mistake.

Why You Should Not Use Baby Wipes on Cats (And Other Pets)

Cats are not like dogs (or babies) and rarely need their owners to clean them.

All that licking and grooming is an intuitive way to keep their coat looking tremendous and handsome for years to come.

However, cats have an adventurous streak and may find themselves getting into mud, dust, or dirt and needing your help.

NEVER turn to a baby wipe, or you risk causing your cat some irritation, or worse.

How is it possible that a wipe safe enough for a baby can be harmful to your pet?

Simply put, your cat is not human. Baby wipes are designed for use on human skin, not that of cats and other pets.

There are chemicals and additives in baby wipes that are safe for humans but are not safe for cats.

The actual wipe itself may feel pleasant to the cat at first, but their chemicals will likely harm your cat. In some cases, these ingredients can even be deadly.

For example, aloe is known to be a very soothing and natural skin solution for humans. We can put it on our skin to help manage rashes, sunburns, and dryness.

Unfortunately, aloe is poisonous to cats and may cause fur loss. Even worse, a cat who licks aloe off its fur may end up in a situation that requires immediate attention.

Just as problematically, soaps and detergents can also irritate your cat’s skin and cause stomach problems if licked off with their tongue.

A cat’s skin simply has a different texture and overall structure, and you can’t trust baby wipes to keep them clean without harming them.

Even things as simple as scents and natural oils used on wipes might be a potential threat to your cat!

For example, lavender may smell fantastic and make your skin feel wonderful but is poisonous to cats.

Don’t forget: your cat has a very powerful sense of smell and may get sick to its stomach when immersed in such potent smells.

Wipes may also contain items like triclosan (rare in baby wipes but poisonous to cats) and propylene glycol (which causes irritation and potential stomach issues when eaten).

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What Wipes Are Safe for Cats?

Many companies and manufacturers produce cat-friendly wipes that you can use to clean the cat’s fur and get rid of dirt.

Many of these wipes also work well cleaning the pads of the cat’s paws and help moisturize the skin to minimize cracking.

I’ve found three different options that work pretty well, though many other choices are available. I recommend talking to your vet to learn more about wipes like:

Burt’s Bees Dander Reducing Cleaning Cat Wipes

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Earthbath’s All-Natural Cat Wipes

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Pet MD’s Antiseptic Cat Wipes

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All of the above wipes have been specially formulated using safe ingredients that won’t harm your cat.

They also help their overall health by eliminating dander, getting rid of dirt, and providing moisture to the skin.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Dirty Cat?

Wipes aren’t the best way to clean your cat, although they are the most convenient. Especially for small areas and bits of dirt that need a quick wipe.

A better option is to find a good lint-free cloth and dampen it with warm water. Next, mix one tablespoon of baking soda into six cups of water to produce a very effective cleaner.

Baking soda is a natural cleaner and deodorizer pet owners have been using for homemade solutions for as long as I can trace back. It doesn’t harm your cat and rinses off quite easily.

To get started, you should try to brush away any of the dirt or stains on your cat before washing them. My cats love getting brushed, and it’s a great way to remove loose fur, dander, and other debris.

You can then wipe down your cat with the damp towel, moving from head to tail. Wipe gently and with smooth motions to make it feel like you’re petting them.

Repeat these steps until the dirt is broken up and the stains removed. Then, dry them off with another towel and let them loose.

Your cat is likely to clean themselves up after, anyway, so let them do their thing after you are done.

If your cat hates even that small amount of water, dry shampoo may be necessary.

Dry shampoo comes from a spray bottle or tube and can be applied directly to your cat’s fur. They are harmless and can easily be brushed through, just be sure to pick up a vet-recommended product.

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Can I Use Dog Wipes on My Cat?

Dog wipes may be suitable for cats, but you do have to double-check. Make sure to read the label to see what kind of chemicals that they utilize and whether or not they clearly state they are fine for cats.

Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Cats Eyes?

Absolutely not! Applying baby wipes to your cat’s eyes will put the dangerous chemicals in a susceptible membrane.

At best, your cat will experience some discomfort and probably some pain. At worst, their eyesight can get damaged due to the chemical exposure to their eyes.

Can I Use Antibacterial Wipes on My Cat?

No. Your cat should only be wiped with products designed specifically for their health.

For example, some cat wipes may have antibacterial items that protect them from disease. But human-based antibacterial wipes should be kept away from your cat and other pets at all costs.

In Summary

If you follow these steps and avoid using baby wipes, your cat will be clean, happy, and healthy!

Don’t hesitate to talk to your cat-owning friends about how they clean their dirty kitties. Everyone has their own favorite products and techniques for not getting scratched or soaked while washing their cats!

Image credits – Header photo by Yerlin Matu and wipes photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

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